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  1. @Lauren Tyler We will dedicate Season 12 to her. This way more people will see the dedication. Hope that will be okay for you.
  2. OK! We have a match for the Wild Card pick. Both Players on their 3rd pick have chosen No Escape! There we no other matches. Good Luck!
  3. Let the next round begin! Good Luck to all!
  4. Let the next round begin! Good Luck to all!
  5. Let the next round begin! Good Luck to all!
  6. I am happy with this draw because I bought a physical copy and it didn't arrive until AFTER the homebrew weeks. Now I have an excuse to open the box! Game 4 is rough though! Good Luck to all!
  7. There may be slight differences in some games. But we accept scores from both PAL and NTSC. We play for fun and embrace NEW players. The NEW Season starts Nov 4, 2021! Thanks, Vocelli
  8. Since I am involved in the Paper Medal Bracket.... Kermit will be randomly drawing the game and posting it on Wednesday.
  9. Well @ZilchSr I will have to concede ☹️ Going into the brackets I thought to myself there are maybe 2 games I DO NOT want to play.... This was one of them. I knew I didn't have a chance with Birthday Mania... Lucky for me there is the Paper Medal! Congrats!
  10. Once a game is played in the Gold/Silver/Bronze brackets they cannot be played again. The Paper Medal Bracket works separately from those brackets... The Paper Medal Bracket has its own separate list.
  11. Season 12 will start November 4. I will be posting the announcement this month. I will PM when it starts. Also, follow the HSC thread for updates!
  12. Vocelli: Best Game: Millipede - Loved it as a kid. So much is going on at one time. 5 SPIDERS once you get 300,000k. So challenging and fast! Plaque Attack - Once again... fast and furious action. Activision's scoring system is always GREAT! Most Surprising: Mountain King - Great ideas here. Find a flame with a flash light while listening to a sound. Take the flame to the temple. Enter the temple. Get the crown. Take the crown to the mountaintop. I never played anything like it when it came out. Still love it today. Solar Storm - I don't think I ever played it before. It was surprisingly good. Worst: Spikes Peak - Need I say anything. BMX - I spent 30 minutes crashing on the course just to get a high score. Silly.
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