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  1. I meant specifically for apple stuff.
  2. I had v1 back in the day running on my se somehow. And even one of my teachers se30 somehow. Not sure how.
  3. Also never knew they had vhs tapes back then. Just found this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/123936673752
  4. Also this is interesting. Just found this. https://osxdaily.com/2013/12/20/run-classic-mac-os-on-a-mac-plus-emulator-in-any-web-browser/
  5. I already do. But if I had programmable buttons maybe start and pause or reset.
  6. This image worked. The other did not. I opened it up on my pc with hfv explorer. Then I coppied it to a flash on my mac mini. Then I opened it on my old ibook g3 900 and it worked. But it gave error message as you said it needs to be the boot volume. But those old systems dont run on SE only 128k. So I copied it to a 1.44 floppy with the system from my ontrack disk. Booted up and showed the old flight sim icon. But when I started the app it said please insert the master disk. I dont have a master disk.
  7. What do you think? https://screenrant.com/game-boy-where-is-my-body-cartridge-kickstarter/amp/
  8. No I need 1.0 or 1.02. 4.0 is available everywhere.
  9. Actually I am having trouble locating a copy Microsoft flight simulator 1.0. I misplaced my floppy. Cant find a good download site. None of the downloads are working now.
  10. Just found this. Will this work? And whats the point of putting such an old machine on the internet. No current browsers or pages will work. https://www.ebay.com/itm/383378669499
  11. PDS cards are super expensive. Especially ethernet.
  12. Thanks I found brickles on macintoshgarden. And transylvania on macintoshrepository.
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