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  1. Itchy Koala

    Itchy Koala

  2. RESIDENTS OF NEBRASKA/IOWA who get their rock on: I need two floor tickets to hollywood undead tonight. Will pay extreme amounts above value!

  3. RESIDENTS OF NEBRASKA/IOWA who get their rock on: I need two floor tickets to hollywood undead tonight. Will pay extreme amounts above value!

  4. Curse you and your sale in my time of poorness A free bump to you sir, buy with confidence norkusa is a great seller!
  5. Were you able to clean the lens without having to get a new disc drive? Cleaning the lens is ~20% crapshoot when I crack open 360s.
  6. Oops, sorry for the bad photo. Sir Gruntz was correct, It's notthe model with the brighter screen.
  7. I'll be at work the rest of the night tonight (Saturday). But I'll do my best to get back to anyone interested ASAP.
  8. Figured I'd put this on here to avoid the ebay fees. I picked this up at the flea market with some games, and I only really want the games, I don't need another SP and neither does the game store I work at. Works great, I played crash bandicoot, it booted up first try and every try after. All the buttons work without sticking. Comes with the charger, but not the game (I just used the game to show it was in working condition). Although 99% of the time I accept offers, Its for sale at the price I paid for it, so if I can't get that I'll just hang on to it Check my feedback thread if you'd like . edit - as the pictures show, it has the normal wear a GBA SP would have. There's no deep scratches and the corners of the handheld are in good condition. Oh, and it charges as shown in the fourth picture
  9. That's the problem with two companies participating in the same franchise. Treyarch has it's strong points, and so does infinity ward; yet they refuse to merge ideas. In my fantasy land I would love if the next call of duty had: -Nazi Zombies by Treyarch -Combat Training by Treyarch -Campaign by Infinity Ward -Spec Ops by Infinity Ward -Participation from both sides on multiplayer (XP based, get rid of those "cod dollars", but keep the wager wars) That my friend, would be one gold nugget game.
  10. Notes so far playing through the campaign: -The AI are pretty intelligent, and actively participate in the fight. And when you move up, they'll move with you. When you hang back, they will too -Sound is amazing, when a grenade blows up the pictures damn near fall off my walls -I really have no idea why they put the "this level contains graphic violence, and can be skipped". In the last modern warfare, that warning was definitely warranted. I think they only included it in this game because it created such a splash last time, or did I miss it or something? -The start of the campaign was pretty interesting and exciting, but now it's starting to get a little generic and uninteresting...
  11. Yeah, me and my buddies were excited for it. In a very unbiased opinion, if this were any other game I'd be perfectly content with what I bought. But I expected a little more out of the Call of Duty franchise, they seemed to stick with what was comfortable/successful and they didn't really push any boundaries. The multiplayer is basically a Modern Warfare 2 map pack, although I do like what little I've done in the campaign so far. Too early to say if I love it or hate it, but for being "the most anticipated game in video game history" it's slightly lack luster.
  12. Just finished up bulletstorm. I had loads of fun with it but it seemed to be a bit glitchy at times, and the ending was a bit lack luster. Still a good game though.
  13. But how many ebay employees know their Atari games inside and out? Unless you're able to report it as misleading (maybe you can, I don't report all too often) they probably won't know what they're supposed to be looking for. For all they know that's a perfectly good Atari game.
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