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  1. Just re-watched The Au Pair (1999) and when the boy is playing a Gameboy, the sounds for Atari 2600 Pac-Man are heard.
  2. River Raid: "It's like an overhead version of Barnstorming."
  3. When introducing someone to the Atari 2600, remember these tips: 1) You don't need to dress up. The Atari 2600 doesn't care what you are wearing. 2) Don't EVER offer the Atari 2600 a drink. Liquids and electronics are a potentially lethal combination. 3) It's just as easy to turn OFF the Atari 2600 as it is to turn it ON. Touch the switches only at the appropriate times, and always be gentle, but firm. 4) To have a working relationship with an Atari 2600, you need to empower it. Just like your job, if you are not plugged in to the appropriate resources, your results will be less than impressive. 5) Insert to play, pull out when you want to stop or swap. Hope that helps.
  4. Frogs n Flies is fun for a "date game," when both players are on A difficulty.
  5. Unless it was provided to retail stores with Atari kiosks for customer play.
  6. I remember someone told me about it back in the early 80's and so I went and tried it. Imagine my surprise as I looked everywhere for the Easter egg, but only found a room with a flashing "Created by Warren Robbinett." Don't know where the egg is, but I still look for it to this day.
  7. In Springer, you keep hoping some trailer trash woman shows up with a chair and beats another woman over the head for cheatin' with her man, but alas, this is not Jerry Springer...
  8. Honestly, this is a great way for updating ROMS by Homebrewers. That way, only the latest ROM will be available for play. Great for WIP's, and also opens the door for saved/updated content for the entire community.
  9. Number 1: Adventure (2600) That is why. And yes, Wii Bowling is AWESOME! I think there is a thread on tacos you can post in if you don't like this thread.
  10. Over the years, I've played a LOT of video games, and I have come up with the games that meant the most to me in my life: 1) Adventure (Atari 2600) 2) Zork (C64) 3) Gold Box Dungeons and Dragons Games (Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, etc) 4) Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn with Expansion 5) Skyrim (PC, modded) 6) Wii Bowling (either standard or Sports Resort) All are fantasy-based, except Wii Bowling, which literally brought a bowling alley into the house, with all the feel, sounds, and family fun. What games have meant the most to you? Honorable Mention: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (Intellivision)
  11. Atari Flashback portable has made it easy for me to play most ROMs in a heartbeat.
  12. I did the manual for my game in Microsoft Word and all the images were created in Adobe Photoshop.
  13. This is INCREDIBLE!!!! And I'm excited you are doing Asteroids next. I like to play one specific version of Asteroids, and that is the "Flip" version, where you do a 180 with the backwards pull on the joystick. The only problem? I can NEVER remember the number without referencing the manual.
  14. If you are willing to pay someone for the art (and box art sells games), you may want to try 99designs.com Basically, you describe what you want, offer a payment amount you will pay them, and artists from around the world attempt to win the "contest" for the money you offered. That way, YOUR budget, YOUR choice, and you have options.
  15. The color choices were horrid. And the level of flashing is insipid. It was rushed to the market and it shows. It could have been much better, but it wasn't given the time.
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