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  1. Does the texture mapping switched off actually improve frame rate? Form my understanding, Iron Soldier runs just fine with sparse/liberate texture mapping on objects without any loss in speed. Iam asking because I saw some other examples were texture mapping did not affect speed much, btw. the F1 Racer demo did not run much better than the WTR release, and Checkered Flag runs far worse without having any texture mapping.
  2. There was some hype for this proto yes. But it was rather a "fan service" thing than the proto version being substantially better than the final release. Kasumi Proto looks even more weird than the final release and is very incomplete/missing a lot of things. Its nowhere a better game and nobody should except a "fixed version". Don't spend money expecting that Its a psychological thing, that with the real bad games, you kinda hoping for some sort of redemption when looking into a proto. But with the good games, nobody would expect that.
  3. Dont expect a "better game"....its just contrary to how games are developed. If the finsihed version is bad, usually its just even worse than what was released.
  4. Good point, it's a rough placeholder. UI is not complete.
  5. My impression is that there are no health or rockets in the sewer and factory rooms, even for the whole second 50% of the game. Is that correct?
  6. Project page with new updates video: https://anderlex.itch.io/jumping-at-shadows-a-platform-game-for-the-jaguar/devlog/378348/media-update
  7. I dont think someone would write 3d code just to do ....nothing with it;-) She appears a little modest compared to what we are used to in this thread
  8. Maybe. But you put it in the same ballpark as the Vita which does not make much sense: it's 80 Million vs 16 Million. While the PSP was not "the Walkman of the 21st century", it was still a very popular handheld console, especially in Japan with the Monster Hunter games.
  9. Atari hardware was quite great, Lynx was great hw, Jaguar too. Problem was always software support.
  10. Hm PSP sold over 80 Million. Quite a good screw up
  11. By the specs, the believed they had a superior hardware that would be king of the hill for the next 10 years. Atari was about hardware. BTW Jaguar was not exactly cheap - it cost 599 DM in Germany which was 2x the price of the SNES.
  12. Cybermorph! But seriously, AvP was a pretty impressive game visually. (Magazine screenshots made me drool 1994) The Tramiels allowed the devs going from 2MB to 4MB space and even raised the budget.
  13. 3D calulation in a 2d game might help with fast rotation, tilting effects of texture images and so on. Or some simple 3d objects, rather small but with delicate texture detail.
  14. Quite funny, I was thinking about the same idea some weeks ago: 3D features for a 2D sprite engine. BTW would only make sense texture mapped.
  15. Every 3D game has some sprites (e.g. explosions or all objects like in AVP).I think he meant something like a 2D shooter/environment with a few stand out 3D objects, Like Thunderforce V. That havent been done yet on the Jag. (No polys in Breakout 2000 IMO)
  16. I think with Arne and you we have covered both sides of the spectrum.
  17. To me it looks like they shifted resources to the PS version and there are some limits with 4 MB ROM space. We are lucky it was released at all. They added gameplay mechanics that could have been in the Jag version easily. The added translucency effects might have been possible with CRY. They added parallax by cutting the backdrop in 2 bitmaps and added addtional graphics for the map layer. With the Jaguar version, that seemed to be limited by ROM space. Technically, I dont think Rayman maxed out Jaguars 2D capabilities, although it pushed the system quite well. The quality of the lush artwork and the huge, fluidly animated charcacters really make the game standout.
  18. You sure that was the limit for the Jaguar? I mean, Iam not saying the Jaguar was better than the PS1, far fetched. But 25x faster sounds a bit outlandish too. The isssue of all these arguments is the overblown hyperbole on both sides of the coin and ad hominem attacks as the weapon of choice. I myself was attacked for merely pointing out that NEOGEO quality might be possible on the Jag. Now the thread shifted the battleground to PS1. Pointless.
  19. I am sorry you feel this way. Seriously, a slightly more balanced view might help.
  20. Jaguar GD permanently - to load and test new levels in Jumping for shadows
  21. The Tramiels put Atari back on track when they took over a struggling company. This is how Rob Zdybel put it in an interview. "Tramiel Atari was good Atari." The hired the right people and started to make money again. The homecomputers got killed by consoles and PCs, as not only the ST, but also the Amiga was loosing popularity durig the 90s. Atari really fucked up their consoles, they did not understand videogames at all I think. They were all about hardware and price.
  22. Thank you, it's absolutely a joy to see this. We put a lot of extra time into this game to make it something special.
  23. Who claimed that? There is quite an in depht and sincere discussion about this by AtariOwl, who did a nice texture mapped 3D demo. BTW 1FPS to 5 FPS would be a huge improvement, and my impression always was, that it was more about step by step improvements than "magical things", like getting to PS1 levels. When it comes to 3D on the Jaguar, every frame counts, and (theoretical) 5x performance boost would be incredible. More likely, optimization would mean rather smaller gains, but for 3D texture mapped, still significant, especially if small optimizations would sum up. So, is there a reason to write off GPU in MaiN? No. Is there a reason to believe in magical performance boosts? No. Both sides of the argument don't sound very reasonable to me.
  24. World Class Soccer and Gordo are quite ugly and play poorly
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