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  1. Google Translate isn't going to work with Phonemic Transcription but this will work "คุณพูดภาษาไทยไหม"
  2. I think a knock off of the 2600 game called Lock 'N' Chase look see!
  3. If you turn off replay and in-game music the game speeds up a little bit.
  4. Maybe BSG is unstable when it comes to running on the GD?
  5. Ok I've switched to my Model K NTSC Jag and now BSG works just fine. 😕 I'm guessing that BSG doesn't work with the Model M NTSC Jags.
  6. That's right my Jag wasn't shrink wrapped, I got my Jag when they where going for $10.00 new in the box.
  7. Say I'll have to try this out, I had no idea about the "hit the B button to skip the Jag logo screen" I might need to try that with my other games that don't like running!
  8. What model Jag are you using M or K is it Pal or NTSC?
  9. Ho good I'm not the only one that cant get BSG to work!
  10. I do have some old STfm's, I just might looking into changing out PSU with them to see if that help out before reintsalling the drivers.
  11. re-installing the driver I was thinking about that.
  12. It's odd a blank floppy will let me use my Hard Drive without the blank floppy the STe just crashes and the I'm using the TOS that came with the System (Rainbow TOS)
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