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  1. Skyhammer and Iron Soldier might be good benchmarks how 6 DOF games perfom on the Jaguar. And those are actual games with fully implented game mechanics, AI and level design. ;-)
  2. Serioulsy your engine is not even on par with Club Drive - "AI"? "Gameplay"? Are you cynical or foolish? I've seen more impressive polygon engines on Atari ST, in the 80s. It's absoletely no benchmark for Jaguars 3D capabilities, nearly ANY other 3 D engine on that system pushes it more than your demo which just renders some simple polygonal road on screen with minimal calculations, no gameplay, no AI , no level design, no physics. It looks like a hollow, poor mans version of Stun Runner, but somehow you think this is the best thing since sliced bread. It's quite bizarre you want to measure 6 DOF engines of Quake complexity on Jaguar when your engine does nothing of it AT ALL and probably will never do. You are known for boastful claims and "theoretical numberwang", but this time your nonsense reaches the levels of unashamed charlatanery.
  3. Most people understand the Jaguar cannot do Quake, thank you. However you think your bare bones simplistic renderer is a proper tool to benchmark Descent or Quake level 3D engines for the Jaguar, do you?!
  4. When I wrote ports I mean more like rebuild versions of those games. PC and consoles were very different architectures that time, so direct ports are not really what you want. PCs had lots of computional power and lots of RAM but were TERRIBLE with graphics rendering. "G Police" reqired a beefy Pentium CPU to run anything near as good as the Playstation original.
  5. I agree. Theory: They did not like to have *too many* straight 16 bit ports, especially not outnumbering the nex gen titles. So they were managing 2D titles. Probably they did not want to encourage publishers to port over their 16 bit/arcade portfolio and "flood" the PS1 software market with traditional "16 bit" titles. 2D specialist like Capcom then started to invest into 3D tech. Thats how I would look at it.
  6. 2019 is not over yet - more to come!😉
  7. Yes it looks quite authentic, but it would need an option to adjust/lower the contrast, it's too stark sometimes. (for my taste at least)
  8. Im lucky to have a Lynx 1 model with a gorgeous looking original screen. Still displays vivid colors with decent contrast, unfortunality it starts to produce ghost lines. Sooner or later all original screens will fade and be replaced by modern screen mods. However that would mean a very unique feature of the Lynx would be lost forever unless some hardware guys find a way to repair those original screens. That would be a nice project I think, repairing and preserving those old screens.
  9. No doubt, screen mods are essential and vital updates to keep the Lynx and other systems alive, with more and more screens going bad. So I'm not denying the great contributions of McWill and others here. But, here are some reasons you probably should not replace a working original if not necessary: The contrast, vivid colors and clarity of modern screens are striking and fix the biggest issue of the Lynx playing at daylight, but: - it also emphazizes the low res and low color image of Lynx games - it loses smoothness of color transitions with a bit too much contrast - low FPS scrolling becomes very visible with judder/choppy motion - some colors are displayed less accurate or are quite off - transparencies effects (e.g. Alpine Games) do not work So the original screens work like a nice filter to smoothen/masking low color ("create" more for the brain) and low FPS scrolling. In dark rooms the high contrast image looks a bit artificial too, I wish there was a function to adjust contrast. Last but not least: only a Lynx with an original screen is an original Lynx and the "real thing", especially if you want to play/experience the Lynx games authentically.
  10. Nice to hear about the popularity of the compo games, that motivates for Sillyventure! I have one Lynx 2 with a defect screen, I had planned to come to E jagfest on Sunday for a McWill mod but it did not happen. I have three other Lynxes, 2 still with original screens, but those I want to preserve - believe it or not, there are some advantages the original screens have over the modded ones so if it works fine I recommend to keep it original as long as possible.;-)
  11. Does someone know if Björns (sage) Comlynx game "Lynx Blast" could be played/tested this weekend?
  12. 4.) To me it was just a joke It makes no sense otherwise.
  13. Yep I fully agree. I was joking about JagChris comment.
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