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  1. All tested and working: Playstation 2 console with network adapter, power cable, and AV cable Sony PS2 controller. Has black tape on part of the wire, but works perfectly. MadCatz memory card 2 complete games - ATV Off Road Fury and Gran Turismo 3 From a non-smoking home. Price is $55 and includes USPS Priority Mail shipping in a Large Flat Rate box. For USA buyers only. Thanks.
  2. RickR


    This item has sold. Thanks.
  3. RickR


    For sale is one Sega Master System: Comes with console, AV cable, power adapter, and controller Everything is tested and works. No game cartridges are included, but the console has "Snail Maze" built in. The console and controller have scuffs, wear, and tear, but they do work just fine. The power adapter is not original. The correct connector has been soldered on to a modern adapter. Please contact me with any questions. Price = $55 + USPS shipping (5 lbs from 97086). USA buyers only. Thanks!
  4. I would like to buy one. Please add me to your list. I'm in the USA. Thank you.
  5. RickR


  6. Absolutely incredible. Thank you for posting the demo. Some info for others: - It works fine for me with a standard Harmony cart. - it does not work on the Uno cart or on the flashback portable or Flashback 9. Thanks so much. This one will be on my list to purchase at PRGE this year.
  7. Nothing says Star Wars better than a Star Trek video.
  8. Dumb question (sorry): Will this work on a TI that's been expanded to 32k? Thanks.
  9. That thing is SWEET. Really cool of you to offer it here. Hopefully someone local will grab it. There is NOTHING better for classic gaming than the Sony flat screen tube tv's.
  10. PM-ing for video card and dvd burner.
  11. 7-zip also works to properly extract this archive.
  12. I got this as a free item from this forum. I got a new one for the holiday, so I'm hoping someone else here would like this. It's a FreeFly VR headset that works with most phones (Android or Apple). In nice condition, from a smoke-free home. Asking for shipping costs only.
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