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  1. Struggling to understand the (relatively) poor performance (just for River Raid!) using the FB9 retroplayer on the FBX at 1.2GHz. It ought to be absolutely perfect performance-wise...but isn't even close. The more I stare at this little box, the more confused I become. LOL Yeah, I get it. It's a toy. But damn, it's a toy with SO MUCH potential. *sigh* My RetroN 77 is my daily driver, but this little guy has...personality. It'd be an awful shame to park it on a shelf for display but not play it with passion. I'm not giving up yet. LMFAO
  2. I do feel like I'm reinventing the wheel a bit. *laughs* You pretty much had me convinced to throw out the baby with the bathwater and go all-in on RP9...but when I use it with River Raid (with or without scanlines), it's very noticeably juddery, even with a 1.2GHz clock - in fact, it stutters like RPX does at 816MHz. RPX (and River Raid at 1.2GHz) is smooth as silk. Any idea why? It seems for 2600-only, unless I'm missing the obvious, you're actually better off with RPX at 816MHz...the only thing that I can find that misbehaves in that configuration is the bit of juddering you see in River Raid, but everything else is (as close as it's going to get to) fine.
  3. I think I've reached what is (for me) a reasonable compromise for now - instead of keying off md5sum, I just look for _RP9 at the end of the ROM filename. If it's there, I use the FB9 retroplayer, otherwise FBX's. Saves having to hack runcommand and seems a little cleaner implementation. Sorry, I just can't handle those heavy scanlines with River Raid, it looks AWFUL. Maybe someday we'll figure out what the problem is between the OC kernel and FBX's retroplayer and get truly the best of all worlds. I'll test paddles later this evening to be sure they work as expected.
  4. All excellent questions - would love to know myself. One thing that may be a consideration - you may already have experience with this. RPX obviously supports paddles (poorly-ish, but it does) - didn't RP9 not work with paddles unless you change the value of the potentiometer? (I'm assuming that was a function of RP versus libstella.)
  5. Yeah...ugh. LOL The RPX thing *really* bothers me, because it just makes no sense. That being said, I at least have dynamic selection of RPX vs RP9 based on md5sum working now (and tremendous thanks to many of you for helping me get there!), and I've reverse-engineered as much as the platform as I think I can usefully do...I at least now have a very clear understanding of how all the plumbing works, even if not necessarily _why_ LOL.
  6. OK, so our experiences are the same - with the OC kernel, _even clocked at 816MHz and with RPX_, you still get bad behavior in Asteroids. That mystifies me, because it means whatever RPX doesn't like about the OC kernel image, it's actually *not* the overclock itself (my plan was to throttle the clock for certain ROMs by md5sum to prevent the RPX-related issues, thinking it was a speed issue). I'm just trying to better understand what the bad interaction is between the OC update and RPX...my ultimate goal is RPX across the board at 1.2GHz, with whatever per-game adjustments are required to make the small number of problematic games "behave" with RPX (my fallback position is to use RP9 for those games, but the difference in scanline intensity is a killer).
  7. Been dinking with this for a while now, and the harder I look, the more confused I become. With the overclocked kernel's governor set to userspace and the max frequency set to 816000 (both confirmed by walking the entire sys tree), using the AFX retroplayer _still_ results in missing player sprite and/or asteroids in Asteroids. This suggests that either the issue is something else with the OC kernel other than the CPU speed (or Mali clock, I've tried that too), or the CPU speed isn't _actually_ being reduced by scaling_max_freq. Any thoughts?
  8. It is indeed - was just mucking around elsewhere and found that any title _beginning_ with one of these strings will trigger: Beamrider Chopper Command Cosmic Commuter Crackpots Decathlon Dragster Enduro Fishing Derby Frostbite H.E.R.O. Keystone Kapers Megamania Oink! Pitfall! Pressure Cooker River Raid Seaquest Stampede Starmaster Kaboom
  9. How does this work (what I'm really asking - via what mechanism is the speed altered)? I know there was an operating theory that you could modify a proc filesystem attribute to dynamically adjust the maximum clock, but I don't see anywhere in NEXUS that's done. I unpacked your firmware and don't see it either...what am I missing? (What I'm really after: Dynamic clocking of *just* 2600 titles, based on CRC32 or md5sum lookup table...default clock of 1200, downthrottled to 816 for problem titles like Asteroids.)
  10. @MrFister - I'll take a look at that. I'm making a conscious effort to try to remain as stock as possible, but I may be able to adapt just that as useful. I have another question along this line I'll post separately.
  11. The Select+Up shortcut to act as a Home button seems to work in-game but not in the UI, at least on the Flashback X - any other solutions for that? It's fine to be able to return to the game detail screen, but I can get no further without the original stick. 😃
  12. Something else I'm a bit puzzled by - what's the trigger that displays the Activision copyright on those games? It's not Platform=Activision or Genre=atvi in all-games.ini, and I can't find anywhere in /emulator that has a specific Activision list. I suppose it could be doing it by CRC, it's just a bit odd.
  13. Another interesting thing - it seems the AFX devs at least tried to do something about River Raid. See the following in retroplayer_ro.ini: [Hero.a26] OutputRate=22050 [Hero.a26] RiverRaid=22050 Clearly that wasn't intentional, and I believe what was intended was: [Hero.a26] OutputRate=22050 [RiverRaid.a26] OutputRate=22050 but I tried it and it doesn't make much difference with the juddering. *shrugs*
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