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  1. True. And it's much faster than the BJL cable, as well as easier to get an appropriate cable. Someone with a BJL cable probably already has another way to use it, like I do. Even then, the USB is more convenient - I haven't used my BJL cable since getting my skunkboard, which I use through a USB cable.
  2. I got Protector SE specifically for the BJL support so that I wouldn't have to change the rom. Of course now I have a skunkboard, which has BJL support, so now I only use Protector to actually play the game. Does the JagGD have BJL support in it's boot menu? I suppose that even if it didn't, it would be super easy to run a BJL loader from SD.
  3. Great little game. It's good to see remakes of fun classics of yesteryear.
  4. I think the idea of a processor on a cart would definitely be better. Look at the 2600 - that cart with an ARM MPU on it is so popular, it's even part of most 2600 emulators. Something like that would probably do well on the Jaguar. Given an ARM MPU with the right serial ports, it could probably emulate the CDROM as well, killing two birds with one stone.
  5. That too. 😀 In any case, you'd get more processor time without either side slowing the other any with local ram for the processor. That's partly what makes the 32X faster than you would otherwise think - the 68000 and the SH2s only fight when accessing the cart rom; the rest of the time, they run full speed from their own respective local ram. When I did my 32X port of Wolf3D, I originally had the 68000 running from rom for its main loop, but moving that main loop code to work ram made things more than twice as fast as the 68000 was no longer constantly accessing the rom.
  6. If you're going to put another processor on an expansion card/cart, I'd say something like the 68EC020 would be better than a faster 68000. Still period authentic, but a decent boost over the original 68000 while not getting too expensive. The whole point of the EC020 was to make an 020 that was only slightly higher priced than the 68000. I'm a little surprised the Jaguar didn't use that in the first place. Giving the processor local ram that isn't affected by bus contention would be a great idea as well. That's half the problem with the main 68000 - while it's running, it contends for the bus constantly, slowing everything else down.
  7. Bummer, the source didn't get archived.
  8. The P: driver in the Percom receives 40 bytes at a time into ram, then goes through it looking for EOL. It substitutes CR for EOL, but otherwise just sends the data on to the printer.
  9. I bought one of those chips from Radio Shack back in the day. It's in a box somewhere with all my other loose chips.
  10. Altirra works great in linux via WINE. That's been my go-to emulator for A8 for a while now.
  11. The CIO chapters of the OS manual covers P: as it is in the rom.
  12. That would be some pretty severe overscan on NTSC. Then again, I adjust my TVs to show severe overscan. My old 14" Trinitron would not show quite a bit of that 240... it can handle maybe 200... maybe 208.
  13. That's a mighty cool use of an ARM microcontroller. 😎 There's a slightly newer model, the STM32F469, at Digikey for $10.79. Runs slightly faster (180 MHz), and has twice the ram, but is otherwise much the same. I noticed the STM32F4 series has an RTCC. The cart could have had a battery socket and given the system a clock.
  14. My avatar is my A400, bought in 1982. I got the BKey keyboard (as you can tell from the pic) and a MOSAIC 64KB board the next year. Moving from the membrane keyboard to the BKey was a great joy.
  15. That should provide some idea of the kind of market available for a good replacement keyboard for the 400/800. $125 for a 35 year-old mechanical switch keyboard - that would cover a brand new cherry mx keyboard. There's a couple threads on replacement keyboards. Hope the folks involved saw this thread.
  16. Here's TicTacToe in c for the Sega Genesis. I made this some years back as simple demo code for a toolchain I made for the MD/32X. I started with some public domain C++ code that didn't work and fixed it, then made a C version. This code is also public domain in the same spirit as the original, so feel free to use it as you see fit. Or not. Doesn't matter. https://pastebin.com/pZevPzKN
  17. I love the new version. Moon Patrol was one of my all-time favorite Atari games, and you've made it so much better. And I love the holiday themed avatar. 😀
  18. Nice! Combine that with multiplexed sprites and you have a good base for many games. Excellent work there. I like how you're just using letters and numbers for graphics. It helps point out the different parts of the example very easily.
  19. Certain ports from the Apple 2 use hires graphics with color aliasing to make them just like the Apple, which can help make the port a bit easier. Aliased hires graphics on the Atari means you're stuck for the color selection. So you get colors like in Conan, or Drol, or Load Runner, or a number of other ports from the Apple.
  20. Read through that old topic, and the thing that stuck out the most? Why are managers such clueless idiots? I'm sure every engineer and programmer rolled their eyes at that one. 🤣
  21. I can't recall seeing an executable version of MULE, but here's my old disk image. Plays 4 humans on 400/800 just fine. AMULE.xfd
  22. __dosini_save was at 23b2, so it'd have to be set to at least 23b4. However, __BSS_LOAD__ + __BSS_SIZE__ was even higher than that. You should probably compute _BSS_LOAD__ + _BSS_SIZE__ from the latest compile and set memlo to that value.
  23. In main.c // Manually setting memlo, is there a symbol that can get me actual top of data? OS.memlo=(void *)0x23A5; asm("jmp ($000C)"); But from the map file generated _ret 0023B0 RLA _err 0023B1 RLA __dosini_save 0023B2 RLA It looks like you're allowing overwrite of the end of the driver. I'd use __BSS_LOAD__ + __BSS_SIZE__ for setting memlo.
  24. I often use a nail or something similar to make a dimple in the center before drilling. You want something for the drill bit to start in to keep it centered.
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