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  1. I consider it being more platformer than run and gun. From what I seen of the game it features a lot of backtracking and searching for hidden areas, the action is somewhat dull. Contra is pure run and gun, linear levels and lots of shmup action. Hyperforce looks far from amazing or exciting, actually I think it looks quite boring.
  2. But Zaku is way better in my book. A shmup at the quality level of PC Engine, running at 60 FPS. Big sprites and boss animations that are similar to Rayman on the Jag. Smooth parallax scrolling. I could go on and on....
  3. agradeneu


    There is more possible: Convert some of your 4 bit sprites or artwork to 16 bit to display a lot more colors/4 bit palettes. You can mix 4 bit, 8 bit and 16 bit color dephts. RAM and ROM is the limiting factor. But 4 bit artwork packs better than 16 bit artwork I guess?
  4. SCART is much better than S Video. With S Video, I get color bleeding with reds and some weird rainbow pattern effect.
  5. agradeneu


    Looks great!!! Welcome to Jaguar!
  6. The Jag version runs faster, with higher FPS. At least that is what I get from the videos. The weapon gfx look a bit better on the Jaguar IMO (e.g. Gatling Gun). But I agree with sound being better on 3DO, although the CD quality soundtracks does not quite fit the style of the graphics. Overall I guess its a tie.
  7. I think the tiles are high quality, they are supposed to look like "16 bit" Genesis style.
  8. See, not everythings about money....I guess it's a cultural difference
  9. "loss" "fans" I did not quote anyone, it is to highlight irony/sarcasm: https://style.mla.org/quotes-when-nothing-is-being-quoted/#:~:text=Authors often use quotation marks,are sometimes called scare quotes.&text=Quotation marks may also suggest,is usually meant by it.
  10. Ebay scalpers are nothing new, what is new is that they have the nerve to promote and sell directly to the community. And if that was not enough, requesting hombrewers to compensate for their "loss" (VCS ports of homebrews). I can tell you what homebrewers think of that........... I don't make (Jaguar) games for that kind of "fans". I have a sizable collection myself, but If I would intend to sell it for inflated prices, I would not do it here.
  11. 3DO was mostly about the FMV stuff. We played it abit in a shop ca. end of 1993 and it was immediateley clear that it was too expensive for what it offered. Thats why the Jag really had a good chance to make an impact, it appeared to be designed as a pure game console, but the software support in the first 6 months was dreadful. Cybermorph was good, Tempest 2000 too but nothing else. AvP was really the game everyone was waiting for. Doom was very impressive too. And after Rayman was revealed at Summer CES the Jaguar looked really strong. Iron Soldier was another killer app. Unfortunality Atari destroyed the Jaguars reputation by releasing duds like Club Drive, Crescent Galaxy or Kasumi Ninja. In the end, 3DO got some better games than the Jaguar, e.g. FIFA Soccer was really good. But the Jaguar had the much better price and with more games like AvP and IS it could have been a sleeper hit.
  12. Ironically a lot of homebrew devs are based in Europe/UK. Of course we should look into a solution for this.
  13. Clueless people with deep pockets are easy prey for shrewd resellers. 🙄 Looking at those prices.....well, you have been warned.
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