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  1. Hi Batari. I hope you and everyone in this thread understood my point was not to criticize your job nor the Concerto but what I understand is that the work on the Concerto predates that of DragonFly and yet at the moment it is not yet mature. Since this is not the subject of this thread I contact you via PM. My apologies for squatting this thread.
  2. Hi Rafal. I tested my DragonFly today. With no surprise I worked flawlessly out the box and I spent some time on Choplifter :-). Many thinks again for this very good job (I still wonder why my "Concerto" has never been able to play a single game ?). Take care.
  3. Hi Rafal. I'm one of the last who have received his DragonFly up to day so, first, thanks for this 🙂 I wish you to recover quickly. Take care. JihemB
  4. Thanks for your message. If anyone else has a lead, don't hesitate to tell me. JihemB
  5. Hello there. Sorry not to have read the previous 14 pages for this forum, maybe you can lead me directly to the right place : I'm in search for a multicart for a Soundic MPT-03 console which is (if I understood well) compatible with the Arcadia 2001 console although the cartridges don't have the same form factor and some titles were only available on MPT-03 and its clone. Could someone tell me if this kind of multicart exists for MPT-03 ? BTW : I bough the 8/16 "multicart" board from Rollo which is compliant with TRS80/Dragon32 and Odyssey2/Videopac (with a special connector adapter) and also Arcadia 2001 (with a special adapter... which is not compliant with MPT-03 connector) :-(. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello. I'm in France with a (PAL) RGB Atari 7800. I received my Concerto this week and wanted to give it a try... I'm unfortunately not able to play any ROM I tried so far 😞 I tested with the following SD cards : - EMTEC 2Gb - Transcend Micro SD 4Gb (class 10) + SD Adapter. My concert has firmware 0.95. This his some of the behaviours I get : - The game starts to load but the console freezes between 10% to 80%. I have to power off/power on the console. - The game starts to load but the console freezes between 10% to 80% then the display becomes scrambled. I have to power off/power on the console. - The game starts to load after reaching 90%, if displays funny ">0%" or "=0%" until "A0%" until the console freezes. I have to power off/power on the console. - The game seems to load 100% but I get scramble display at the end. I tried with some .a78 attached to this thread (such as arkanoid_concerto.a78, millieandmolly_demo_concerto.a78) with no luck. For the record my console plays fine genuine "Pole Position II", "Hat Trick", and "Joust" cartridges as well as 2600 games from my Harmony cartridge. I'll can take pictures of the screen or perform any operation that you'll suggest but it may require 3 or 4 days between the request and the moment I access my hardware.
  7. Hi, I would like to get one: Qty 1 Dragonfly cart in purple Qty 1 YM2151 module Qty 1 PokeyOne Shipping would be to France. Thank you in advance.
  8. HI Pixelboy. You actually gave me a link to this thread in a email after I requested how to order some times from your website :-). Thanks. I indeed have an AtariAge account for a while but do not post regulary... I already did and downloaded some titles... for free. So I think I could pay for a title or two (or make a donation ?) since other customers paid for their cartridge. It seems there is a hidden message here that says me to look at another place :-). Thanks for the tip. Thanks for your beautilfull releases. BTW : I live in France so I have a Colecovision console with a scart video cable (most certainly RGB) so I can better enjoy those beautifull games, SGM compliant or not 🙂 JihemB
  9. Hello. I have 2 questions regarding the homebrew and SGM compatible game list : - Since, if I understood well, there is a lack of cartridge shell that limits the number of actual titles that can be sold, would it be possible to sell titles as dematerialized software (in other words sell the .ROM and provide a link to PDF to get user manual and overlays) ? - I thought (or was misinformed) there is a SGM version of Donkey Kong, is it true or not (or maybe announced but never release) ?
  10. Hi. Thanks for your input SvOlli. Just before your reply I got a feedback on a French forum where it was suggested to me to have a look at the TIA chip. Since I had the choice between changing the TIA or the RIOT but got the TIA suggestion first I started with the TIA (I had to order one since I think it was not possible to swap a PAL console TIA with a SECAM console TIA, right ?) which I received this morning. I put the replacement TIA in the console and it seems it solves the issue. I'm leaving the console powered for a few hours with some interruption to get if the Harmony cart menu back and check it behaviour works as expected as a proof of proper functionning.
  11. [Edit] It seems the console acts as there are some "fake" signals comming out the joystick controler so the display ([.]) would mean it entered an empty directory... Should this means there is something with the internal joystick processor ?
  12. Hello. I'm a French user using the Harmony card for years either with the (ugly) French SECAM Atari 2600 console or the Colecovision (PAL ?) console with the VCS 2600 adapter. Since I was fed up to setup a Coleco each time I want to play with the VC2600 I just bought a PAL composite modded VCS2600 and wanted to give it a try. My first try was with the Compumate keyboard and discovered the first line of characters on the keyboard doesn't do anything (although it works fine with my SECAM console). Then I used my Harmony card to run the "Testcart ROM" to see if everything is fine and everything was fine... A few hours later I wanted to show a friend the console and play a game with the Harmony card and it was the start of troubles : When I switch on the console with the Harmony card : - Either the display is OK but I can use the joystick to move up or down nor use the fire button to choose an option - Either the display is OK for a few seconds then the only display I get is the [.] on an empty screen (except the Harmony logo and the "Page 0" information). I try to update the firmware of the Harmony cart without luck regarding the result. If I put the Harmony cart back to my SECAM console it seems to work fine... What do you think ?
  13. Hello. Just got a PAL boxed Spectravideo one from an eBay auction : BTW : How to summon "built-in MAGIC EASEL program" as well as "built-in demontration songs" ? I did not find the info in the users' manual 😞
  14. Hi Evan. No, I never see an actual Marjac RomScanner even for sale on eBay or anywhere else. About 6 months ago I saw a Videoplexer for sale but the auction ends between $250 and $300 ! BTW : I wanted to test Compumate against ColecoVision Atari 2600 adapter too but unfortunately the form factor of the ComputeCartridge prevents it to be inserted completely in the Coleco 2600 adapter cartridge hole (because of the thickness of the back of the cartridge increases just before the wires ouput). JihemB
  15. Hello. For the records, I answer 13 years later : Yes it works ! I just performed the test on PAL Atari 7800+ PAL Cpmputer. I was a little bit difficult to plug the joystick socket without prolongator, but I succeeded anyway.
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