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  1. Hey you guys, check out the 720 music in this youtube vid, it's from a cassette on a mag cover: It has samples in it that you don't hear in the arcade game, I hear a crash cymbal and digitized toms/snare used a lot. I haven't played the actual arcade unit in a long time, does the drum samples play in the arcade game? I definitely never hear it in emulation. Check out 2:40 for a good example!
  2. Linndrum


    I think it looks great! The penis pawns really steal the show though
  3. Is The Heist based on Cops N Robbers on the C64? That was one of my favorite games, this looks a lot like it
  4. NOICE! Time to fire up the Retropie!
  5. This is awesome, I love the gfx so much!
  6. It's pretty easy to spot all the petty little attacks, especially since they're so constant and unnecessary.
  7. What games did you work on VladR? I'm curious Really curious because of all the 3d stuff you make and some of my favorite DOS era games were the 3D stuff like Vette, 4D Racing, 4D Boxing, and the Freescape games.
  8. You mean a 2600 version of the old arcade game Zookeeper? That would rock!
  9. Did you bring the husky with you VladdR?
  10. Yeah I guess I'm just describing the Atari 8-bits aren't I? Today's not my most genius day I guess
  11. You're still missing the point, you're being pricks. Stop being pricks. There's no reason for it in a programming thread. Too many assholes in the world so let's reduce that number eh?
  12. Linndrum


    Pacman sucked, I was a child who was addicted to video games and I still hated it. When I finally played the arcade game I expected it to be trash too but was actually surprised that it was fun.
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