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  1. JihemB


    Hi. I confirm it works fine on my SECAM 800 XL. Ultimate Cart works fine too. AFAIK there is no hardware (except perhaps those that are in close relationship with GTIA, like the Sophia Board which is declined in NTSC, PAL and SECAM version) that doesn't work with SECAM XL. BTW : Ricky, if you do business with UK (Retro Lemon for instance) be aware that you'll probably have to add customs fees to the price of your order (I was charged 12€ more by French post office/customs for a single AVG Cart PBI connector cable a couple of weeks ago !).
  2. Tell me if I'm not wrong, you're speaking about Sophia 2 (DVI) although the board I'm interested with should be Sofia 1 (RGB) ? In both cases, sure the component shortage will have consequences, except if Simius already have ready RGB boards. If he can read us, maybe he will give us some information here, before I MP him.
  3. Hi everyone. Thanks to those who helped with suggestions for modifying my SECAM motherboard (Mathy, Irich2). I eventually found someone who accept to buy my SECAM Sofia (since he has the skills to modify his own Atari 800 XL with). As soon as the transaction is over, I'll place another order to Simius for a PAL Sofia. I however have to re-check where to connect the audio wire of the cable on the motherboard since I missed this piece of information (maybe on the link suggested by GoldenGraham ?).
  4. Plan B: I just bought on eBay another Atari 800XL from a seller from west-France so this time it is a PAL Atari 800 XL and I checked that the GTIA is actually already mounted on a socket 😀. In a couple of week I'll contact Simius to buy a PAL Sofia from him... In meantime, if a person in France browses this message and wants to try to update his/her Atari 800XL SECAM, he/she can contact me via PM so I'll can resell my SECAM Sofia.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion but, because of Brexit, I avoid as possible business with UK because taxes dramatically increase item price, especially shipping fees.
  6. Same for me... if there is a 220/240V 50Hz version compliant with European (French) power source.
  7. @ Simius : Thanks, I found the actual FGTIA location on my motherboard (see below). @GoldenGraham : Thank for your help however, as you can see our respective motherboard are different. There is no RF out on the French SECAM version, the only audio and composite video out is a DIN5 socket on which you can either plug a split cable (yellow cinch for video, red cinch for audio) or a SCART adapter (my case). I was speaking about the mother shield which you put back on your pictures. My next concerning will the path for the DB9 cable to bring RGB out of the Sofia board and which is supposed to get out the computer using the PBI connector window (to keep the computer as stock as possible). I checked with a friend who confirms it is not easy to remove an unsocked chip to put it back on a socket without professionnal skills and equipment. He even suggest me to search for a new FGTIA chip as a replacement. I'll keep you informed about this project but not in a near future (until I find a professional to process my motherboard).
  8. Hi everyone. Today I wanted to install my Sophia RGB board into my Atari 800 XL SECAM (while a friend is making me the SCART cable). Unfortunately I discovered the motherboard is shielded and all components are directly soldered on the motherboard :😡 I have to postpone the upgrade until I find "someone with the skills to intervene" (as in "Person Of Interest" Questions : - Do you confirm GTIA chip is the topmost left chip ? - So it must be unsoldered from the motherboard and replaced by the chip socket on which Sofia will be plugged (with the chip re-inserted into Sofia's socket) ? - Would there be enough room to put the shield back of must I withdraw it definitively once the Sofia is installed ? BTW : Where to solder the audio ouptut pin of the cable ?
  9. JihemB


    I ordered and received my AVG Card a couple of days ago. I performed some tests loading .BIN, XEX and CAR files. I wasn't disapointed with the abilities of the card, especially when loading .cas files (which was a pain in the ass with the SDRIVE Max, unless I still use an outdated firmware?). This time I succeeded in loading 100% of the .cas files I tested, until I had to face a special case : Once a .cas file was finished loading the program asked me to insert tape 2 in the tape player ! I then realized I don't know how to switch back to the AVF Card menu to select another tape without resetting the computer, nor how to "stack" a list of .cas to be played.
  10. Hi. I sent via PM my Atari 800 XL (SECAM) serial number. Again : I would not choose the Sophia DVI version for the 800 XL which doesn't have a separate audio (DIN to Scart socket only) out while PAL XEGS has an available cinch audio out (so it is a better candidate for DVI output).
  11. Hi Simius. OK. Thanks for the information but what about PAL XEGS ? Can it be upgraded with the Sophia board too ? How or where to order the "special SECAM board version" if this is the sole option I've got ?
  12. Hi. I own the following Atari computers - Atari 800 XL, SCART output (composite only, probably SECAM since it is a model that was sold in France) - Atari XEGS, composite cinch output (I assume PAL since it is a model that sold in Italy) Would the Sophia board work on both models ? I would opt for the RGB output revision. JihemB
  13. Hello there. As a SGM enthouthiast I put me on the list for SGM2, Super Game cartridge 2 and controllers (expecting 2 of them) :-). I'm running a Colecovision + ADAM (PAL RGB version) and I'm currious about the 480p output (even if I already watched WIPs on this thread).
  14. Hi Batari. I hope you and everyone in this thread understood my point was not to criticize your job nor the Concerto but what I understand is that the work on the Concerto predates that of DragonFly and yet at the moment it is not yet mature. Since this is not the subject of this thread I contact you via PM. My apologies for squatting this thread.
  15. Hi Rafal. I tested my DragonFly today. With no surprise I worked flawlessly out the box and I spent some time on Choplifter :-). Many thinks again for this very good job (I still wonder why my "Concerto" has never been able to play a single game ?). Take care.
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