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  1. Thanks for all of the PMs. Will get to responding today. Posted a couple more pictures per requests! Doug
  2. Hi Everyone, Needing to move several games. See prices below. All loose unless otherwise noted. Shipping not included. PM if interested. Some pics included. Thank you! Colecovision: Antarctic Adventure $12 Artillery Duel $8 BCs Quest for Tires $12 BCs Quest for Tires II $8 Blockade Runner $16 Brain Strainers (CIB) $20 Bump n Jump (w/ manual) $10 Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show $8 Centipede $7 Choplifter $15 Congo Bongo $4 Cosmic Avenger $2 Decathlon $7 Defender $7 Destructor $2 Donkey Kong Jr. (CBS) $3 Facemaker $4 Fathom $30 Fraction Fever $4 Frantic Freddy (w/ manual) $18 Fortune Builder (w/ box) $15 Frogger 2 (w/ manual) $12 Front Line $3 Gateway to Asphai (w/ manual) $12 Gyruss (end label a little torn) $15 Illusions $7 James Bond 007 $12 Jungle Hunt (w/ manual) $40 Ken BlackJack/Poker $3 Learning with Leeper $15 Logic Levels $20 Looping $3 Moonsweeper (w/ manual) $12 Mr. Do's Castle (w/ manual) $20 Nova Blast (CIB) $30 Omega Race (CIB) $15 Pepper 2 $3 Pitstop (w/ manual) $5 Popeye (w/ manual) $8 River Raid $8 Roc n Rope (w/ manual) $5 Rocky Super Action Boxing $3 Sewer Sam $18 Space Fury $4 Space Panic (w/ manual) $3 Spy Hunter $22 Squish'em Sam $8 Star Wars Arcade Game $22 Subroc (w/ manual) $2 Super Action Baseball $2 Super Action Football $2 Tarzan $8 The Dam Busters (w/ manual) $6 The Dukes of Hazzard $10 The Heist $7 Time Pilot $3 Tomarc the Barbarian $27 Turbo $2 Victory $2 War Room $2 WarGames $3 Wing War $10 Expansion Module #1 (CIB) $35 Champ Adaptor (CIB) $60 Spectravideo SV-103 Controller $20 White ADAM Controller $15 Intellivision: The Dreadnaught Factor (CIB) $10 Venture (CIB) $9 Turbo $30 Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball (CIB) $25 Pole Position (w/ manual) $10 Tower of Doom (w/ manual) $10 World Cup Soccer (w/ manual and overlays) $10 White Water (CIB) $25 Safecracker $5 USCF Chess (CIB) $9 Pac-Man (Atarisoft) $10 Popeye $5 Congo Bongo $50 B17 Bomber (CIB) $5 Bomb Squad (CIB) $5 Space Spartans (CIB) $5 Intellivoice (CIB) $10 Atari 5200: Dreadnaught Factor $8 Frogger (w/ manual) $4 Pole Position (w/ manual) $2 Quest for Quintana Roo $40 Star Wars Arcade Game (w/ manual) $20 Super Breakout (w/ manual) $1 Competition Pro Joystick $35 ​
  3. Thanks KylJoy for working out a deal with me
  4. My Intellivision suddenly stopped working. Haven't been able to fix it. So now I'm looking for a replacement so I can get my Tron: Deadly Discs fix in. Anyone have an extra they would be willing to part with? I can pay with cash or we could work out a trade. I do have a few rarer Intellivision games that we could include in a trade. Also have some Colecovision, Atari 5200, Atari 2600 stuff that could be part of a trade. Just PM me. Thanks! Doug
  5. In the case of this one, it's all Atari Inc.! So Atari Inc. must have already started shipping with the smaller box before the Atari Corp transition.
  6. I have a complete 5200 system that I've had for some time that I've always thought was a little peculiar. The system is a 4-port, but it came in the smaller 2-port box. My understanding was that the smaller box was enabled later in the system's life and was limited to 2-ports only. The picture of the system on the box is actually a 2-port system. I don't think the system and the box were swapped because the serial number on the box and on the system match. Also, when I got the system years ago it was clear it had never been used as the original masking tape was still intact along the panels and the controllers were still untouched and perfectly wound and tied in the controller compartment. So I think the original owner bought it, dumped it in his closet, and never touched it. Anyway, has anyone else observed this or have any inside information into this? The original price tag on the box is only $59.99, so I've always assumed it was bought during or after the crash and it was something weird Atari did during this tumultuous time to dump their inventory.
