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  1. I used to be a Micro$oft Access/Oracle/SQL/muSQL specialist in the 90s. If you need someone to make a nice graphical interface for the database to be used with Microsoft Access, IM me.
  2. Oh, okay. thanks for the superultrafast reply. Would be cool to ever be able to play those missing Infocom games on real Atari 8bits.
  3. Has Infocoms' Trinity and A Mind forever voyaging now been ported to the Atari 8bit ?
  4. I have about 2000 5.25 floppies and 8000 3.5 inch floppies for backup. the 3.5 inch ones are not very reliable and have many errors while formatting. 95% of the 5.25 floppies work good.
  5. Read this interview when it was published on AtariAge... Re-read it again today. Still cool to read the old stories about the HTT. My Atari nickname "Stormtrooper of Death" comes from the old Metal/hardcore band "S.O.D"
  6. Ratwell, Thanks for the list of commercials. I never heard about the Atari Telectra before.
  7. Somebody on the Dutch 2nd hand craighslist "Marktplaats" has 2 800XL rev D remake pcb for sale. He asks 45 euro / piece. Link -> https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/computers-en-software/vintage-computers/m1692487204-atari-800xl-rev-d-remake-pcb.html description in English "New PCB, gold contacts, black mat finish". 2 sold. 2 are still for sale."
  8. Thank you very much for the free Excel Atari PDF magazines.
  9. Myst is comming on the Oculus Quest (VR platform). So, everybody with that headset can play Myst in Virtual Reality. Here is the link for the Quest version: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/2719294624823942/
  10. I have 2 model 102 and 2 model 200 computers. To prevent the internal backup battery to damage the motherboard, can I just cut the battery loose and will the 102 and 200 still boot ?
  11. The MC-10 was my first computer. I also bought the 16K ram expansion after some months later. Used the MC-10 for about 2 years before swapping it with an 16K Atari 600XL. anyhow, I learned programming in BASIC on this nice computer and translated many BASIC adventure games from the C64,BBC-B, TRs-80 model 1/3 to the MC-10.
  12. moonlight_mile, I also use the SIDE2 on a 64K 800XL. When using FDISK, i made several partitions but started naming them D3:,D4:,etc. I didnt make D1: and D2: partitions, because i wanted to keep using my 1050 drive as D1: using a Spartados formated floppy containing the startup CONFIG.SYS (for my 64K 800XL) D2: can be used for other SIO addonns like Sio2SD. There might be better solutions for a 64K SIDE2 setup, but I am not an expert in Spartados X....
  13. Do the AVF videofiles also work with SIDE2/SIDE3 ?
  14. In the Netherlands between 1986-1991, 65% of my small group of friends (20 people) had Atari 1050 diskdrives. 3 friends had drive upgrades (Us-Doubler and Happy).
  15. In my early Atari days, i wanted some games that were announced but never made, like Shadow of the Beast now I still seek a cheap/affordable Atari 1200XL and 800. Never had them and like their aesthetics.
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