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  1. The rockfire looks nice. But that is not what I need. That is only for those controllers not others. Maybe is it possible to make a 9 pin keypad that plugs into my masterly clone. I know it already has one. But then I can do true wireless finally. Or would wico keypad 5200 work since its 9 pin. Or not5 in the masterplay clone.
  2. http://mvvg.blogspot.com/2020/02/goodwill-find-02-21-2020.html?m=1 Saw this at goodwill today. Did not work when plugged in so I passed. Another guy I met there (not employee) said the fuse might be broken or the transistors might be busted. I know some old radios had transistors. But did record players?
  3. That is not bad but looks like he beat you. http://highscore.com/scores/Atari5200/PolePosition/13095
  4. Then maybe not. Or what would happened if I plugged a cx85 keypad into my 5200 masterplay clone? I know it has a keypad but I am thinking of another purpose. Would it work at all? And regarding controllers were sega mark 3 controllers analog or digital? And was amiga power stick analog or digital? And would this work in my 2600 or my 5200 masterplay clone? I know its a lot but curious if it would even work. Looks cool. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124077718872
  5. Or is it possible to make an famicom to 5200 adapter since both are 15 pin?
  6. Maybe a 2600 star raiders can be modified. Or a CX85 in my masterplay clone. Its a lot of adapters but for wireless not bad. To carry no but sit on the sofa maybe.
  7. Well I do have a couple of sega fighter sticks. Real stick no dpad. So I am just missing start pause and reset and a keypad 1-9 + * 0 #.
  8. I saw that number but the dollar sign was gadded so I did not think that was a price. Anyhow 119 or 124 even then just for a keypad was a lot.
  9. The first link might be but techtimes is not clickbait.
  10. I saw this on eBay. I know these days this kinda of vintage stuff is expensive on eBay. But back then it was expensive too wasn't it? There is a sticker attached from KMART 5 bucks. I know KMART was cheap back then. But I could not imagine them even selling a keypad for 5 bucks. Especially name brand. Seems too cheap even for them back then. Or were accessories not that much back then compared to the full system? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Atari-CX85-Numeric-Keypad-NOS-Open-box/274194165675?hash=item3fd73eefab:g:zjwAAOSw-IheF49r
  11. 0078265317


    I know I have my wireless setup with a bunch of adapters and its great for some games like pacman. And all the 8bitdo stuff is awesome. But not having the keypad with you is a setback. Its only for starting the game and reseting or pausing. But still would be nice to have wireless keypad on the sofa so no getting up. Did gameport back in the day ever have a wireless? I know 2600 had a wireless bulky box and 2 controllers. But did gameport have nay wireless? if not I have the bohoki gameprot adapter. But how hard would it be to make a wireless 15 pin adapter? Too bad 8bitdo does not have one.
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