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  1. build quality wise, they're mostly crap. They should be working and functional, but don't be surprised if the label peels off, the cartridge is squishy, plastic stinks like a cheap shower curtain or if the pcb barley fits into your console. Most of those repros are shipped from china, you might as well just buy them off aliexpress. https://m.aliexpress.com/wholesale/musha md.html It really depends on what type of collector your are if cheap repros are good for you. Have you considered a flash cart?
  2. I don't think Sonic would have been as nearly as popular without the big marketing push. Sega genesis had been out for like 3 years and I think a lot of people had already played Sega and where ready for the next Nintendo. But that was just people like me. There was also a huge demographic that referred to console gaming in general as "Nintendo". Sega had a up hill battle back in the day. Looking at the Genesis library, there's a lot of awesome games that didn't get that much attention. Games like Beyond Oasis, Rocket Knight Adventures and Alisa Dragoon. I don't see why any of these games couldn't have been the killer app for Sega and they are just somewhat unknown.
  3. The revenge of death adder is a awesome game but pairing it with Shinobi seems silly. Shinobi is Sega classic and it deserves it's own cabinet. They should have added something like Quartet so there's more than one 4 player game. I guess there's next year.
  4. NES and Wii. The library on the NES had so many 80s arcade games like Galaga, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pan-Man, Life Force and Contra. The Wii is pretty amazing. Being that it can play GameCube games and also has a large library. With the pandemic my family has been playing a bunch of first party titles.
  5. AliI bought a Sega Mega Man cart a few years back. It worked but the label never stayed in right and the plastic on the cart felt really cheap. While it's neat getting a mega man cart for less than $10, I have no sense of pride of owning it because of how crappy it looks and feels. I going to say "don't but from AliExpress". They don't give a poop about copyright laws. I don't think this is a big deal then selling a 30 year old game that's not for sale anymore. But you can buy newer Sega games there and that hurts newer developers. Honestly "F" AliExpress. https://m.aliexpress.com/wholesale/xenocrisis.html?channel=direct&searchType=mainSearch https://m.aliexpress.com/wholesale/Sega+Tanglewood.html?channel=direct&keywords=Sega+Tanglewood
  6. The cannonball engine might be a good starting place. https://github.com/djyt/cannonball
  7. Sorry for starting a rumour but, I bet this is a fake sell to drum up free advertising for Heritage Auctions. After announcements like there they're going to make a killing grading SMB carts that are worthless.
  8. I hate that I love carts so much. Guess I should look at a Everdrive.
  9. Thought I'd share this crazy eBay story. Not everyday you read about bloody pig masks. https://boston.cbslocal.com/2020/06/15/ebay-employees-arrested-u-s-attorney-andrew-lelling-cyberstalking/
  10. The only one that I can think of is the Wii. Being stuck in the house and playing Wii Sports and Sports Resort had been a hit in my house. I had grown tired of waggle years ago but with my 5 year old were having a blast. Funny, I bought carnival games. I never owned it and thought "I know its shovel-ware but maybe it will be okay". Nope! Its complete crap.
  11. I had this happen to me awhile back with a Wii-Ware game called Carnival King. It's a surprisingly good little game. You can calibrate the Wii and it was pretty accurate to shoot. About 8 years after buying it, I was in Canada and went to check out an arcade and I saw a Carnival King arcade unit. It was funny because I would have never guessed it was arcade game. https://mpamusement.com/products/carnival-king-arcade-shooting-game
  12. Frogger on the Genesis is an oddball to me. It was released in 1998 and is the last game for the system. Why would Konami and Sega even bother with this release? Granted I think it's cool now.
  13. I think licensed ROMs should be treated like movies and music. Video game ROMs are a entertainment media. Sadly, I think licensed game roms should be illegal to download. Like movies and music I can't just post the movie Jaws or a Beastie boys albums online. Like other media who cares if your causally share a couple of games. And up until a couple years ago grabbing some ROMS wasn't really an issue. But with people selling complete libraries of games on SD cards, I feel they're ruining it for everyone. I find it hard to argue against Nintendo when their whole catalog of games is being sold for $50 online. I just checked Craig's List, Amazon and eBay, and there's a ton of sellers selling SD cards with 1000s of games.
  14. I sometimes wonder is the Virtua Fighter II for the Genesis was originally for the 32x. The audio and color usage is great in this port.
  15. I was looking for one awhile ago when they were cheaper. I like the idea of a portable Genesis to just kick back with and play. But I'm spoiled by modern technology and I'm certain that the small screen and short battery life would drive me nuts. I would pass up a good deal though. I'm hoping that a decent clone hits the market. There had been some low quality ones in the past with BAD sound. I heard the retro bit was making a Nomad clone, I hope it still going to happen.
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