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  1. Ah, John Linneman, the same guy who hyped PS5 new SSD technolgy (in a DF video) as groundbreaking and stated the OPPOSITE on twitter?
  2. Vortex is MEH. I have that game for just the reason to compare it to Cybermorph. Starfox is a rail shooter, quite a different game. Technically CM might be superior. Just my 2 cents. Who is interested, that is how Hellcats looks and plays:
  3. I would consider Rebellion more like a middle tier company/studio at best. Blizzard, Naughty Dog, Arkane are Top Tier studios.
  4. Looks like an early "Quake" port/version to me. Edit: Ok, found it Nice find!
  5. Seriously, get over it and move on. You will end up looking much worse than the person you are trying to defeat.
  6. Are hiscores from the new version allowed?
  7. Actually there is a good game hidden in there. If just the graphics were less cluttered with low res bitmaps and textures ( check the road "texture" - ugh!), but cleaned up and optimized for better frame rate. The version Telegames released feels unfinished and somewhat messy, surely the programmer could have done better if he had the chance to finish his game.
  8. Not sure what he means. Coders were trying 3D and polygon engines on low spec machines for years, like 8 MHZ CPU with no additional hardware support, and even on C64. Sometimes with impressive results. So I'm not sure what was soo risky about working on a fairly advanced hardware with RISC tech and true hardware support for fast polygon graphics. Power Drive Rally is utterly unimpressive for a machine like the Jaguar, as mostly any pseudo 3D sprite based racer would be. Fairly impressed with it's debut Cybermorph, I was quite enthusiatic about the prospect of polygon racers for the Jaguar, as the machine looked to be very capable (for the time). Back in 1994 I hoped for some kind of Off Road polygon racer with dynamic suspension, and ironically I can play something similar with the port of "Stunt Car Racer". That thing is a better game than both CF and Club Drive (needless to say, that game is a joke) , originally programmed for a 8 MHZ CPU machine. Unfortunality Geoff Crammond did not work for Atari, to me that was the true issue, actually only few coders could handle the Jaguar, especially under the circumstances how Atari managed software development.
  9. Not the best use of the Doom engine, I admit. But it's possible to use the Jag Doom engine for a racing game, and it was done. This Kart Racer however, using a W3D like engine....hm.....looks much better.
  10. A GBA racing game using the Doom engine...wait....Jaguar Doom? https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/89929-cruisn-velocity-a-racing-game-on-the-doom-engine/
  11. If they had taken away the textures Supercross would have looked like a mediocre ST/Amiga racer from the late 80's. I can't blame Atari for wanting a nicer game.
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