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  1. Do the AVF videofiles also work with SIDE2/SIDE3 ?
  2. In the Netherlands between 1986-1991, 65% of my small group of friends (20 people) had Atari 1050 diskdrives. 3 friends had drive upgrades (Us-Doubler and Happy).
  3. In my early Atari days, i wanted some games that were announced but never made, like Shadow of the Beast now I still seek a cheap/affordable Atari 1200XL and 800. Never had them and like their aesthetics.
  4. Thanks for the kind words, Martin (Fire Button). I dont have a sister. hihi. Anyhow, those old Atari days were cool days.
  5. Hi, i think that the Unknown Base is John Beerens (from Eindhoven). He and I started the Atari Club Eindhoven in the early 90s. We spoke several times about programming the standard 1050 diskdrive. And indeed he did make a program to put a markerword/code on a disk, that could be read with a special program. That could be handy to protect your disks so, that if a copy started circulating in the Atari scene, that we could see who the person was who spread the program. I also did some trickery on the standard 1050 diskdrive. Reading MS-DOS files with the MS-DOS <-> Atari emulator program. John tried to explain me his own creations about how to program the 1050 diskdrive, but it was very lowlevel. And I sadly didnt understand much, what he tried to explain to me. I lost contact with him after the Atari Club Eindhoven ceased to exist. Last thing I heard from him, was that he sold all his Atari hardware (8bit and ST(e) ) and went on to work with MS-DOS computers.
  6. Fred_M, i also used the General Electric TXP 8100. Did you know that the TXP 8100 could print with ink, but could also use thermal paper ? The paper rolls for the Philips Videowriter were the same for the TXP 8100. I bought a 2nd hand TXP 8100 from the Dutch Marktplaats (together with a bulk of Atari 8bit hardware), but sadly my new (old) TXP 8100 doesnt work at all.
  7. Me and my Atari 600XL (+1064 memory expansion). Photograph is taken in 1987/1988 in the Netherlands.
  8. Hi Garry, Richard Vermeulen (DCW! / Stormtrooper of Death) here. I found the DCW! Magazine floppy. Took an hour to find it in my old stack of floppys.. anyhow, I have transfered the floppy to my desktop PC using a SIO-USB cable. The adventure is called "Dungeon Adventure" and i didnt make it myselve. Start the floppy with BASIC enabled. Side 2 of the floppy has 3 digital sampled musics. Enjoy. I made this magazine in 1990, together with Leon Haven and Johan Otten. It was fun to do. We only made 1 magazine, because we didnt get much reply from other people. Feel free to copy this old Dutch Atari diskmagazine to your own webpage/Atari archive/etc. DCW! Disk Magazine - Side 1.atr DCW! Disk Magazine - Side 2.atr
  9. the testing I did was just making some partitions, subdirectories and put some hundreds of files on it. UTils, demos, etc in the SDX partitions. I also made FAT32 partition for the XEX loader. All worked good on 4 cards.
  10. I have the following CF cards that work on the SIDE2. - ATP 4GB - GBDriver (TDK) 4GB - Sandisk 256MB (blue/red card) - Sandisk Ultra 30MB/sec 8GB (grey/red card) i noticed that using FDISK (Sdx on SIDE2) for the 1st time on the ATP card, that the initial setup of partitions was much slower writing than on the other 3 cards. I tested all 4 cards for 2 weeks and they gave no errors yet. All cards are also new when I bought them.
  11. Can i use the Config Selector with my SIDE2 cartridge and SDX 4.49c ? I made a subdirectory SPARTA.DOS on my Side2 C: boot partition I then put 2 diferent config files with extension .CFG in that SPARTA.dOS subdirectory. After rebooting my SIDE2 cart I still do not see a config selector. What am i doing wrong ? I used paragraph 8.3 (page 161) of the Spartados X 4.48 User Guide. PS: I do NOT have an U1MB in my standard 130XE.
  12. Wow, thats great news. The next thing i'll buy from Lotharek is a U1MB (with the Adapter). Does he also sell Adapter (for 130XE) ?
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