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  1. I tried a Mega Drive controller and 7800 joystick. Had the issue with both of them, but holding the fire button down did the trick. Thank you ever so much!
  2. What's up, guys! I've hit upon a bit of a major problem. I decided to boot up my Atari after quite a while after discovering the awesome Super Cobra Arcade. I set up the system and fired up my Harmony cart only to discover that I can't move the cursor in the cart's main menu. At all. If I move the stick left or right, sometimes the screen will flip to the About page, but I can't move up or down in the menu or select anything. My regular games are fine, so it's definitely not my controllers. I'm on PAL BIOS 1.05. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Good stuff! You'll be hearing from me soon
  4. I've noticed that a couple of hacks on the Store (eg. Defender Arcade and Pac-Man Arcade) don't have a PAL option despite PAL versions of the ROMs being available. Is there an issue with these, or are there plans to implement the option in the future? Also, regarding the Custom Cart option, is it possible to request label art from the cart magnets? Thing is, I'd love to own a hard copy of Sinistar and my own attempts with the Label Maker are a bit naff
  5. Will this be appearing on the Store at any point?
  6. Thanks, AJ. There's hope for a hard copy of Asteroids Arcade yet
  7. I'm rather new to these forums, having decided to sign up after I dug out my (t)rusty old VCS and discovered that it still works. Thing is, I'm sorely tempted by some of the stuff on the Store (not least of all the custom carts) but I need to ask a newbie question regarding PAL/NTSC. I have a PAL Vader connected via the hardwired (grr) RF cable to a TV which supports NTSC/60hz. While I'm aware of the translated colour palette, is it actually possible for me to play NTSC games with this setup?
  8. Skate Boardin' and River Raid II, as they're both broken :/ Funny what 18 years of inactivity can do, the rest of my old games are fine. Combat, too (mainly due to a lack of interest from my mates).
  9. I've used epsxe for years and it's barely put a foot wrong. I generally use mooby2's ISO plugin to run the likes of Doom/Final Doom (which both work perfectly if loaded from a CD anyway) However, show me a PS1 emulator that runs any F1 game post-97 and I'll show you an elephant dancing the bolero on top of a bird-bath. Show me one that does that AND nails the choppy sound in MGS and I will offer you my hand in marriage. Above statemants are for comedic effect only.
  10. ZSNES all the way. Also, PCSX2 is far from perfect, although the old-school-style scrolling shooters don't give it too much of a headache (R-Type Final aside )
  11. Not many, the only other one I can think of is the Commodore 64GS. Basically a consolized C64 without the keyboard, compatible with C64 carts and even came bundled with a copy of T2 - as soon as the "Press Enter Key" message appeared on screen you knew it was doomed.
  12. 1. Why has nobody mentioned Solaris yet? 2. Stargate/Defender II 3. Asteroids 4. Vanguard 5. Moon Patrol Also-rans: California Games, Galaxian, Radar Lock, Missile Command, Jr. Pac-Man, Battlezone, Pole Position And did I mention Solaris?
  13. Where to start ... At the time I never had: Intellivision Colecovision NES SMS Amiga SNES Neo Geo PCE/TG16 N64 Saturn Dreamcast Recently got my hands on a SNES, N64 and Saturn and have been steadily building a collection for each, but there are a couple others in that list I wouldn't mind owning. Oh, and hello, everyone
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