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  1. Print Shop when my printer is in the mood to work. LOL
  2. What is your project? I have an Atari XMM 801 too.
  3. I'm sure there are apps that work with the extended memory, when I've got the 800 I was just a kid at that time so I'd not know much about ram upgrades. It's all good, when I get a brake from my homework I'm going to look at apps that work with the extended memory.
  4. AXLON compatible you say, I do recall seeing an 800 RAM board up to 1MB and a 64k up grade for the 400 too.
  5. I have an 800 that has 288k it was installed by Bruce from B&C ComputerVisions back in the day I've installed a fastchip in it too. It's not 130XE Compatible but I do wish it was, the most I can do is use RAM disk's with it.
  6. Thanks! WoW, The SOPHIA board is Awesome but I'm leaning more towards to the UAV.
  7. Are there any good A/V Mods for the (NTSC)600XL?
  8. I have 4 jags one working Jagcd and other Jagcd that doesn't work.
  9. Good to know and it's good to have both versions of the Jag too.
  10. I love it, I need try out Bootfix and XinitFix with my XF551.
  11. I thinking maybe adding a 50/60 hz mod to your Jag to see if having your Jag in PAL would make a differences.
  12. Did anyone check to see if it's a "NTSC" or "PAL" problem with the game system?
  13. The game has a network bug in it, that's on Atari they rushed id software.
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