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  1. Are you sure? I've tried renaming the file "stella.pro" and "Stella.pro" with no change. If I copy it into ~/.stella it obviously work, but that's kind of an unreasonable thing to expect users to do.
  2. Hi I'm working on a project needs Display_Phosphor = YES. Is there some way to have Stella automagically pick up on that? I tried adding a file named pal.pro next to my pal.bin file, with this contents: "Cartridge.MD5" "324f559ec4e6da7392371400e9b73111" "Cartridge.Name" "pal" "Display.Phosphor" "YES" "" That didn't work, unfortunately. Digging through the code I can't find a way to do this. I can ship .bat and .sh files for users, but I'd rather not have to. Am I missing something? If this functionality is indeed missing then perhaps I'll write a patch for it.
  3. Nope, didn't notice that. Just frustrated with Stella and Harmony
  4. Putting values at the end of RAM so they can be initialized by pushing values on the stack is a nifty idea. Might steal that for future sizeprods
  5. It was part of my IRC backlog even: 11:19 < tjoppen> I feel like a new vcs.h with a good license may be in order 12:34 < SvOlli> tjoppen: you might want to check the vcs.inc from my releases. Also comes with a lot of nice infos like what bits are used, what the bits in NUSIZx do, etc. 12:36 < tjoppen> sounsd nice 12:37 < tjoppen> I just keep tabbing back and forth between stella.pdf 12:37 < SvOlli> http://xayax.net/2k_is_no_limit/2kisnolimit.7z 12:37 < SvOlli> for example, contains vcs.inc You all should drop by in #vcsdev on IRCnet btw
  6. There's a vcs.h with a permissive license floating around somewhere, I think SvOlli knows where. macro.h on the other hand I can't say, but there's not terribly much in there
  7. Doesn't the "random start bank" problem become kind of moot with Melody boards? Does anyone even make F4 boards these days? I guess emulator compatibility is a concern tho I also noticed a bug: all the screens in the intro are 308 scanlines only edit: Of course it's nice to see this finally (mostly) finished :]
  8. Seems Glafouk has a penchant for covers :]
  9. I was at High Coast Hack 2018, a small LAN/demoparty in Härnösand. Threw together a quick one-screener that ended up winning the compo somehow. I had some more ideas for it, but I got sick in the middle of the party and the current heat wave, hence the name Pouet.net link: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=76966 Download link, including source code: http://härdin.se/files/vcs/Dengue_Fever_by_DSS_and_Flush.zip I've also attached the .bin Dengue_Fever_by_DSS_and_Flush.bin
  10. Woah, that's much better than my old attempt from 2011 Try hitting HMOVE every line if you can, so the black comb become less of an issue. With TIAtracker now existing the music could probably be improved too
  11. It seems you don't set PF1 quite right the first line about half of the time. There's plenty of NOPs before that loop, so shouldn't be difficult to adjust I assume
  12. Nah, Mermaid did the graphics (and music!) in 2600 B.C., exocet did the graphics in 40years. visy made the rotating 3D thingy
  13. Nope, different artists and different modes. If you look closely using Stella you should spot the difference, but the short of it is 2600 BC uses one unique color per line for P0 and P1, is 48 pixels across, 1-line kernel. Plus black background. My mode (in 40years) does two unique foreground colors per line in 4x1 attributes, is 40 pixels across, 2-line kernel, plus a fixed background that varies between images.
  14. Funny you should say that: Vcs music cart vol 1 by Flush
  15. Maybe we should just have a Sillyventure thread for these Anyway, Flush, visy and me did a demo celebrating 40 years of the VCS. Pouet page with ROM download is here: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=72719 YouTube below for the lazy ones: My contribution was the framework of the demo and the new graphics mode. I might do a writeup on the latter, and how my encoder works. Nothing fancy, but might give some people new ideas how to do things
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