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  1. That's awesome; will give it a go on my Flashback!
  2. I have the TRON games for the Atari, I have the TRON games for Intellivision... But has there ever been a faithful port of TRON: The Arcade Game for any classic game system (Colecovision, NES, etc)? I always liked the stand-up arcade game and the fact that you get to choose from 4 totally different games. I thought maybe someone has done either a Homebrew or something, but have been unable to locate one.
  3. An Atari system built out of Legos???? What a great idea.... No, SERIOUSLY... I have an Atari Junior that has gone brittle (the plastic is just SHOT) and I never considered gutting it and rebuilding a case with Legos....
  4. Bet it was Nukey... He seems capable...
  5. Which was my original point; it would have been nice at the end of the game to see a Rebel Shuttle escape at the very end, just as a payoff for playing. Could have been a "potential" ending as well; destroy 12 walkers and see the Rebels escape. Yes, you still die in the end, but it would be a more interesting ending than just a "high score." How about a final "mini-game," where after your last ship crashes, you have to run back to the shuttle (before it escapes), dodging the feet and shots of the Walker... I know, that is asking WAY too much, but it would have been fun.
  6. Back in 2011, Nukey had worked up an idea I had for a possible future Adventure-style game that included the concept of an "overhead" game map. In this version, just south of the gold castle, was a teleport that would take you to a map that would transport you to other areas. Conceptually, I was playing around at developing a multi-region environment (a complete game world), but I never completed my work on the project and the project languished in developmental oblivion. So, here's the code for you to play with. You can test this code online at 8bitworkshop: https://8bitworkshop.com/v3.4.2/?file=examples%2Fhello.a&platform=vcs This is pretty much Nukey's code, and he may have published it elsewhere, but in the off chance he did not, someone should have the benefit of learning from it:
  7. Hey, how do we put a large amount of code in an expandable post so only people who want to view it can see it?
  8. Someone had asked me what the value of the game I designed (Another Adventure) is currently and I really didn't know. I assume they had a copy and were thinking of selling it. Has anyone sold one recently? I checked Ebay but didn't find one either sold or for sale. There were 100 cartridges total. About 90 were sold with Box/Manual and shrink-wrapped. 5 of these were autographed and numbered. The rest were sold as loose cartridges. If anyone has a clue on this, would love to know. It's been a few years since I sold them.
  9. If done correctly, your modded unit is more useful, and theoretically more valuable, as long as it appears professional. People have been paying others with skill to mod their best Atari units for years and personally, it is worth every penny. If the drill holes are uneven, if you have scrapes/scratches/cracks/etc, or if you just mess up and damage your unit, then you will destroy its value.
  10. Hey, this guy figured out a way to put WiFi on an Atari 2600! Will wonders never cease?????
  11. keithbk

    Superman Hack?

    I agree that the map is INCREDIBLY vexing, which gave me an idea (just popped into my head). What if the game played slightly different, where when you hit the top of the screen (the sky) as Superman, you went instead to an overview map. There, you see a series of East/West streets on a grid. You move a marker up and down the various streets to pick where you go next, you then proceed east/west along the street as Superman. Going down to the bottom of the screen still moves you to the next street south.
  12. Warlords (or the updated Medieval Mayhem) is the best party game ever invented. Next time you have a group over, pop that in and watch the fun ensue!
  13. For the EARLIEST game that pushed the system to its limit (before a lot of tricks were learned), the original Adventure game is amazing; you have a bat that is operating off screen (he continues to pick up and drop off objects REGARDLESS of where you are, and the same with Dragons who roam about. I think this one aspect makes Adventure incredibly advanced, especially based upon its release date, before many of the tricks were discovered.
  14. keithbk


    Like this one? Worth about a buck. This one for sale here: http://www.tradengames.com/store/pc/Football-Atari-2600-game-loose-White-Label-p1327.htm
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