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  1. Vocelli


  2. Only 4.5 Hours left! Thanks Everyone for the kindness! Season 9 STARTS Aug 15th!!! Have a GREAT 2 months off!
  3. This is the last day to submit scores. GOOD LUCK!
  4. So the Game stands. Super Breakout Game 7 was the random pick.
  5. All right! This is it until Aug 15th. Enjoy... the winner win the Paper Medal and gets to pick a game next season! Thanks! Vocelli
  6. Today is the last day!!! Get your game on!
  7. Today is the last day!!! Get your game on!
  8. Today is the last day!!! Get your game on!
  9. Dear Silver Medal Players.... try to post scores when you beat your opponent. I haven't seen many posts recently. It makes it more fun this way!
  10. Sounds good. Love that data-base!
  11. I love the data base and use it often to look up games ! If you have time... can you please update it. Only if you have time.
  12. I could not beat my time. I got worse as the day went on.... Good Luck everyone.
  13. HELLO, fellow Atari HSC Players! Announcing Season 9: ~ Starts August 15~ I will need your requests for the following: ~ Several Activision Games ~ Several games from the Arcade ~ Several games that have never been played in the HSC ~ 2 Paddle Games ~ 2 Homebrew Games ~ Your Requests of any game you would love to play. Season 9 will last 20-23 weeks and will end sometime around Feb 2020 with the Medal Brackets to follow in March/April 2020. Of Note: there may be less bonus points and more 2 games in a week or 3 games in 2 weeks. MAKE SURE YOUR REQUESTS ARE GAMES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN PLAYED IN 3 YEARS! Just post below and I will be in touch with Season 8 MEDAL winners for their picks. Thanks, Vocelli
  14. I am off tomorrow and will be trying to improve my time!
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