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  1. I got this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/294156521267?ViewItem=&item=294156521267 but it would definitely need to be adapted/reprogrammed for the X. (And if someone does this, please let me know!) It is based on a design from here: https://www.tsb.space/projects/c64-mini-arcade2usb-converter/
  2. Unless I'm missing the obvious, underneath is solid plastic where the screwholes and standoff posts are, it appears to be fused to/part of the plastic top and can't be removed. There are indeed two clips on the retainer ring, but the ring being wider than the top opening, the clips appear to have little function other than to prevent the ring from rotating.
  3. I'm replacing the tops of two CX40s with NOS, but the tops don't come with the boot retaining rings. No worries - I've got two donor sticks that have them, so I'll just remove them, except...hold on...the retaining ring width is *wider* than the opening. How on earth do you get them out? (For that matter, how did Atari get them in there to begin with? It's like one of those strange physical puzzles you used to see in doctor's offices with linked rings :P)
  4. No, it's the other way 'round...I just tested the R77 with just a single ROM in the games directory, and sure enough, it says "0 items found". *laughs* What's more strange to me is that it's inconsistent between platforms - Windows reports "1 items found". I'm not sure what the Mac version says.
  5. I've found a rather fascinating but harmless bug that only seems to affect the R77 build. The "items found" count on the main games path is one less than the number of games actually present/listed. It's not that any are 'missing', if you hand count them, it's always 1 higher than the count displayed in the upper right. This doesn't happen on the Windows build, at least. In the interest of bug-chasing, I've attached the exact contents of my games directory. stella_653_count_bug.zip
  6. Brilliant. I'm now doing the same - it's amazing how much it does for the R77 UI! Thanks for this!
  7. To be fair, the sticks (in my experience) on the Retron are a lot more solid than those on the Flashbacks as a whole - for that reason alone, I'd also advocate for that.
  8. Thank you! Unfortunately, this looks like it's actually PHD52692 (4.2 Grammar 3 Disk 2). Perhaps they are reverse-labeled in your set?
  9. Every source I've found, everywhere (including The Cyc and TOSEC), for this specific PLATO disk is corrupt. Anyone have a working version? Plato Courseware 3.3 - Word Confusion (1982)(Texas Instruments)(Disk 2 of 3)[PHD 5259] (the correct one is a 92160 byte V9T9 SSSD and doesn't ZIP compress to less than 512 bytes
  10. Nobody asked, but I'll share my own general-interest thoughts... - Core sucks. I don't even get it as a product. The wireless controller *IS* nice and extraordinarily flexible (in terms of compatibility with things other than just LGP, for example). No, it's not Happ...but it *really* isn't bad (I got the $99 LGP Walmart deal from some months back, and hells to the yes it was worth it). - UCE has already been pushed about as far as it can go by _anyone_. It's extraordinarily well-understood at this point, the only madness remaining IMHO is the core-of-the-week approach to the games. 95+% of games run perfectly fine on a single MAME 2003+ core, there's no reason to keep core-swapping "just because". Unfortunately, the 'Chefs' have proven all-but-impossible to actually reach, it feels like nobody's actually managing anything and it's all just slapdash. - Root has recently been acquired on the Legends Arcade and Gamer products, making the entire rest of the argument rather moot. For my purposes, however, the existing CoinOpsX UI suits me just fine. It's everything I ever wanted in a product like this - arcade-authentic control (for the most part, within practical reason), an expansive games list that incorporates very nearly all my favorites (including Daphne games!) in a single, attractive UI, high scores retention, and most importantly that "step right up" vibe that attracts people and makes for raucous impromptu house parties. It's fun, it's available, it's accessible, and it's powerful _enough_ for the 'prosumer' without being cryptic. It's a really, really well thought-out middle ground that continues to improve over time (who ever thought they'd allow boot directly into COX?). There are simpler solutions, cheaper solutions, and far more advanced solutions...for as a general-purpose go-to "can't we just play games already?" box, I personally find the LGP damned near impossible to beat. Just my $0.02.
  11. Save your money and just buy the case. The rest is garbage.
  12. Thank you for this - this was very helpful (and actually quite a lot later than I expected, though I was blissfully unaware of any of this history contemporaneously).
  13. Necroposting on purpose to keep information in a single thread. A few questions, if I may: - For anyone with an original (read: Infocom boxed-and-labeled) release of The Witness, could you kindly advise on the release and serial number displayed at game start? - Does anyone know the exact date that Asgard signed the agreement to take over TI-99 sales from Infocom? - Did Infocom (not Asgard) actually release a demo disk (or cassette) for the TI-99? If so, what was it called and what was on it?
  14. You can definitely run anything VICE can, but there are pretty serious UI and performance quirks associated with it. tbh it isn't worth it unless/until it's officially supported.
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