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  1. Thank you very much for the free Excel Atari PDF magazines.
  2. Myst is comming on the Oculus Quest (VR platform). So, everybody with that headset can play Myst in Virtual Reality. Here is the link for the Quest version: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/2719294624823942/
  3. I have 2 model 102 and 2 model 200 computers. To prevent the internal backup battery to damage the motherboard, can I just cut the battery loose and will the 102 and 200 still boot ?
  4. The MC-10 was my first computer. I also bought the 16K ram expansion after some months later. Used the MC-10 for about 2 years before swapping it with an 16K Atari 600XL. anyhow, I learned programming in BASIC on this nice computer and translated many BASIC adventure games from the C64,BBC-B, TRs-80 model 1/3 to the MC-10.
  5. moonlight_mile, I also use the SIDE2 on a 64K 800XL. When using FDISK, i made several partitions but started naming them D3:,D4:,etc. I didnt make D1: and D2: partitions, because i wanted to keep using my 1050 drive as D1: using a Spartados formated floppy containing the startup CONFIG.SYS (for my 64K 800XL) D2: can be used for other SIO addonns like Sio2SD. There might be better solutions for a 64K SIDE2 setup, but I am not an expert in Spartados X....
  6. Do the AVF videofiles also work with SIDE2/SIDE3 ?
  7. In the Netherlands between 1986-1991, 65% of my small group of friends (20 people) had Atari 1050 diskdrives. 3 friends had drive upgrades (Us-Doubler and Happy).
  8. In my early Atari days, i wanted some games that were announced but never made, like Shadow of the Beast now I still seek a cheap/affordable Atari 1200XL and 800. Never had them and like their aesthetics.
  9. Thanks for the kind words, Martin (Fire Button). I dont have a sister. hihi. Anyhow, those old Atari days were cool days.
  10. Hi, i think that the Unknown Base is John Beerens (from Eindhoven). He and I started the Atari Club Eindhoven in the early 90s. We spoke several times about programming the standard 1050 diskdrive. And indeed he did make a program to put a markerword/code on a disk, that could be read with a special program. That could be handy to protect your disks so, that if a copy started circulating in the Atari scene, that we could see who the person was who spread the program. I also did some trickery on the standard 1050 diskdrive. Reading MS-DOS files with the MS-DOS <-> Atari emulator program. John tried to explain me his own creations about how to program the 1050 diskdrive, but it was very lowlevel. And I sadly didnt understand much, what he tried to explain to me. I lost contact with him after the Atari Club Eindhoven ceased to exist. Last thing I heard from him, was that he sold all his Atari hardware (8bit and ST(e) ) and went on to work with MS-DOS computers.
  11. Fred_M, i also used the General Electric TXP 8100. Did you know that the TXP 8100 could print with ink, but could also use thermal paper ? The paper rolls for the Philips Videowriter were the same for the TXP 8100. I bought a 2nd hand TXP 8100 from the Dutch Marktplaats (together with a bulk of Atari 8bit hardware), but sadly my new (old) TXP 8100 doesnt work at all.
  12. Me and my Atari 600XL (+1064 memory expansion). Photograph is taken in 1987/1988 in the Netherlands.
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