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  1. Skiing would be really cool. Not sure how the twin stick suggestion would work though? like what would that allow for control? Horse Racing is an interesting suggestion. Sea Battle is an old classic that'd be nice on 5200.
  2. Just a warning for everyone to keep their expectations in check. Notice how the proposed adapters are not shown in any way. They also advertised Game Gear and Master System adapters for the MegaSG, these were to be released in 2019. So far they have never shown nor demonstrated that such compatibility or adapters even exist in prototype form. Anyone hoping to play Lynx games on the Analogue Pocket shouldnt hold their breath.
  3. Koa Zo

    I want one

    He said these were for sale, right. Where do I buy one?
  4. Is that what this is about now? I don't make controllers, dood. All I'm doing is trying to clarify reality. Does the project work or does it not? That bothers you? For a lot of the fans here and on youtube, all they seem to need is for a prominent youtuber to make a "fun" video and they're all begging for that youtuber to take their money, despite the project never being shown to function fully. Brilliant.
  5. 1) Eat a dick. I sure felt relaxed when I typed my previous posts. I'm not now. What are you talking about "product advertisement"? What does that have to do with anything? The video alludes to the controller as being analog, but then it is just forgotten and never mentioned again. Oh, is that "fun"? It's just a fun video that has feverish 5200 fans clamoring for something that might not be real, or at least fully functional. Oh! That's fun! Misinformation or straight bullshit on the internet is always lots of fun. That's exactly what the infamous 5200 needs. 2) I asked a straight forward question. i.e.: "Has Ben Heck commented on the analog functionality?" Apparently the answer is "No". Nobody is asking you to speak for him, though it appears you'd like to. But now as you've shared your experience you confirm just what we'd expect: your analog conversion was jittery, which isn't exactly playable, and sure isn't a "better" controller. I want to read and see that this project worked, but at this point it's beyond suspect that no analog games were shown. Do you really want to excuse them by suggesting that's the only games they had? They can order parts for the controller but can't order a $5 Star Raiders cart to test their project with?
  6. Has Ben Heck answered anywhere whether his project actually functions as an analog controller? It's quite an incredible oversight to not test and validate the analog capabilities, and I find it odd that hardly anyone seemed to pick up on the fact that analog compatibility hasn't been established.
  7. Why doesn't he show it working? It seems very odd to go through the effort and then not show it doing what it is meant to do. I mean they chose a 4-way digital control game (Pac Man), and then a 2-way control game (Mario Bros) to showcase the new analog controller. WTF?
  8. He built a new analog controller but then played Pac Man to show it off?
  9. Thanks for posting that. I'd never played the Lynx version so it was my first time hearing those renditions. I enjoyed listening along to the whole recording there.
  10. This needs to be bumped so to provide a current warning to potential shoppers. I'm presently dealing with some fraudulent BS with gameofjapan. Placed an order for a PS1 game I've been looking for, and to make the most of shipping charges I shopped for some other items. Shortly after my order was placed I received an email saying the items are out of stock and a refund will be issued. ...why wasn't the refund issued right then and there?? The next day I get an email asking for my email address so they can issue the refund. Huh? they have the paypal info already! I respond with my paypal email ...the same one they are already contacting me with. Two days pass and I get an email saying my refund has been made. Strange there is no email from Paypal, so I check Paypal. ..no refund. I email gameofjapan asking for my refund.. No response. two days after that I file a complaint with Paypal. still nothing from gameofjapan. Still no refund.
  11. Cho Ren Sha 68k would be bad-assed. There's a demo-version recently done on the Super Cassette Vision, though I've read that console had some impressive sprite capabilities. Don't know if it would be possible on 5200.
  12. Koa Zo

    The 5200 legacy

    I can't agree with the low exposure claim. Around Central Pennsylvania the 5200 was showcased prominently in many stores. The major audio/video stores had 5200 on their projection TVs. Sears, Toys r Us and Kmart all had well stocked and visible selections of games. The main record store at the mall had their 5200 games in a showcase right at the entrance. 4 families in my neighborhood had active collections of 5200 games, while only a couple previously were active 2600 players. In every instance that I know of, it was the controllers that killed interest in the system. And not the lack of self-centering, none of us complained about that - we just adapted to it, it was when the Start and fire buttons stopped working that was the problem. We all (everyone I knew) were still very into the 5200 and wanted new games. We bought what replacement controllers were available but selection of controllers was limited and when those options dried up that's when people I knew stopped playing. We all still wanted to, but couldn't! Exposure was never an issue as far I'd experienced.
  13. Please add me to the list. I need to visit this Lynx forum more often!
  14. Triangle Service programmed an updated widescreen version of Pengo as a new Sega arcade game just a few years ago. The widescreen 8-player version and the arcade original, along with some mini games was released for JPN Xbox360, and is reported to be a region free disc.
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