  7. BUMP! Added controllers/accessories and updated the prices for the remaining items. Prices went down, not up! PM me if anything interests you.
  8. Sorry, doing my best to keep up with all of the inquiries.
  9. Updated with my current assessment of prices. Thank you for the inquiries so far everyone!
  10. Hi, I got these before I had any kids. Now I have four. So life is just changing. The proceeds I get from this sale are going to go toward savings for a family camper. BTW, I made an edit to the original post. I had the Gremlins in the wrong spot. I actually have the cart and box, but no manual. I erroneously had it listed in the cart and manual section. Also, the Meteorites is sold. Thanks for the inquiries so far from everyone. I'm almost done with my pricing research and will update the post again early this week with those. Doug
  11. Just a shameful post to point fellow Atari 5200 enthusiasts to my recent marketplace post: http://atariage.com/...ing-atari-5200/ Ducking now.
  12. Updating this post after taking a long break. Have added some controllers and accessories and also dropped the prices on several of the games. See new pictures. I have what I think is every originally released Atari 5200 game for sale. I have had these for a long time and have taken great care of them. Over half are CIB, and several others come with manuals. See the complete list and pictures below. I still need to research market value and prices. After I do, I will update with prices. Just wanted to get this out there beforehand in case folks wanted to make offers while I research market value. Please don't spam with lowball offers for Bounty Bob. PM me if interested. Long time AA-er. Thanks! Controllers/Accessories: CIB Trak-ball Controller -- $45 Competition Pro Stick -- $45 Wico Controller (no Y-cable) -- $30 CIB VCS Adapter -- $20 CIB Masterplay Interface -- $95 Wico Keypad -- $50 CIB: Adventure II -- $65 (Unopened Limited Edition #196/250) Blueprint -- $10 Buck Rogers -- $12 Dig Dug -- $5 Jungle Hunt -- $5 Kaboom! -- $6 Kangaroo -- $5 Missile Command -- $5 Moon Patrol -- $8 Pengo -- $8 Qix -- $4 River Raid -- $8 Zone Ranger -- $15 Astrochase -- $12 Ballblazer -- ON HOLD Berzerk -- $15 Centipede -- $8 Choplifter! -- $13 Defender -- $5 Frogger II -- $100 Galaxian (sealed) -- $5 James Bond 007 -- ON HOLD Joust -- $5 Keystone Kapers -- $8 Mario Bros. -- $15 Meteorites Mr. Do!'s Castle -- $80 Ms. Pac-Man -- $10 Pac-Man -- $5 Pitfall II -- $30 Popeye -- $10 Qbert -- $6 RealSports Football -- ON HOLD RealSports Tennis -- $8 Rescue on Fractalus -- ON HOLD Robotron:2084 -- ON HOLD Soccer -- $8 Space Dungeon -- ON HOLD Space Invaders -- $4 Star Raiders -- $5 Super Cobra -- $10 Vanguard -- ON HOLD Zenji -- $60 Cart and manual: Frogger -- $5 Pole Position -- $2 Star Wars The Arcade Game -- $15 Super Breakout -- $1 Countermeasure -- ON HOLD Gorf -- $12 K-razy Shoot-out -- $50 Miner 2049er -- $12 Montezuma's Revenge -- $25 Mountain King -- $10 RealSports Baseball -- ON HOLD Space Shuttle -- $6 Star Trek -- $6 Star Wars The Return of the Jedi -- $35 Wizard of Wor -- $10 Cart and box: Gremlins -- ON HOLD HERO -- $15 Pitfall! -- $10 Cart only: Dreadnaught Factor -- $10 Quest for Quintana Roo -- $30 Beamrider -- $15 Bounty Bob Strikes Back -- $350 Congo Bongo -- $5 Decathlon -- $10 Gyruss -- $7 Megamania -- $7 Zaxxon -- $40
  13. It's about a year and a half since I first posted this, but still have a lot of these for sale and added several new things.
  14. Flawless transaction and would gladly deal with again. Thanks!
  15. dougy76


    Purchased some 2600 games and a game center. Very smooth transaction. Thanks!
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