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    Collecting, repairing and modding older consoles and games.
    Some game coding. Oh, and all things retro man.
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  1. If I had a dollar for every time I played my Atari 2600...

  2. If I had a dollar for every time I played my Atari 2600...

  3. Nice. Maybe I'll try to mod a snes controller to work on it.
  4. Pitfall 2 on the 2600. Castlevania and Arkanoid on the NES. Super Punch Out on the SNES. Mario Kart 64 and Killer Instinct Gold on the N64. Contra Hard Corps "awesome game" on the Genesis. Mortal Kombat on the Sega CD. Getting ready to play Ninja Golf soon on the 7800.
  5. That Yobo looks pretty sweet. I just might have to get one. Two questions tho. Does it have a video output for your TV? And how do the wireless controllers compare to the real snes ones?
  6. Thou Shalt make games that emphasize good game play over graphical "prettiness". Because, I've seen far too many games that were beautiful, but played like shit.
  7. Yes, that's a good argument. But I believe the question is what you prefer to do NOW. Right NOW there are plenty of consoles available for people to play on. In the FUTURE, they will become more rare due to unrepairable failures, and unless someone steps up and replicates the hardware (and I mean original specs/identical, not Flashback style), we will probably be moving to emulation. Well put. Some time ago i entertained the idea of building a 2600 replica from the ground up, using the original schematic and brand new parts (providing I can still get all those parts today). Perhaps I should revisit this idea sometime. You just made my day. Thank you.
  8. Thanks guys. This is a big help. By the way, I have some experience programming in MS DOS and Apple Basic and a very little bit with assembly code. Hope this gives me a head start on the 2600.
  9. I'm new to programming, and I was hoping for a few pointers to get me rolling. I want to make my own homebrew cart eventually. Many thanks.
  10. Reinhardt


    ooh, the thread was closed down? i guess the new rule for the forum is: no, politics, no religion, no armor all Hehehe
  11. Both consoles vary in their abilities and both have their strengths as well as weaknesses. At the end of the day, both are good systems and both have good games as well as bad games. In some ways, the NES has advantages over the 7800, and in some ways, the 7800 has advantages over the NES. But they both play certain games very well, especially if the game is optimized to take advantage of the systems hardware and is coded properly. Even if both systems have the same games ported to it, the one that that ends up being the better of the two isn't necessarily the system with the better technical specs, but the one that was programmed better and takes advantage of the strengths of the systems hardware. If you play the good games, you will have a satisfying gaming experience with both systems. If you play the not-so-good games, your experience won't be as satisfying. Anyway, I can name some games on both systems that I love to play and I can also name some that don't care for.
  12. I posted this in the 5200 section without thinking about it. Anyway, who would be interested in a homebrew of this game?
  13. Oops, perhaps I should have put this in the homebrew section. Wait. Is there a homebrew section? I'm still learning this site so don't mind me.
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