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  1. keithbk

    Movie Cart

    Thanks for clarifying. I love what's happening with this project, and I hope one day we can see some cart technology that works
  2. keithbk

    Movie Cart

    So let me ask this, because I haven't done anything with a final file... Can a movie file be loaded to my regular Harmony cart and played from my Atari 2600? I would love to see it, just for the sake of playing around with it. I know "Wizard of Speed and Time" (1988) has Jittlov's approval for sharing, as long as no one is making money from the film. That feature-length film can be seen here: https://archive.org/details/WizardSpeedTime Is the final file a BIN file? Just curious...
  3. If you are going to be doing "Another Adventure" this coming Tuesday, I will do my best to be on your Twitch chat to help answer any questions. Let me know.
  4. Anyone ever open up their ET Cartridge and find an entire IBM XT SL in there?
  5. This was a really good video 8-Bit Guy released on Demos today. While he's mainly talking about Demos on the Commodore 64, his techniques and "cheats" are applicable to people who do stuff on the Atari 2600.
  6. We worked together on Another Adventure. He was wonderful and very accommodating to my tremendous lack of knowledge. I will certainly miss him. Wish I had met him in person.
  7. I was just re-reading this old thread, then found this YouTube video which goes into a good amount of detail on the Kid Vid products and thought I would share it with everyone:
  8. keithbk

    RetroN 77

    I can run modern Stella on a PC (and it has HDMI outputs). Why would I want a box that does the same thing? That's not a reason to want a Retron 77.
  9. keithbk

    RetroN 77

    Ah, but it is a handheld and never advertised a cartridge system. The Retron 77 is not a handheld. It is a system. And it doesn't work with most cartridges. If you're going to make something that advertises it works with cartridges, then it should do so. Otherwise, what is the point? I can hook up the latest Flashback system and get the same results running ROMS. Or I can hook up my modified 2600 and use the Harmony Cart to run ROMS. HDMI output is the ONLY plus with the Retron 77, but you can get HDMI with the Flashback 8 and forward. Even the switch placements on the Retron 77 makes little sense and are difficult to use.
  10. keithbk

    RetroN 77

    Which is why I wondered if anyone gutted it to put actual 2600 parts inside to make it a genuine compatible.
  11. keithbk

    RetroN 77

    I've updated the firmware on the Retron 77 and it does not increase the percentage of functioning Atari cartridges that work when plugged into the unit. I cannot even get Superman to work on it, and that was an early release.
  12. keithbk

    RetroN 77

    I consider the Retron 77 borderline false advertising and junk, so I'm wanting to repurpose it.
  13. keithbk

    RetroN 77

    This is an odd thought, but has anyone attempted to alter the guts in the Retron 77 with actual Atari chips? I have an old Atari Jr. that the case has become brittle and is breaking apart. It would be cool to put the internals into a Retron 77.
  14. We're now up to Final Fantasy 16, coming soon!!!! For a series that began in 1987, you'd think there would be something "final" about it by now, but nope... still going. Maybe the fact that it never was "final" was the "fantasy" all along... hmmm....
  15. Cloak and Dagger is ALWAYS worth a mention!!! And you will notice those are original boxed Atari Woody's under the ColecoVisions on the upper area.
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