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  1. This is a though one for me. I'm going with the NES. Back in the day, I would rent NES games at the local video stores and there was enough of them to always have something new to try every week. I can remember be giddy renting Gauntlet and Double Dragon. Even bad games were fun because it was only like 3 dollars. So many cool games. The NES had a ton of arcade ports too. The 16 and 32bit generations are amazing but I didn't have the experience with the library like I did with the NES.
  2. I used to own this game, like 3 years ago and it worked fine on my "HD Graphics" Gen 1. Just a guess, some games don't work with 6 button controller, can't remember if this is one of them.
  3. Anybody know if the games play the cd audio or is it just the midi?
  4. Thanks for being honest. Sounds like I will have to wait for the re-print to get the newer shell and PCB board. Hmmm
  5. I have money for a cartridge release from whoever provides one, he he. I get they're worried about piracy but half the home brew games these days ship with a rom. The best deterrent against piracy is to offer a product. At the end of the day there's other games
  6. Does that include earlier released games like Water Margin? I held back buying it because I heard the quality of the cartridges and labels want any better than a AliExpress game. Thanks
  7. The real issue here is, why haven't game companies adopted the same distribution methods of movies and music? If you want to share a game, from your childhood, with daughter you should be able to buy it legally and play it.
  8. I can't look, I want to be surprised.
  9. I got Double Dragon for the Sega Master System free with a coupon and two ups, ha. I remember it took like 6-8 weeks and it was the longest wait. Pretty good game.
  10. The 7800 it's lacking RPG and adventure games. Games like Phantasy Star/Zelda and adventure games like Castlevania.
  11. I might be in the market for this. I want a nomad but the shortfalls of high price, old blurry lcd and short battery life make it not as attractive. If reviews are good though this might be the ticket.
  12. Ha ha We're the membranes good? If so from who? I bought some awhile ago and they were way too stiff.
  13. I saw the first video back in the day and I knew that the 7800 was not for me back in the day. I have one now and it's great for games from 1984 and before. But in 86/87 I wanted modern arcade ports like 1942 and life force from Capcom and Konami, Atari was like, hey let's play joust and centipede again.
  14. I got the email too. Good to hear that it's happening. "On the 27th of October 2018, we are having a party in Paris, France. Let’s celebrate SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive's 30th anniversary and the release of PAPRIUM. We understand this is a long trip but if by any chance you are around at that time, you're of course very welcome."
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