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  1. I just read in the directions it says .By day 10 heavy casualties cause the Gorgon fleet to mix ship types in each squadron.
  2. I think maybe after day 10 they switch up . I cant remember. My brother and i used to play this all the time but mostly on easy mode . I seem to remember one time they had different ships in one wave. What is the ship you dread the most? I hate usually the last wave ones that just kind of float along at different speeds some times slow but sometime way to fast LOL
  3. I bought one when it first went on sale . Then I bought my second one right before they sold out . I knew I shouldn't of drank also beers to celebrate my first one LOL
  4. The Saucer can save your butt big time especially at night.
  5. Intellivision: 1. BIplanes 2. Major League Baseball 3. Skiing 4. Commando 5. Atlantis
  6. My daughter and I also Play Frog Bog it is a fun little game and it is one i always break out when playing with people who aren't familiar with Intellivision . Besides Tarmin my daughter and I play Utopia she is a big fan of Sims games on Computers and I told her Utopia is the first Sim game .
  7. I have two daughters one 18 and one 14 , my oldest is not a big fan of the Intellivision only thing she will play is the Wii. My Youngest is a big fan We have been playing since she was around 5. She has always been a fan Of Dungeons and Dragons Treasure of Tarmin . Most of the time watching me play . Well this week she really got into playing . As I was watching it took me back 30 years when i first started playing. Was so much fun . She had a great game and Maxed out all scores and weapons this was playing level 2 so not the hardest but still challenging we are now playing Level one to see if we can keep it going . This usually means i have to keep my Intellivision on overnight I hope my old power supply can handle it .
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