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  1. Heck yes. My son would love these. PM incoming.
  2. I'm in Portland. If this stuff lasts more than a week with no takers, I'll come get it. Thanks.
  3. Oh man, those are nice! I'm in Portland, OR. If it wasn't such terrible weather between here and there, I'd come grab them.
  4. I tried my PlusCart on a 2600jr, and the reset functions as expected. Reset starts a game in River Raid. Joystick-Right and Reset takes me back to the menu.
  5. I tried the following, and the reset button always takes me back to the menu. - No joystick plugged in. - 7800 2 button joystick plugged in - single button joystick plugged in My 7800 is of the newer type with no enhancement port on the side, if that makes any difference.
  6. For now, all I remember is "Mission 3000 AD" and the River Raid HSC. I shall make a more comprehensive list.
  7. Hello all: I received my PlusCart today, and have a question. I'm using a 7800, but I can't seem to get the reset button to work correctly. On those games that require me to push the reset button to start -- I cannot start. Pressing reset just takes me back to the PlusCart menu. The manual says that should only happen if I press "right" and "reset" at the same time. But I'm not pressing right. Is this an issue with the 7800?
  8. I'm trying to get boxes for the games I had as a kid (I kept the games/manuals and still have them but stupidly threw out the boxes). One of the big ones I'm missing is Video Pinball. If anyone has a box (or a complete CIB) please let me know. Please and thank you! Whatever condition is fine, as I'm pretty good at creating cardboard inserts for squished/flat boxes.
  9. That's really nice of you. I'm interested and I'll PM you. Thanks.
  10. Do you happen to have any Intel CPU's that are socket 1150? Thanks.
  11. Now this is a fantastic offer on a really nice CRT. If I was in IN, I'd be all over it. Thanks for offering it up, and hopefully someone here will grab it and use it for gaming.
  12. It worked just now. I finally got a "Success! Hitman Absolution will appear in your account soon." Thanks.
  13. Same here. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to add Hitman Absolution to my cart.
  14. These are really nice, and thank you for posting them. I do have a question: How do I print this to be the exact right size? I'm on Windows 10, and every program I use for image editing just uses the standard windows photo print window, which doesn't give good options for choosing the size.
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