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    I have an A+ cerification in 3.11 & 95 I'm working on getting more A+ cerifications! Now I'm taking on the Thia language!
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    Halo Reach working to get that haunted helmet!

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  1. I'll looking for a GEN2Jag VA Converter (preferred) or a SNES2Jag AV converter.
  2. t.skid, WoW a blast from the past! It's good to have you here!
  3. Mad Bodies Atari Jaguar https://www.ebay.com/itm/293308348462
  4. I take it that the Jaguar is the last consoles standing from Atari?
  5. They work with these Skunkboard plastic shells. 😉
  6. Is the timing fixed for NTSC users? The time runs out too fast making it unplayable.
  7. I just like to know if the Jag SD Cart work with the BJL Modded Jag?
  8. Oh is the request list? I'm looking for Diablo & hellfire for the JagCD!
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