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  1. Where you been buddy? Working on anything cool?

  2. Just got around to playing this, nice work! This is awesome and it makes me hate the original version more than I did as a kid.. I get all excited when I hear someone contemplating using the DPC+ It doesn't get used enough.
  3. Bump Whatever happened with this?
  4. I recall a guy that was making a taxi driving game that was looking super cool, he had the car skidding around with cool physics and he made an iPad app for designing levels.... It's on the forums here somewhere but I'll be damned if I can't find it!
  5. Yeah, I had quite a few greybox games I bought new back then and they were shrink wrapped
  6. This one is really old, but this guy was already doing a lot of the sounds like 150 years ago. The video you posted is really cool though, not to detract from it.
  7. Hey you guys, check out the 720 music in this youtube vid, it's from a cassette on a mag cover: It has samples in it that you don't hear in the arcade game, I hear a crash cymbal and digitized toms/snare used a lot. I haven't played the actual arcade unit in a long time, does the drum samples play in the arcade game? I definitely never hear it in emulation. Check out 2:40 for a good example!
  8. Linndrum


    I think it looks great! The penis pawns really steal the show though
  9. Is The Heist based on Cops N Robbers on the C64? That was one of my favorite games, this looks a lot like it
  10. NOICE! Time to fire up the Retropie!
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