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  1. I am working on an atari 2600 Jr and the console keeps resetting itself over and over again in a repaid succession like I was holding the reset button down but I don't even have the ribbon cable or anything plugged in for those functions at all.

  2. I was wondering if anyone knows what is wrong when I tried to reset my atari 2600 with the reset switch on my Atari 2600 Jr it doesn't work but when I open up the console and jump the corresponding pin on the 6532 RIOT Chip I am able to reset and do the game select functions but If I plug in the ribbon cable into the motherboard that goes to the reset and game select buttons It doesn't do anything. I tried bridging it with wire but not effect the only thing It does when I do that it just stays in a constant reset loop like what would happen if you just held down the reset button. Any suggestions or idea would be much appreciated Thanks



  3. Well if you wanted to try to fix it. The first thing would be replacing the 7805. It's legs are large and are pretty easy to solder. They should be under 2 dollars at a radio shack.

    Yes they are and yes the previous was right they are easy to solder especially if you have good soldering skills. I had to replace the voltage regulator on my Atari 7800 Pro system and it took around 5 min to do the initial solder work and around another 5 or so min to make sure that it had a good and solid connection with the system.

  4. I recently got an atari 2600 Jr console from eBay the Console is in great conditions and the switches and all of the other parts of the console work flawlessly but when i put in the game spider fighter when the game boot sup and comes on the screen where you would see the copyright date and the publisher/developer (in this case Activision) the letters in Copyright are not being displayed correctly. as you can see from the pictures below.



    I was just wondering if anyone here has had the same problem and if It is the console or one of the switches or a RIOT chip problem. But like I said all of the other games work just fine like they do on all of the other 2600 consoles that I own except spider fighter. Any suggestions would be appreciated






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