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  1. What! I'm glade I got my copy before these crazy high prices I think I got my copy for $80.00.
  2. Ok I haven't got a new cable yet but this what I'm getting "Can't open EZ-HOST" can anyone help? skun_cant_open.bmp
  3. What size is the USB port on the Skunkboard? The port that's used to flash the Skunkboard. I think, I need a new cable.
  4. Is this on JagCD or can I get the *.ABS file and make a JagCD?
  5. Ok what ST ports have high score save or game save?
  6. Gaztee I can't seem to PM you. 😞
  7. I know but wanted to see if anyone have a copy they don't want anymore.
  8. walter_J64bit


    I'm looking for a copy of 1943 for the Jag.
  9. One more question will audio CD work when CD support is ready?
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