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  1. It worked just now. I finally got a "Success! Hitman Absolution will appear in your account soon." Thanks.
  2. Same here. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to add Hitman Absolution to my cart.
  3. These are really nice, and thank you for posting them. I do have a question: How do I print this to be the exact right size? I'm on Windows 10, and every program I use for image editing just uses the standard windows photo print window, which doesn't give good options for choosing the size.
  4. Those things are perfect for retro gaming. And it's a nice size that isn't too heavy. Hopefully, someone in the Boston area will grab it and use it.
  5. But...the 7800 is a normal push button with two prongs. 5200 has three, which is where I get lost.
  6. I did hear from greenween, who is sending me the board from his crushed 5200. I'll harvest the switch from that one. Thanks, though! I'm still interested to know how the 5200 switch works. It seems to work by providing a quick on/off electrical connection when you press the button and then somehow the console stays on (or off). As with many things about the 5200, Atari seemed to overdesign it. They could have just used a standard on/off switch. My guess is that this circuit they came up with had some purpose. Like maybe it would auto shut-off if you pulled the cartridge or something.
  7. Hello: I'm looking for some help on replacing the actual power on/off switch on the motherboard of a 5200. Does anyone know of a replacement part of any kind? I have a 5200 that the physical switch has been smashed up and is unusable. I can solder, but I don't know how exactly this thing works, as it appears to have three prongs. Thanks.
  8. I'm a subscriber and highly recommend your channel. Good content! I don't need any of these items, but it is sure nice of you to offer them.
  9. OLD CS1 offered a free copy of "Amiga Forever" to me. Great person. Thanks so much.
  10. Let's all give @joeatari1 a huge round of thanks. There are some really nice items there for free. Happy Holidays to you Joe, and thanks again. This was very generous of you.
  11. A really dumb question here, but how do you print the BMP file in Windows 10 without scaling? No matter what image viewing program I choose, the print function looks the same, and it makes me choose a photo size (full page, 4 * 6, etc), and that seems to scale it no matter what. ** UPDATE ** A Google search gave me these instructions that seem to work fine. I printed them on glossy paper and they look very nice. THANKS! Go to the file, click with the right mouse button and choose "Open with", then select "Paint" (The old fashioned program, not the "Picture Manager" or other programs) Then in "Page Setup" go to "Scale" and choose "100%".
  12. NFL2K on Dreamcast is my all-time favorite -- part of the pack-in-trio on that system. Thanks!
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