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  1. Smart bomb sounds good. Yeah there should be a difficulty curve to the levels, I immediately took 3-4 hits after transition to wave 3 and I could not do much about it because the saucers were all over me at the very start of the wave. Shield recharge powerup would be nice, maybe as an instant bonus for humans rescue?
  2. 16 MB ROM and MicroSD support - yes!
  3. Wave 3 is dead end for me lol, you really ramp up the difficulty! A bit too harsh for my taste, but power ups support could balance it out. Collisions feel improved.
  4. Played through all waves, but I won't spoil what waits at the end. Once you figured out how to save energy and that you can actually evade the shots it's quite easy. All waves play more or less the same with no added challenge or increase in difficulty. The colllision detection is a bit wonky, I can shoot a row of 3 saucers by aiming between them. Sometimes I shoot a saucer and another one far behind just disappears, the collision detection does not calculate the Z order as it seems. It's a very basic game atm, not bad, but needs a LOT of refinement in gameplay to become really good. Hiscore: 36000
  5. Nice work! Probably need to get one. 🙂
  6. Thanks for the ROM. Are you planning to add x - and y axis movement to the saucers? A variety of movement patterns and speed would make your game much more nuanced and interesting for the player. I would also kindly suggest to add some pacing/dynamics to the stages, atm they are 100% flat (=constant) in intensity, speed and challenge which gets a bit monotone after a (short) while. The abductions add to the B movie charme nicely, maybe 2 or more happen simultaneously would make them more challenging (In later stages maybe?)
  7. How about a on rails REZ/Starblade like shmup?:-)
  8. Not a bad start for a shooting gallery game, could be a fun game.
  9. Presented at E3 1995 by Atari Corporation =part of the official library.
  10. Super Rocketeer World 2 with multidirectional scrolling level maps and mechanics of platform games thrown in.
  11. A true showcase of sloppiness, indeed. They should have fixed the scrolling + music speed changes/slowdowns before showing off. Good luck anyway!
  12. Single player - Meh! Two Player Splitscreen - Good fun with a friend!
  13. Then Jaguar was a 16 bit system because it's CPU is 16 bit. The Lynx GPU is 16 bit and sets it apart from "real" 8 bit systems. It's more close to the PC Engine than the NES or MS.
  14. Not so if you look at Shadow of the Beast parallax scrolling which is very smooth. And the Lynx really trounces the GG in terms of sprite count and animation per frame. A game like Slime World was not possible on any other handheld system until the GB Advance arrived, IMO. Those side by side comparisons are useless amnd inherently flawed as it is just about frame rate numbers and nothing else . There was absolutely no obsession with frame rate benchmarks when these games were made. However for a new game like Zaku its nice to see it running at an high frame rate flawlessly with huge sprites and detailed graphics. The Game Gear def. had a wider selection of platform games than the Lynx and popular IPs like Sonic or Mickey Mouse. Sega had far better developers for that type of games too. However the Lynx has some gems like Toki, Shadow or Slime World which I think are superior (technically)
  15. I could be very wrong, but I think an enhanced port of "Wyvern Tales" or anything JRPG or Zelda alike would easily sell >1000 copies on the Jaguar. Its a popular genre with a big audience and a huuuuuuuuge gap in Jag's library.
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