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  1. It's not the Skyward Sword logo, it's the same one that was on the shield since Ocarina of Time. And it's being used for the 25th annaversary stuff. As for the mismatched controllers I'm looking forward to pairing that with my red nunchuck.
  2. I've got an orginal playstation that I'm painting and I was just wondering if anyone knew the right kind of sandpaper to use on it?
  3. First item in question: a model 1 Genesis at value village, with cords, one genesis controller, and one therd part controller. A bit dirty, no box. Any help would be great.
  4. Played it in the wii and really liked it. Very sort of weird comic book style to it.
  5. I was at a flea market and saw a pong game, I'm wondering how much I should pay for it. It's the Radioshack TV Scoreboard mod. 60-3064 looks like this. The one I found had it's box and looked in nice shape, the only thing missing was the manual. So yeah I'm just trying to decide if it's worth it. Oh, and what's a good price for blip? There's one of those there too.
  6. Is the Wing Commander 3 on the playstation the same as the pc version? If so yay, if not crud.
  7. I think I was 4, but maybe a little younger. The console was ours but it was kept at our grandparents house. I'm not exactly sure what was the first game I played but the one I really remember was crackpots. I think that was the first time my older brother let me pick the game and I have a feeling that I chose that one because it had a purple lable. Purple was my favourate colour when I was little.
  8. oops here try these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xvphaPL3oE&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrZJqIdfABc&feature=channel_video_title
  9. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=8xvphaPL3oE http://www.youtube.c...nel_video_title Above are two videos (well one really but it's split into two) where I ask opinions on what colour/colours/design to paint on my playstation. My videos are rarely seen be anyone other then me so if I am to get a responce I need someone to watch. Thanks that all.
  10. I know what that is! Sorta, I know the name atleast. That is the Wico Command Control Joystick Deluxe. I saw something on it before but I can't find the site anymore. I did however find a video talking about it, the difference between that one and the other Wico joysticks, and showing what it looks like taken apart. The reason for the bigger base is that it's basically an arcade stick in a case. The video is here if you just want to see that part skip ahead to 5:30. I helped!
  11. How much should I pay for a wico bat joystick? How much is too much for that?
  12. Just finished claening it and tested everything. It didn't actually look that dirty inside but I cleaned it anyway and now everything except crackpots works. Yay. I'm going to keep fiddleing with that game but for now I'm really happy. Thank you.
  13. have you opened it to try to clean it, or checked for anything that looks loose or bad? nothing seems to be loose, and that's why it seemed so strange to me, because from the outside it looks perfect
  14. Thanks for taking a look at it. I cleaned the cartridges and now I can get plaque attack, asteroids, and frontline(a zellers version of combat) to work like empire strikes back. I might take it apart tomorow but I do think there is another issue besides needing a cleaning.. but hey this seems to be the month of weirdness as far as my old systems go so you never know it might just work.
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