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  1. $50 + Shipping. Paypal. USA only. Ships 1st Class. Weighs 14 oz. Includes booklet. PM if interested. *EDIT: Forgot to add that it's tested working.
  2. Nostalgia for an entire era is what initially drove me to collect. Over the past ~15 years, I've had just about every console/home computer in my collection at some point, but, of late, I've managed to trim it down to just the few systems I actually owned back in the day. Nostalgia, I suppose, is still what drives me, it's just of a more direct and personal nature these days.
  3. YouTube unboxing videos are a good way to find out whether a game originally included a manual. A quick check of a RotTR video reveals that a manual was not originally included with the game. Pretty much the norm these days.
  4. I doubt "R" refers to revisions in the actual game code, though several 2600 game ROMs are known to have been revised. Revisions to the label, instructions, packaging, etc. is, I think, more likely. Almost all the instruction manuals for Atari-published games on the 2600 were revised. There's a revision number on the back cover of almost every one of them. Maybe the date-stamp codes on the labels and the manual revision numbers refer to the same thing. I can't even begin to speculate what "PR" might indicate, but it's existence would suggest that "NR" isn't any kind of mistake. Nice find.
  5. I just went back and revisited those old date stamp threads. I appears that 'revision' had been mentioned at that time. I don't know why it never sunk in with me. Anyway, if you look at the way the date codes themselves (at least on 2600 carts) are formatted, the non-R codes are composed of three evenly-spaced digits--"3 2 1". In codes that include the R, the formatting is "33 1 R"--there isn't a space between the first two digits (the week code). Thus, it may be the case that 'revision' is simply referring to the revised formatting of the date code stamp itself. I've only ever seen or heard of "D" on one cartridge--my own copy of Sears picture label Demons to Diamonds. Other that it being a simple mistake, I can't even begin to speculate on what it might indicate. No idea on "NR" either. I've never seen it on a 2600 cartridge. I seem to recall seeing it on one of my 5200 cartridges, but I can no longer be sure as I have since parted with my 5200 collection.
  6. Wish I was, but, unfortunately, I'm not. Here is the thread that details the first found copy of this one. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/91197-flag-capture-picture-label-copyright-1978
  7. It would be very cool if the white-background instruction manual that should have accompanied this cartridge would also turn up someday.
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