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  1. But they were full paid. And we are talking about porting 1992 graphics to an 1989 machine. I don't think its just the modern tools that do the "magic". The big difference is that modern tools are affordable to anyone. I agree the demo is not the full game, because, erhh.... it's a demo (?).
  2. The SNES is pretty good at scaling sprites -- Mode 7. Anyway, you are absolutey clueless on the subject. I just leave it to that.
  3. Sorry but that is wrong, even Double Dragon has Z axis movement and both the SNES and Genesis can do scaling sprites pretty easily. There is nothing with Pit Fighter that challenges both hardware, BY ANY MEANS. The sole reason for Pit Fighter versions being so poor is that they were rushed ports with very low production values. On the other hand, MK doing TONS of animation frames, parallax scrolling for the backgrounds and digitized sounds were really demanding for both 16 bit consoles. A home port of Street Figfhter 2 was thought impossible to do because of it's demands for graphics. Capcom had to produce the first 16 Mbit ROMs, doubling from the standard 4 and 8 Mbits. MK required 16 Mbit as well, wehen 8 Mbit were still more common. Later versions/sequels of those games required even 24 Mbit ROMs.
  4. Most people collect for old consoles just for the fun of it, not for having the ultimate "best" version of particular game. So, Jag Doom and even Tempest 2000 are not the best versions out there, whats the point then to buy games for the Jaguar at all?? The point is, there is not a competition for the best version anymore, if you bought a Jaguar to collect and have fun with it, you will end up buying games for it. It's quite simple. And in that sense, Pitfall is still a pretty good choice if you like to buy a well made platformer for your Jag. Raiden is not the best version either, but its still enjoyable and kinda different (than the other versions). Worms is great fun too, its not the best version out there and expensive, but I guess its still a recommendable choice if you want to play a good game on your Jaguar.
  5. The Pit Fighter ports were cheap and ported to every system under the sun with no quality control, but honestly the arcade was not a good game in the first place. MK required some high production values, the game had to fit within 2 MB which was quite big in 1992 for a ROM. If you have a closer look at PF, its still a simple game, not much more sophisticated than Double Dragon. It has huge digitized sprites and some scaling effects, that was new, but with only 2 frames animation and a very limited move set. The AI was poor, compared to a proper 1 vs 1 fighter like SF2 or MK, it's looking hilariously primitive. But yeah, go tell the guys that did MK demo for the Lynx, that MK was so much easier to port than Pit Fighter. I guess they will have a good laugh.😬 The thing is, MK should have been impossible to port to the Lynx, due to lack of RAM, only 16 colors, low res, only 4 sound channels, 2 buttons. But the demo is as faithfully translated as it could get. On the other hand, Pit Fighter is a shoddy, rushed out the door port of an already not so great game. The colors, the sound, the confused gameplay, it's absolute trash.
  6. I agree, for the most part, 30 FPS is still considered the sweet spot for certain type of games. This wont change with PS5 and new Xbox I guess,e.g he Unreal 5 tech demo was running at 30 FPS. So going cutting edge will probably sacrifice 60 FPS, and PC gamers will get the higher frame rates because in 1-3 years we will see much more powerful graphics card options.
  7. That is true for arcade and consoles, but for homecomputers like ST and Amiga, games running at 16,6 FPS ad 20 FPS was often the standard choice (3 frames to render a screen). Usually those games were programmed for high detailed graphics, lots of sprites and some more complex gameplay mechanics, e.g. Lethal Xcess renders over 100 beatiful sprites on screen. So here we go, while 60 FPS might be the preferrable choice, lower frame rates are always an option wit limited hw resources, just for the fact that you can display more impressive graphics or compute more complex game logic. There are some odd tricks as well, like rendering (bullets) sprites only every 2nd frame while the game runs at full 60/50 FPS. Maybe things were a little less complicated when people did not overanalyze everything: if a game plays well, nobody cares about numbers really. A game can be slow by design, so a low frame rate might be not an issue, but it could feel wrong if it was running at 2x speed (e.g. complains about the console ports of Gods) I disagree that 60 FPS beats 30 FPS by default: e.g. Metal Slug looks brilliantand does not play worse than Contra.
  8. Our upcoming game Gravitic Mines runs at 60 FPS with fluid scrolling, displaying thousands of colors. 😎
  9. If you look at the development history of MK, it was not even planned as an 1vs1 fighter. That came after the huge success of SF2. The projectile attacks and general gameplay dynamics are taken from Street Fighter 2, especially the jumping, air kicks and punches. Not sure what you mean with "watered down version", MK of Pit Fighter?? That would be curious, as MK is a technically MUCH more advanced game, and runs on better hardware. The fighting system provides precision and some real depht, nothing that is in PF. Both Genesis and SNES are perfectly capable of running Pit Fighter, but the ports were low budget affairs, espeially the SNES version is one of the worst games ever for the system. The Lynx running MK is a little miracle, as nobody thought the resolution, colors, lack of buttons and small RAM would support such a game. (That is 16MBit ROM on SNES btw). And you can argue with the very poor PF, that is considered one of the worst games for the Lynx btw, that it would never be possible to port such a game to the Lynx. But the demo, compared to Lynx PF, looks like from a different time and dimension.
  10. I generally agree. I was not aware of that frame rate "issue" either. Like I mentioned before, reviews of the 90s were not too. E.g. the german magazine "Maniac" was notorious for giving Jaguar games harsh scores (like AvP 58%) but they praised the Jaguar version for being the best version and scored it 85%. ST magazine scored it high as well, saying it runs better than the PC version (on an 486) and being the second best platformer for the Jaguar (behind Rayman). Personally I don't have an huge issue with that. Playing Indies on the Vita, a lot of them run only 30 FPS instead of 60 FPS.
  11. Who is they? I doubt it was very influential for the development of MK. If anything MK is more influenced by Street Fighter 2 and chinese mythology in movies. True, the Arcade game looks not THAT bad, but if you consider Street Fighter 2 hitting the Arcades 6-8 months later, it somewhat looks outdated and trashy: bad collision detection, choppy animation, a fighting system with less depth than Final Fight or Street Fighter 1 (1987). The Lynx version was especially awful.
  12. Mortal Kombat and Pit Fighter Arcade is like day and night. And seriously, ALL Pit Fighter versions were garbage.
  13. The Jags potential was revealed, but only by a few games.
  14. The quality level of the Lynx entries were extremely high, even compared to the Lynx 30th compo. Sillyventure looks to me like a very profilic compo, with usually the best of the Atari demo scene participating. But I have a slight issue to compete with ports of popular IPs (no matter how impressive they are), generally there should be a limitation regarding ports of established or finished games. It's a bit unfair for those that try to create a game/ demo from the ground up. Creativity and originality should be a priorety. Just my 2 cents.
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