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  1. I tried Donkey Kong and Ms.Pacman homebrews by intelligentvision on my intellivision II and neither work. Does anyone else have this issue? I was reading that a lot of games don't work on the intellivision II.
  2. Thank you. Yes the carts are in the boxes. I have a lot of loose carts too but ran out of room. I'm going to buy some wall shelves.
  3. lol. Nope it's on the bottom shelf by the printer.
  4. After organizing everything I can finally focus around here
  5. Does anybody think this post is legitimate on craigslist? I responded almost immeditaley when originally posted and never got a response. I thought it was a hoax then this got posted today. Either someone got a find of a lifetime or this was a great hoax. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/tag/2594431207.html
  6. Is it possible to play Sega Master System games on it with an adapter?
  7. I purchased a nice lot of rare atari games from him. They where packaged extremely well. Would buy from again.
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