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    '83-'86 Jackson Guitars, ABU-Garcia Cardinal 3 Reels , St. Croix T2401 rods, 65-72 Buick Gran Sport, Atari 5200 !
    I am looking for a 5200 Kiosk .
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  1. peedenmark7


  2. $40 plus shipping and PP. 70 some pieces total. duplicates of spiderman and reactor. Not separating them... some missing pics. thanks for looking.
  3. Love that stick set up.. Gyruss is one of those games that really kills the hands ! Awesome score !!
  4. 534K ?? If that's for real, this is a record that without some hacking will never fall !!!!! Considering that doctorclu's record has stood nearly 10 years, this is one hell of an achievement !! My best is in the 259k range and the game gets crazy at that point... BIG CONGRATS !!!!
  5. If one has taken the time to rebuild and calibrate their console there are no pain or playing issues. The CX52 is about as user friendly as it gets, especially compared to the factory 2600 and 7800 joysticks. Ive set records using the CX52, so I have no complaints. Personally , Ive always felt emulation was an affront to the entire idea of this forum, but that's not what we are talking about. Anyway, whatever is decided, we all abide by.
  6. I'm getting the same thing, but I'd say keep the OE, as OE equipment only. Otherwise there's really no reason to run that season.
  7. I never saw this post until today... Been here since '11 ? I'm in..
  8. I have 92 Atari 2600 and 5200 manuals , posters, etc up on ebay in separate lots. Same user ID as here,. If someone is interested in them as a whole lot, I'd take $100 plus shipping / paypal fees. Plenty of meat on the bone for a reseller, I'm at the end of my loose stuff and would like to end my listings and move on. thanks,
  9. Hey thanks for the link, I'll open mine up and see exactly what's in it ! Merry Christmas !
  10. Hmm, I had better check to see if the replacement I picked up has the expansion port, [don't think so] works great and one of that damn yellowing. I've read so much over the years that I can't keep it all straight anymore !! The only thing I really play on it is the 989 Hockey games and Ridge Racer, I have tons of games I bought new, just never got around to doing anything with them If anyone can point in the right direction to get a new motor ,it would be much a[p[appreciated.
  11. My beloved original PlayStation took a dump last year and I've been dragging my feet trying to get it fixed. I'm guessing the CD motor is bad as I get some weird cd screen I don't think Ive ever seen otherwise. Long story short, I did some reading at that time and see that there are 2 versions of the original , one with RCA cables, and another with what some say is a cheapened up version, with just an integrated serial type cable . Can't find anyone to fix mine , nor can I find the part to do it myself. I purchased a mint like new 2nd version and it works fine, what gives ? Are parts available to fix mine ? thanks and Merry Christmas ! P7
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