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  1. How do you use the HxC with it inside the ST? You can't see the display or get to the buttons!!! I asked the developer if they would incorporate an on screen software menu system, and to their credit they did so in the following update. Shortly after this the same feature was also added for Amstrad CPC users http://hxc2001.free....Onscreendisplay I use the software provided by the HxC designer to select a floppy image at boot. Obviusly, display is hidden, but buttons are accessible and functional.
  2. Here is my Falcon (finally I found pictures) and my beloved (and hardly used for gaming) STf with a HxC SD Floppy emulator (sadly, its fdd died suddenly)
  3. My Falcon is at work, and on my desk only can be one Atari and one PeCe. "My" room for "things" is a disaster, and my wife gets angry every time she come into "my" room. But not a problem at all... Consoles are all over the home every TV has its own Megadrive. Anyway, recently I tried to connect all my "things" to one LCD TFT with a jamma video converter board, but no luck with STFM and STE, so they are stored away. Still trying, but with no effort or rush.
  4. My STe retro corner : It's an Atari 520STe with 4MB Now it's stored because my wife needs this space for her things...
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