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  1. Great transaction with this guy - thanks so much!
  2. Serial #2 has been sold. Thanks for the offers, everyone. I do sincerely appreciate it!
  3. Forgot I had done a few deals here back when I first joined after lurking for awhile (and then going back to it!) - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/174982-maverick/ If you're on the fence, shoot me an offer! Qbert Jump Serial #2 with serial placard signed by Warren Davis is still available!
  4. Great transaction and communication with this guy - thanks so much for your purchase!
  5. Wow. Five days, zero views on the thread. I have to say I'm a bit surprised Will give it one more day, then I'm offering these on other sites as well.
  6. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/287556-qbert-jump-atari-2600-carts-free-play-florida-2018-limited-ed-offers/
  7. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/287556-qbert-jump-atari-2600-carts-free-play-florida-2018-limited-ed-offers/
  8. Weird... If memory serves, that's the memory area where they would have had to add in the dram chips and filter caps to upgrade the internal memory from 512kb to 1mb. I've never seen someone cover them with electrical tape - wonder if that was a precaution, of if he had something shorting out? Nice looking system! - mine all yellowed with age, even boxed up in a closet. Gotta love it For those that don't know, you can use your PC to write out ST floppies onto 720kb DD disks - makes it really, really easy to get going with this system. GLWTS!
  9. TL:DR Version: Brand new, never played, untouched Qbert Jump Serials 2 and 14 up for grabs, PM offers. Serial Placards autographed by Warren Davis and untouched since. Payment via Paypal F&F, shipping/local pickup available. Well, as the title says... I've two carts available, serials 2 and 14 out of 20. These are the non-Autograph versions, as there were only 5 of those: Scott reserved 4 for people who helped with development and sold 1 at open auction for $379. These HAVE BEEN AUTOGRAPHED BY WARREN DAVIS! - well, the serial placards have. As the regular games didn't have an autograph slot, and I planned on actually playing the game, I didn't see the point in putting the autograph on something that would go in and out of my Atari and get my greasy fingers all over the face, etc. As I told Scott when I purchased these, I was buying one for me, and one for a buddy. And if my buddy didn't want his, then his was going to auction. Unfortunately, I was laid off from my job of 18 years a week after Freeplay, so everything went on hold. I've never touched the game carts, and the serial placards haven't been out of the package since Warren signed them for me during Freeplay. Oh, and yes the sticker, manual, and serial placard is included with both games (sticker is behind the placard on one of them) At this point, I'm still among the ranks of the unemployed, and I've decided that these need to go to someone that will enjoy them. Hopefully someone with deep pockets, as Poppa's got bills Open to offers - please PM me, and don't forget to specify which one you're interested in. I'll check once or twice a day, and will get back to you. Please be aware that payment is via Paypal F&F, and shipping would be via USPS Priority with Insurance and signature required. If you're local to me, there is an option to meet, depending on distance. I don't have alot of history on AtariAge, as I mostly ever just lurked here, but I hung my hat for several years at the www.vintage-computer.com forums, I'm known to Hamster at The Village BBS (www.villagebbs.com), and more recently, am active on several Facebook groups, including the Tampa Bay Retro Gamers forum where I also have references. I also used to be heavily involved and was an active member of the dev team at the CoinOPS Project, and I have a perfect feedback on eBay for almost 20 years - I just don't like selling certain items on there due to fear of dishonest buyers (right now, my pocketbook couldn't handle being screwed by dishonest buyers on higher-end items).
  10. Just wanted to add my feedback here... I purchased a Berzerk wall art set from Brian, and the transaction went quite well. Thanks, bud!
  11. If you've an Atari ST mouse, they can usually be modified pretty easily to work with Amigas (many 3rd party ones even had a switch to be used with either computer) Have you tried the monitor cable? The 23-pin side is usually missing many pins, and the 9-pin side can miss one or two. You can also wire up your own Amiga side.
  12. You don't have any higher-res pictures of this? They're small enough that any detail is lost. To me, with this level of detail, it looks like you just modded a small industrial enclosure. This isn't to say that one couldn't tell at a glance that much work was put into this, but with the asking price, I would expect higher-resolution pictures showing the detail level of that work, since the work is where the primary cost is involved. Further, you make no mention of the hard drive, whether it was upgraded (and to what), whether it's IDE or SATA, etc. One would think that would be important, and would allow for some of the cost too (i.e. my X-Box has a brand new Seagate 2tb drive in it - that's $100 alone)
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