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  1. That's awesome! When I got my STe and seen the audio out as RCA jacks. I used a RCA to mini jack so I can use my Creative SBS 20's With my STe!
  2. I have a SH204 (before Atari started using SCSI drives) it has a MFM drive! Wich I don't understand any about!
  3. BUMP! Anyway I've order the SCSI2SD I'll most likely reuse the RODIME 45 plus case (the OEM drive sound like it's on it's last legs) or reuse the Hard Drive case from Toad Computers.
  4. The Last time I setup Doom or Bs/Bsg for a network game was when Dan_the_Ratman was part of the Jag seen. LOL
  5. No, big loss! At time I've loaned the Jag they were running about $35.00 to $40.00 bucks on epay!
  6. Most likely we not are going to see this one, the developer disappared and I don't think he's coming back and to top it off, he has one of my Jags!
  7. I'm missing something here, how do I know that number I'm getting?
  8. It's playable and fun but I'm not sure how close to finish the game is.
  9. You need to have an XP machine I've run into something like this with my jaguar skunkboard. It was running just fine in an earlier versions Windows 10 than one day Windows 10 couldn't see the skunkboard any more but in XP the skunkboard works just fine. IDK
  10. I've run in to this you need to have your parallel port in epp mode and you need to set it in your bios setting.
  11. With GD out now we can share save game data and maybe hack save game data. LOL
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