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  2. Cant be too cautious around here... The only thing I worry about is where to find the links to said piracy. I will be kinda ticked off if BlackOut! is on there... Anyone have any links or is this just a venting page? As far as what devs do with their code/art/games? Up to them entirely. They can sell it, give it away for free, or only give it to a select few. Or all three! There are no rules
  3. Good, then its settled! I wouldn't want to enforce my moderation powers All this all this stirring the pot on this thread is getting out of hand kiddos.
  4. If everyone would please refrain from insults/rants and stirring the pot please? If there is one more negative comment/story about anyone, I will be forced to moderate this thread and you will be banned.
  5. Woah, the U-235 engine has an abnormal amount of similarities to J-Robs sound engine! Jeff contacted me by rootkit and he said "I am also busy taking/modifying other peoples code so I can label it as my own. It's too hard to credit the real creators." So then I asked him "Whats next Jeff?" And he simply replied, "Im hard at work making 10 different games using the same format." SO I continued," What format is that?" "Well mostly side scrolling spectrum games, but I will change them up by changing the direction that they move." Bold statements from an innovative man.
  6. Trade N Games is a great guy! He cam and grabbed this one from me, and then took me to grab some BBQ! Im really glad this has gone to a good place, Ive had it for over 20 years and I am impressed with the rework he has done
  7. Hey man, you can complain and apologize for being a jerk all you want. Its that attitude that made us not want to give it out or finish it anyway Anyone worth their sand in coding can figure it out if they try, so its quite possibly not vaporware if someone gives it a go to make you happy. The post was to show that it can be done, not being rude, thats it buddy. Its a part of Jag history now wether anyone enjoys it or likes it or not. The Doom 2 hack is cool though, I wouldn't mind settling for that either. Id probably still find something to complain about, but I wouldn't be a Jaguar fan if I didnt.
  8. Nawp, sorry to say its just yet another proof of concept for the Jaguar that will never be complete.
  9. More than just porting Doom 2 levels have been accomplished. We were able to completely change sprites, animations, sounds, and edit levels. All with our own material or others. We have used and still have the tools to make completely new games using the Doom engine on the Jaguar. No you cannot add music in-game it wasnt built that way at all. We were able to add strafing as well. We realized early on the limitations of the maps and levels. You needed small rooms and generally smaller levels OR few enemies in a simple large room. We were also able to change the latency for jag link games to prevent it from crashing as often
  10. High bidder is picking up this week. Please close the auction! Thanks!!
  11. The high bid is still standing. I am taking final offers!
  12. Man, If I didnt love my copy so much, I'd hand it over! Heres a bump for you though sir
  13. High bid right now is $750, picked up. (I know some hate keeping the bids open, but I want to be fair to myself and everyone here).
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