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  1. Butt needs the ability to "fire" back
  2. Just cut the TI joysticks from the cable and add two female D-type 9 pin connectors to use any Atari compatible stick.
  3. Is it possible? Is it a simple job or would I better just swapping my PAL machine for an NTSC?
  4. Monumental effort in bringing this game to completion Adam, I remember adding a beta of this into Gamebase years ago, any chance of a release for an upcoming release of TI99/4A Gamebase Or should I hold out for Unknown Realm 🤪
  5. Hi Original_gamer, any chance you can contact Frank Gasking on this site https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/gtw64/dungeons-of-death/ It specialises in finding lost and unreleased games and dungeons of death happens to be on the wanted list.
  6. Great idea, will there be some work in progress updates to show on here and what price are you looking to sell them for?
  7. My conclusion after my own failed experience of trying to get a PAL TI99 to component cable to work would be to get hold of the PHA 2037 schematic and re-create the circuit to output RGB, anyone up for this? Perhaps the standard PAL RF modulator can be modified for RGB and not only composite?
  8. What Retrospect has already said, basically the TI994/A failed because most of it's (admitedly later) competition just ran straight out of the box, all the expensive add-on's required held back software development and users jumped ship to other platforms as the market matured. Just one of those things really, TI went in early attempted to set the standard and the competition learned from their mistakes and the rest is history. A fully expanded system was no less capable than the other systems of the time but just how many users had a "fully expanded system" back in the day? With all that said and done we now live in the age of hindsight and get to experience the software from the like of Rasmus Moustguard to show us how it should have been back in the day.
  9. I'm surprised we have'nt had a Rohypnol related Cosby game yet.
  10. Suncom Tac-2 or Competition Pro 5000
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