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  1. I read some comments that are a little negative or dismissive. One thing about it we don't have to put any money into until it's finish and then we can still decide whether to purchase or not. So why not be excited and hopeful?
  2. Thanks, Marc...These are first class! I just think these are really neat.
  3. I'll be watching out for this one, even though my gaming budget is pretty minimal these days. I love thrust type games. In my eyes this looks kick ass!!
  4. Good job guys! Look forward to more. Can't wait for the book, definitely not much Colecovision history around. Thanks, Chad
  5. First off, Intellivionaries podcast is excellent. I've really enjoy all 4 podcast, especially love the "intellivision" music. pboland - now i wish i would have gotten a set of your overlays. I like how you came up with your own process to laminate the overlays to make them feel authentic. You seem very proud of the laminator you made, that's very cool!! DZ-Jay - I need to buy Christmas Carol, looks fun to play and beautiful looking game. Your interview was interesting and informative. You seem so enthusiastic for developing games. I love how you imagined the story. Can't wait for your next development.
  6. Chad

    5200 Tempest

    I've been hovering around checking several times daily for tempest in the store. Seeing those videos posted above O M G !! the sound, the game play, omg! I can't wait to get a copy. Thanks AtariAge and everybody else involved with this.
  7. I definitely will order a copy of Zaxxon Super Game. Thank you!
  8. Is there a list of speakers for Sunday? That's the only day I could possibly make it and listening to the folks in the industry back in the day is my favorite part. Thanks.
  9. I might be interested if I knew how much you're asking. Thanks
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