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  1. We'll all be dead, but maybe our grandkids can play Toki on an Atari 7800 one day!
  2. Rolling Thunder on the 7800, man I'd kill to see that. Hopefully it was supposed to use a Pokey :]
  3. Scrapyard Dog and Kung Food were my favorites!
  4. I don't always reply but I'm always lurking and reading like hell when you post this stuff Just so'z you know'z
  5. We need VladdR back up in here, he got ran off from the Jaguar community for doing cool 3D stuff, then he started experimenting with 3D on the Lynx and was making progress with that, but he hasn't been around for a while.... Who knows what he's up to now
  6. That's awesome, I didn't realize F18 pushed the 7800 so hard. I'd love to see more games explore this
  7. The whole thing that I loved about video games to begin with was the look, chunky pixels and limited colors drew me in. And the sound, every game system had a distinct sound. The C64 and the NES, I loved the way they sounded. You didn't hear anything like that anywhere else. Even the arcade games with the YM soundchips had a really cool sound that I loved. That triangle wave on the NES, man you don't hear that anywhere else! (Edit) How could I forget, of course the 2600 sound too, now that one is special! Those rough distorted, out of tune sounds man, I love 'em!
  8. Where you been buddy? Working on anything cool?

  9. Just got around to playing this, nice work! This is awesome and it makes me hate the original version more than I did as a kid.. I get all excited when I hear someone contemplating using the DPC+ It doesn't get used enough.
  10. Bump Whatever happened with this?
  11. I recall a guy that was making a taxi driving game that was looking super cool, he had the car skidding around with cool physics and he made an iPad app for designing levels.... It's on the forums here somewhere but I'll be damned if I can't find it!
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