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  1. Bob, If its not to late, can you please put me down for 1. Thanks!!
  2. I can send a bb cart to sacrifice. Count me in.
  3. Bought a boxed copy of Super Metroid from whiskeyriver. Fast shipping and great communication. Thanks!
  4. Purchased some boxed SNES games from atari2atari and I am very pleased. Great communication and very fast shipping. Thanks again.
  5. Purchased a turbo express and 3do from princess isabella. Both items were packed well and arrived very quickly. Would definatly buy from again.
  6. Purchased an assortment of 2600, nes, and Saturn games from legeek. Great communication and fast shipping. Thanks!
  7. Bought a Colecovision and some games. Fast shipping and smooth transaction. Would recommend him to anyone.
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