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  1. Sorry for starting a rumour but, I bet this is a fake sell to drum up free advertising for Heritage Auctions. After announcements like there they're going to make a killing grading SMB carts that are worthless.
  2. I hate that I love carts so much. Guess I should look at a Everdrive.
  3. Thought I'd share this crazy eBay story. Not everyday you read about bloody pig masks. https://boston.cbslocal.com/2020/06/15/ebay-employees-arrested-u-s-attorney-andrew-lelling-cyberstalking/
  4. The only one that I can think of is the Wii. Being stuck in the house and playing Wii Sports and Sports Resort had been a hit in my house. I had grown tired of waggle years ago but with my 5 year old were having a blast. Funny, I bought carnival games. I never owned it and thought "I know its shovel-ware but maybe it will be okay". Nope! Its complete crap.
  5. I had this happen to me awhile back with a Wii-Ware game called Carnival King. It's a surprisingly good little game. You can calibrate the Wii and it was pretty accurate to shoot. About 8 years after buying it, I was in Canada and went to check out an arcade and I saw a Carnival King arcade unit. It was funny because I would have never guessed it was arcade game. https://mpamusement.com/products/carnival-king-arcade-shooting-game
  6. Frogger on the Genesis is an oddball to me. It was released in 1998 and is the last game for the system. Why would Konami and Sega even bother with this release? Granted I think it's cool now.
  7. I think licensed ROMs should be treated like movies and music. Video game ROMs are a entertainment media. Sadly, I think licensed game roms should be illegal to download. Like movies and music I can't just post the movie Jaws or a Beastie boys albums online. Like other media who cares if your causally share a couple of games. And up until a couple years ago grabbing some ROMS wasn't really an issue. But with people selling complete libraries of games on SD cards, I feel they're ruining it for everyone. I find it hard to argue against Nintendo when their whole catalog of games is being sold for $50 online. I just checked Craig's List, Amazon and eBay, and there's a ton of sellers selling SD cards with 1000s of games.
  8. I sometimes wonder is the Virtua Fighter II for the Genesis was originally for the 32x. The audio and color usage is great in this port.
  9. I was looking for one awhile ago when they were cheaper. I like the idea of a portable Genesis to just kick back with and play. But I'm spoiled by modern technology and I'm certain that the small screen and short battery life would drive me nuts. I would pass up a good deal though. I'm hoping that a decent clone hits the market. There had been some low quality ones in the past with BAD sound. I heard the retro bit was making a Nomad clone, I hope it still going to happen.
  10. In sure it's on the internet somewhere but this is the wrong place to ask and look for it.
  11. That Atari Lynx was totally underrated. I saved up and bought one back in the day. For a console to have scaling and rotation effects was awesome. It was like having a portable version of "Atari Games" arcade hardware. Games like Stun Runner, Battle Wheels and Blue Lightning looked amazing. The Lynx was very capable little system. It was pulling off games that the SNES and Genesis couldn't.
  12. The reality is the Goodwill price checks their inventory now like everyone else. I blame cell phones. Finding cheap games has mostly sailed. You can still find cool things like, camping kitchen utensils, back packs, old boardgames (secrets out) 4:3 monitors and so on. But just knowing that they've probably filtered out video games for auction kills my desire to go in.
  13. Goodwill is all about making as much money on donated items to train unfortunate individuals work skills. This is good for the community but not for finding a good deal. Sort of sucks seeing Goodwill's everywhere because they mostly work the same way.
  14. There's a bunch of new games on Kickstarter. The game called "Trophy" is a good looking Mega Man clone. Trophy - A New Platformer for the NES and PC!, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solegoose/trophy?ref=android_project_share
  15. Sadly, I stopped going because it was obvious that everything was picked through for Goodwill Boutique stores and their online auction site. The one that I was going to would price all Wii games at $9.99. The games would usually be cheaper in eBay with shipping. GameStop was cheaper too. After a while it didn't seem worth my time.
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