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  1. I'm an old Myst fan. I played the hell out of the Mac edition back in the day. I bought an Elansar cart specifically because it reminded me of Myst. So Myst would be my pick for best of this bunch. Iron Soldier 2 is pretty good, too. It's kind of reminds me of Metal Head for the 32X, but better. I liked playing Metal Head back in the day - it was one of the better 32X titles. Hover Strike? Reminds me of Battlecorps, but not as good. Battlecorps is a great game on the Sega CD - Hover Strike makes me want to turn off the Jaguar and play Battlecorps instead. 😄
  2. In some cases, they're hoping you don't have the time, so you simply pay your way through. That's what Bethesda's doing with the upcoming Fallout 76 Seasons - you can spend 100 to 200 hours every season to grind your way to the objective, or you can pay your way to it instead. They're also reducing the ability to earn atoms in-game, so guess what they're hoping most people will do.
  3. He's just going through the games alphabetically and seeing what people think of different titles. It makes some sense. You could also go through by genre, by publisher, by publishing date, etc. The problem is that going alphabetically leads to some pretty weird match ups, like this one. The games are almost unrelated except for being Jaguar games. Xenon 2 is a decent enough shooter. Pretty standard. Val d'Isere Skiing is line racer, just with skiers instead of cars. I don't really care for White Men Can't Jump - never could get into basketball games. Wolf3D is Wolf3D. Not much to say there, but it's a decent enough port of it. Of the batch, the one I think I like the best is the skiing game.
  4. They're all almost completely different game categories, so they could reasonably all be called the best - for the list given for their category. You could argue that the Skiing game and Basketball game are both sports, but most people separate winter sports like skiing from regular sports. As to best in the list, they're so different that most folks will all give different answers. It's more a question of which ones (if any) are considered BAD rather than which is the best.
  5. I think this is the crux of the matter. Any kind of Jaguar item is simply rare enough to make it valuable regardless of its state. It's like the Dreamcast BBA - it's so rare that even a used one in poor condition is worth more than everything else Dreamcast related put together.
  6. Gotta be Super Burnout or Skyhammer, depending on your taste in games. Super Burnout has got to be the king of line racers, while Skyhammer shows how good the Jaguar was at early 3D style air combat games.
  7. Fallen Angels Tube SE Elansar (I was a huge Myst fan back in the day) Rings Protector SE
  8. Yeah, you're right about that. The saves aren't part of the battery backup, just the RTC.
  9. Yeah, making it the default type of save ram was thinking ahead. Prices would drop on EEPROM, allowing larger sizes at lower prices. But the Jaguar never really broke into the mainstream. Sega wound up using a battery backed SRAM in the Saturn, which I've replaced the battery for a number of times. The VMU for the Dreamcast burns through batteries like no one's business. So Sega never really learned anything. Sony did - the PS1/PS2 used flash memory for saving. The PS3 has some internal flash, and allowed external USB sticks.
  10. Hmm - checking again, I was mistaken about the SNES. For some reason, I thought they had some EEPROM games. Here's a list of all the Genesis games that used EEPROM. Not huge, but not insignificant either. NBA Jam NBA Jam Tournament Edition NFL Quarterback Club NFL Quarterback Club 96 College Slam Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball NHL PA Hockey 93 Rings of Power Evander 'Real Deal' Holyfield's Boxin Greatest Heavyweights of the Ring Wonder Boy in Monster World Wonder Boy V - Monster World III Sports Talk Baseball Megaman - The Wily Wars Rockman Mega World Micro Machines 2 - Turbo Tournament Micro Machines Military Micro Machines Turbo Tournament 96 Brian Lara Cricket 96 Shane Warne Cricket EDIT: Sonic 3 used FRAM, not EEPROM. FRAM is like SRAM, but non-volatile. You can still get FRAM today. Another form of non-volatile SRAM you can get is MRAM.
  11. Lots of games used EEPROMs back then. I wouldn't say it was the most common type, but plenty of 8 and 16 bit games from Sega and Nintendo used EEPROMs. The biggest reasons why more didn't were size and price: EEPROMs were tiny (measured in bits, not bytes), and very expensive. It was much cheaper to use an sram and a battery than an EEPROM. It also gave you far more save memory.
  12. The source for Jaguar Rayman is just the music player, nothing else. Which is too bad - I'd love to see good source ports of Rayman to other platforms.
  13. Hands down Rayman. It's so gorgeous - a prime example of state of the art 2D platforming.
  14. If you check their download page, you'll find they link to the AtariAge forum thread and their github page. Both links are fine.
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