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  2. i did...lol...also grabbed some 2600 games like ice-hockey, decathlon, enduro, spider fighter and galaxian. For a total of 26 euro, inc. I really like our retroshop Gr.
  3. I've seen ninja golf for 18 euro's, all inc...is this to much? Gr.
  4. Hello, i got my 7800 today...woohooooo...it's in astonishing condition, great...now i must have some games...lol...It seems to be an italian machine.. Ciao!
  5. Does anyone know the game 'combett', i bought it yesterday?
  6. Thanx a lot. Does someone know how i can play homebrews on my atari 2600. I live in the Netherlands. Gr.
  7. For someone interested, i've seen a console only for 10euros
  8. Thanx, i thought it would be way to expensive
  9. Hello, So i'm buying a 7800 and the guy asks 50euro, all inc. It's in the original box, with 2 controllers, all cables and the 32/1 cartridge. Is this to expensive? Gr.
  10. Dionysius rises up to all homebrew 7800 creators and asks, create some cool rpg!!! I love RPG's :-)
  11. Has anybody heard about 'split scream'. The guy who is selling me his 800xl has some kind of data recorder (split scream) and he doesn't know if it is an addition for the 800 xl? Some help plz..
  12. Someone made me an offer: 12 2600games + atari 800 for 25eur. Soo...yes, i had to ask...but still want a 7800
  13. Hello, How does the 7800 stand out against an atari 800 xl? I mean as a games console? Gr.
  14. What should come with an atari 800, to play/use it? Gr.
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