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  1. Yay it made it! You're very welcome eBay links going up tonight. Posting right now... UPDATE: Delayed, more pending sales.
  2. Posting on eBay tomorrow probably.... Will post the link here when the auctions are live.
  3. I'm going to start buying loto tickets or hitting up the casino again, I need more money for toys!

    1. Keatah


      I suggest lotto tickets in moderation. This way you'll give away less money.

  4. PayPal Sucks! I'm going to start forcing you all to use Crypto currencies :P

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    2. yarjr


      Bitcoins unstable to say the least and there a pain to get. Only accepting bitcoins would be a horrible business decision.


    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      The currency of the future will be Facebook 'likes.'

    4. Ransom


      Does that make you a Crypto fascist?

  5. Probably everything you could possibly want to know right here... It's been sitting around for years now, and I was going to use it in my Bitcoin Rig but it seemed like a waste to open and use it for such a thing. Much better in the hands of a collector.
  6. 1. CoinOPS 5 is software you install on the XBOX 2. Softmods are simple, In fact I built a super simple softmod installer. I can softmod an xbox without even hooking up a tv and no telnet/networking required (That was a lame method). However I would suggest a TSOP before a softmod if you can't find any modchips and don't know how to make one. 3. I have ADHD too lol This is why everything takes me so dam long haha
  7. Looking for Black, Blue, (Halo) Green, and Crystal Xecuter 3 Control Panels with LCD's. IR = Bonus PM with details and price. Thanks!
  8. Sounds like a blown cap. The system may still work even with a blown cap, but it's not advised to continue using it without replacing it. I'd open it up and check the caps.
  9. Looking for a X3 w/X3CP (Clear/Blue/Green/Black)

  10. MORE XBOX STUFF TO COME! Selling the UN-RELEASED CK3-CP Brand New in the Box. A Rare Gem for sure! Drivers included. Dump and Flash Firmwares with ease! This is not yet released to the public so you can be the first member of the public to own it. Tutorials are available on Youtube by "scenyx" or "CarolinaGamer". $100 obo. New in Box. Fits into any 5.25″ PC bay 2×16 Custom Design LCD Display 4 x Button Directional Keypad (e.g Jungle Flasher No-Mouse Operation) 1 x SATA Port 2 x USB 2.0 Ports CK3 Power Connector for any XBOX 360 DVD Drive Xbox 360 DVD Eject Button IVM (Intelligent Vendor Mode) -- Software can control DVD Power and Eject (inc half tray) for fully automated DVD fw access (vendor mode etc) 2 x Programmable LED's (Many uses with apps like Jungle Flasher) When not being used for CK3, the LCD can be used to display ANY information (Huge Possibilities) LCD Smartie open source software is fully compatible with the LCD. Includes custom driver. The LCD display is fully customizable from the PC, including the directional pad and the notification LED's. LCD backlight and contrast are software controllable. The simplified and robust protocol allows anyone from hobbyists to professionals to interface the CK3 CP. Great for displaying system statistics like temperature, cpu usage, and ram. Compatible with all versions of Windows. Most linux distributions and even PowerPC and Intel Macintosh systems. CK3 Related (Sources and info available for 3rd party software developers) IVM (Intelligent Vendor Mode) -- DVD Power and Eject (inc half tray) full software controlled The LCD display can guide you step by step when flashing a 360 drive (or other app functions) Any input inquiry can be done right on the directional pad -- and also an OK/ENTER button. No need to keep looking to the monitor or fiddling with the mouse to control the PC for the next step. Metal frame means the unit is sturdy and reliable. CK3-CP works with all current 360 drives. Industry standard, PL2303 transceiver for communication. This means you get great stability and compatibility.
  11. Added another game to the list and a boxed new N-Gage I'll be listing the lot on ebay soon. So if you have interest in anything here PM me before it's too late!
  12. Furrious

    1. CorTat-G
    2. DNA64



      I actually did just watch 6 the other day. But no, I'm just pissed about something, unfortunately I brought it upon myself. So I can't bitch too much.

    3. SoulBlazer


      Maybe talking about it might help. It always feels better to vent. :)

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