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  1. That makes more sense! However, I dont think the Sega CD belongs into that group. It was mostly about playing Genesis games with added CD soundtracks or FMV junk. It was an unpopular Add On for a very popular console. For Sega, it was a failure. On the other hand, Cybermorph and AvP felt a bit revolutionary for their time. I don't think I considered the Jaguar as just an evolutionary step compared to the 16 bit systems. I disagree the Sega CD was better used - it mostly was underused and had only a handful exclusives that used some of its extra capabilities like the hardware scaling. It also had some drawbacks like a slow single speed drive and very lousy FMV quality. It was also very expensive. Which might explain why it never got popular.
  2. You are trying to change your tune. Gameplay is a bit subjective as some ppl like 2600 games better than modern consoles. You were talking about power. And for clunkiness of 3D: even PS1 games are very clunky compared to modern standards (especially 3D camera). So whats your point? It's pretty obvious that games like Doom, Tempest2000 or Rayman can't be done on the Sega CD. 🙄
  3. It's in the ballpark of Atari ST and Amiga 3D games, not Jaguar. Nice attempt at trolling.
  4. Its way ahead in anything - color detail for sprites/bitmaps, 3D polygon graphics, FMV res and color.... The Sega CD is great with scaling though, but otherwise its a Genesis with more data storage (but slow access speed). The best Jaguar games could not be done on the Sega CD, don't know why you think only Battlemorph was if there are technically even better games? If this is based on your experience on the library I guess you left out the best pieces?! Edit: Even a "crap" game like Club Drive would not be easy to achieve on Sega CD. The engine requires some decent 3D capabilities. Which the Sega CD simply does not have.
  5. I played through it without using that code, so I consider it cheating! ;-D BTW CM has a 4 digit password system for every system/world.
  6. The art assets look very incomplete to me. To go back to topic, "Lacims Legacy" looks to be the most promising project for a new RPG, though its not really a Zelda alike. The engine looks great! One day a Zelda alike might happen, most likely a game created from scratch and with original concept and artwork by an enthusiastic and motivated team.
  7. Not sure how that is possible!
  8. MK was way better playable and had a working 2 player mode. Also, the first Street Fighter was from 1987. So no excuse for UV, a game that was developed 8 years later! There are a lot of debut fighting games that just copied SF2 and did fairly well. Both KN and UV failed to copy MK, mostly lacking a solid fighting engine. Both are pretty, but that's it.
  9. You can also break the game by just "bunny jumping" around randomly. The game has issues to register collisions corectly. It's hair raising stuff! My brother trolled me with this cheap tactics while we tried out the 2 player mode. A fighting game with a broken 2 player mode is unforgivable. And that became appearant after 5 minutes! I think even KN was more playable than UV.
  10. For a shmup Trevor is really easy going. Same with Raiden, it's one of the easier versions of the game. Iron Soldier (2) is very hard because of the tight mission design - the escort missions are a PITA!
  11. Easy: Raiden, Trevor McFur, Blue Lightning, Vid Grid, Theme Park, Ruiner Pinball (TowerTable), Club Drive, Kasumi Ninja, Ultra Vortek Hard: AvP, Cannon Fodder, Iron Soldier 2, Zero5
  12. Mea Means with enough beer, you might be able to travel back in time playing I War.
  13. Not very likely these protos will ever get finished. Firstable, people having the programming and artwork capabilities rather like to create their own games. Second, while there are plans /hopes for finishing Daemonsgate etc. for over 20 years and counting, Wyvern Tales came out of nowhere. In most cases, protos are just easy money grabs for sellers, and hardcore collectors usually fall for it. So when these protos will start to circle around we hopefully won't see more people trying to cash in with unauthorized copies on etsy or ebay.
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