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  1. Porting a game is mostly a technical challenge IMO. The game design and artwork are complete. When you do an original game from scratch, both elements will take a lot of work and time. On the other hand, you have more freedom when doing your own stuff. Which is probably more fun.
  2. We did not work together for Gravitic Mines - that is a Reboot game! But we did for Odynexus for the Lynx.
  3. I think landing would be harder with zero gravity. Also I doubt it would be any more fun for you. Maybe the game is just not up your alley. . I remember some kiddos getting frustrated with constantly jumping into death in Donkey Kong Country. But it would not make any sense to take out the jumps, to please everyone. So my advice would be to move on or............ stick to it and put some practice into it.
  4. I don't think it's easy (different graphics processor and legal issues) , but I would love to see reimagination of games like Castlevania for the Lynx!
  5. Thank you so much for the great feedback! Just so happy you love our work. Anyone else loving what we did, please spread the word about the game! 🙂
  6. Its a shame you got frustrated quickly, maybe I can help out. I hardly can believe you died every 2 minutes in training mission 1? For beginners I recommend you to start with the training 1, 2 and 3, to get the feel with the gravity and controls. Don't play with a rotary, it will make the game 2x harder. If you have a Pro, use that. Use the C button, hold it to rotate your ship into perfect landing position automatically, then use a little bit of side thrusters to make a save landing. Auto rotating makes your life a lot easier.:-) It's not that hard if you use the control options we included. I consider myself an average gamer, however, gravity games can be very hard to get used to for some. Another trick is to use the thrusters very gently and the gravity/inertia to your advantage - let it sail! A lot of people are probably thrusting too hard and loose control very quickly. The controls are not your twitchy arcade style shmup, don't try to force it, let it flow.
  7. Hello, thanks for asking! Lord Kraken and I are both quite busy with finishing/releasing current projects like RED, Odynexus for Lynx and Gravitic Mines for Jaguar. So nothing was started yet unfortunality, but next year we like to prototype something.
  8. Well, you listed 3 titles for CV RPGs. Sorry I was shy of 1. But 0 puzzle games for NES is quite an omission. Can you tell me your motivation for that?
  9. Well, you just ignored like 50 or more titles while listing even 1-2 titles for niche genres on the Atari and CV systems. Maniac Mansion, Silent Service 2, Tetris, Lemmings...just to name a few games that are missing for the NES list. Your way of manipulating and spinning facts does not do your argument any favour. Or for your character you try to communicate here.
  10. Well , you have forgotten about the dreadful adult games on 2600. (Really a lowpoint of videogame history) But: No puzzlers or point and click adventures on NES? Interesting, I am sure I played some of those when I was a kid. No Arcade games too? Why is vehicle sims an extra category on 2600? No vehicles on NES? If I remember correctly, I played a good port of Silent Service 2. What about strategy games like North&South, Lemmings? Well, whatever you mean with "balance" Leeroy, I am sure that a kiddo understood that a selection of 120 Adventure games/RPGs was preferable to just 20. And possibly the quality of individual games is more meaningful than abstract and argueably biased statistics.
  11. Some just like to trigger attention. Don't let yourself be fooled. Nobody sincere about a project would act like that.
  12. Well, you boast it's capabilities with "scaling sprites" while in reality, coders have to cheat to make that effect: https://plutiedev.com/scaling-sprites You also use the term "scaling capabilities" for the 7800, which is mostly incorrect, while you dismiss the same trick for the NES. Anyway, enough off topic!
  13. I am pretty sure 2D shmups were much more popular in Japan than anything 3D (shooter). Now add in JRPGs and platformers and you know what was popular in Japan. That is why these consoles were designed as they were. As far as I know the Genesis has no hw support for scaling sprites. Drawing rapidly sprites of different sizes from buffer to screen can fake it. But that is a trick you will find on the NES as well (although more limited) But do me a favour, look into the documentation of the VDP graphics chip and show me the feature I am missing.;-) https://megacatstudios.com/blogs/retro-development/sega-genesis-mega-drive-vdp-graphics-guide-v1-2a-03-14-17
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