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  1. Hi Garry, Richard Vermeulen (DCW! / Stormtrooper of Death) here. I found the DCW! Magazine floppy. Took an hour to find it in my old stack of floppys.. anyhow, I have transfered the floppy to my desktop PC using a SIO-USB cable. The adventure is called "Dungeon Adventure" and i didnt make it myselve. Start the floppy with BASIC enabled. Side 2 of the floppy has 3 digital sampled musics. Enjoy. I made this magazine in 1990, together with Leon Haven and Johan Otten. It was fun to do. We only made 1 magazine, because we didnt get much reply from other people. Feel free to copy this old Dutch Atari diskmagazine to your own webpage/Atari archive/etc. DCW! Disk Magazine - Side 1.atr DCW! Disk Magazine - Side 2.atr
  2. the testing I did was just making some partitions, subdirectories and put some hundreds of files on it. UTils, demos, etc in the SDX partitions. I also made FAT32 partition for the XEX loader. All worked good on 4 cards.
  3. I have the following CF cards that work on the SIDE2. - ATP 4GB - GBDriver (TDK) 4GB - Sandisk 256MB (blue/red card) - Sandisk Ultra 30MB/sec 8GB (grey/red card) i noticed that using FDISK (Sdx on SIDE2) for the 1st time on the ATP card, that the initial setup of partitions was much slower writing than on the other 3 cards. I tested all 4 cards for 2 weeks and they gave no errors yet. All cards are also new when I bought them.
  4. Can i use the Config Selector with my SIDE2 cartridge and SDX 4.49c ? I made a subdirectory SPARTA.DOS on my Side2 C: boot partition I then put 2 diferent config files with extension .CFG in that SPARTA.dOS subdirectory. After rebooting my SIDE2 cart I still do not see a config selector. What am i doing wrong ? I used paragraph 8.3 (page 161) of the Spartados X 4.48 User Guide. PS: I do NOT have an U1MB in my standard 130XE.
  5. Wow, thats great news. The next thing i'll buy from Lotharek is a U1MB (with the Adapter). Does he also sell Adapter (for 130XE) ?
  6. I have a SIDE2 cart and a Sio2PC USB kabel. The SIDE2 is nice for programming/wordprocessing etc. The CompactFlash memorycard for the SIDE2 and SpartaDos X works the same as a harddrive with subdirectories.
  7. Wow, this post-apocalyptic game looks great on ATari 8bit. Thanks.
  8. I tried the old AspeQT preview 7 and it worked good. 38400 High Speed mode works 20% of the time. 19200 works most of the time. 57600 doesnt work good. (i guess I have to fix my 130XE sioport to higherspeed) Settings are now in AspeqT COM1 Handshake method : RI (non also works) Writing to a blank ATR spartados floppy of 720K and 360K also worked good. Boot Atari executable (XEX) file also works good. So, for now, i will work with the old AspeQT.
  9. Mariano, did you use my custom Config file ? If it works on a real SIDE2, then that is great news for 64K Atari users.
  10. The max memory of the CF-M34 is 192 MB and the max of the CF-28 is 512MB. So, more memory is not an option. Min specs for using RespeQT is a Pentium 233Mhz MMX, so my CF-M34 and CF-28 are faster.
  11. Mariano, could you try to run FDISK using my trick
  12. Using FDISK with a 64KB Atari might work when you do the following: 1 - boot SDX from the SIDE2 cart 2 - format a floppy (example D1:) 3 - then type this D1: (push RETURN) ED CONFIG.SYS (press RETURN) then type this USE OSRAM DEVICE SPARTA OSRAM DEVICE SIO DEVICE SIDE (then save the config file, by pushing ESC key once and then RETURN key) 4 reboot your Atari + SIDE2 cart 5 FDISK works with 64K (If the SIDE2 compactflash memorycard already is partitioned before, check that SDX is not using one of the partitions on the CF memorycard as a BOOT partition, otherwise SDX will not boot from the floppy.) (I tried this using the Altirra emulator in 64K Atari 800XL and SIDE2 settings, have to try it next week, when my real SIDE2 cart from Lotharek arives....)
  13. Hello, i downloaded version 1,2,3 and 4 òf RespeQT and want to use them on my Panasonic Toughbook CF-M34 (with touchscreen). My CF-M34 had Windows XP pro with sp1 installed. 192MB ram memory, Pentium III 400Mhz and has a RS232 port. I want to use the old Sio2PC serial kabel connection. Anyhow, RespeQT doesnt start at all. It gaves an error beforre starting. Trying to solve the problem, i upgraded my Win XP install from SP1 to SP2. tried RESpeQT again. still doesnt work Then upgrade from SP2 to SP3. Same thing. RespeQT refuses to start at all. I then tried all 4 versions of RespeQT on the CF-M34 and then at another Panasonic Toughbook model. the CF-28 (1Ghz Pentium III and 512MB memory) still no go. Am I doing something wrong ? Update: I tried R4 on my old Compaq D230 Desktop with serial port and it works ! Strangly, the Toughbooks run the same Windows XP version as my Compaq desktop.
  14. FJC, if I want to replace the SIDE2 loader with something i program myselve but still want to have SDX on the SIDE2, do you have a seperate SDX Rom that I can use to only flash the newest SDX to the SIDE2 ? and is there also an option to use the full 512KB for SDX only ?
  15. In the SIDE_Loader_v.2_Final_230718 zip file, there are 4 ATR files in the ATR section. Side_full Side_loader side2_full side2_loader what is the diference between those 4 ? And what is the correct order to update the Side2 (Lotharek) cart ? SDX rom first, then SIDE loader ?
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