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  1. Oh...I completely misunderstood (and got it backwards). Thank you for the clarification! Without QIS, if I set a fixed height, will scanlines and CRT effects look like they did in the early R77 betas (i.e. correct)?
  2. The salient part from Thomas in the reply I quoted: "the R77 is too slow to handle TV effects combined with QIS" Since QIS was new to 6.1, and TV effects worked great up to (and including) beta 2, it sure sounds to me like they don't work (properly) on the release version. I stayed on beta 2 (which is perfect IMHO for NTSC-only titles on R77, so long as your TV can do 1:1) for that reason.
  3. I was talking about this:
  4. Does that imply CRT filters are making a comeback on the R77?
  5. Couple of quick questions versus beta2 for the Retron77: - Scanlines on beta2 were perfect (using Composite filtering) out of the box...scanlines on the release version have that "bunched up" look like when scanlines are applied and then the screen is slightly stretched (i.e. a noticably uneven look on games with brigher backgrounds like Adventure). Is there a setting I need to change (presumably to achieve vertical integer scaling)? - I previously set the NTSC Aspect to 88% as the most 'accurate' looking to my eye...this setting doesn't seem to exist anymore. Was it moved to somewhere I haven't been able to find it? MUCH thanks for making this device the go-to gold standard for TV gaming!
  6. ...and that's the problem. Works great in-game. Oops.
  7. Hrm...I think the problem is I've only tried the UI itself. I'm going to be rather embarrassed if it's known not to control the UI but only work in games.
  8. Any suggestions on how to get paddles going properly with a 2600-daptor II? I've got it connected to this OTG cable: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LTHBCNM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 with the switch on the cable in the OTG position and both DIP switches on the 2600-daptor II in the up/off position. No matter which USB port on the OTG spider I plug into, I can't even get a basic 2600 CX40 to work.
  9. OK - I'll back off my position on the games, I honestly didn't know that (thanks for the confirmation, Jeff!). It's also a very common practice amongst companies like Sachen, and obviously their motivations are quite different. That being said, there's still this: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/category/retro-bit/ and what's even more amusing, *it doesn't use RetroArch at all*. Arcade emulation is provided by MAME4droid, which is a particularly sore point because that's a property *I* worked pretty heavily on for a while. Still no regrets. Hope the firmware helped someone.
  10. It's actually worse than that. They removed Nintendo branding on NES games.
  11. You definitely don't want to update a partition you booted from - get Lakka working on a SD card, copy the firmware to that card (using a LInux host) and then boot into SD Lakka and dd the image back to NAND from there. If you need more precise details than that, let me know. To be perfectly honest, my priority was making sure the content was preserved and available, assuming someone else would take up the mantle and make an all-in-one SD card image to upgrade from (either using the built-in features of the firmware to do it or using Lakka as a springboard).
  12. 1.1 virgin flashable dump here: https://www.rendezvo.us/super_retro-cade
  13. Will the paddles included with Flasback Blast 3/Pong (Walmart exclusive) work with the Atari FB 9 Gold?
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