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  1. You guys attack him, then get mad when he retaliates. Wtf? I read through this whole thread at one point and never at any point did Vlad cast the first stone. You guys are like the 80's school bully that makes you hit yourself with your own fist. "Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!" He's a programmer, doing cool projects, and writing a thread about it describing what he's doing. Somehow some of you decided that was worth attacking him for, wtf? I enjoy reading his posts and watching his engine progress so please stop trying to poke him with a stick and get him banned. I'd like to keep watching his projects grow.
  2. I liked Motor Psycho too, I wish it had more variety because it's really close to being a super cool game. MIA is something I've been hoping a complete version would pop out of nowhere and surprise us one day.
  3. Wow, that dude completely disappeared. None of his links exist anymore. Not even the Soundcloud page.
  4. Aha! Found a good video that shows it: Skip to around 2:30 to see it displayed with Commander Keen.
  5. Man I'm gonna have to dig, but I think it was either 8-bit Guy or LGR that showed it in a video. EDIT: Actually I think it was Pixelmusement, I'm searching for it.
  6. There's something similar with PC Speaker emulation in DOSbox, on a real PC Speaker games like Duke Nukem had a phase effect that you don't hear at all in the emulator. There are some videos on YT that show this!
  7. That's depressing, I bought it immediately just to support the idea of it. I've not played it much as I have thousands of games to get through in my Steam library alone but I hate that games like this don't see more sales.
  8. It's a Donner Dynamic Auto-Wah, there's no pedal, it automatically does the wah when you strum.
  9. I have a fancy auto-wah pedal, I bet that would be interesting
  10. Chromatic is the tuner is it not? Never heard of an effect called Chromatic
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