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  1. I think the ET map would have been BETTER if the pits never extended to the edge of the map, but getting used to their locations when traveling is not really a problem. I know there is a hack that altered the pits. I get the edge sensitivity issue of the pits (when levitating your way out); newbies keep falling in over and over, but it's not that difficult to manage once you understand what is happening. The game just happens to have a couple of unforgiving elements that make it frustrating, but I regularly beat it as a kid, so I was never disappointed with it. Was it exciting and fun to play? Not really, but it did look VERY good for an Atari game.
  2. Oh man, just as I feared... opened my sealed Pac-Man and there was some "Aquaventure" game in it... so disappointed. Just pitched the whole lot.
  3. My Atari Jr.'s plastic was VERY brittle. I attempted a composite mod and the plastic just shattered. Don't know how it happened; don't recall having it over-exposed to UV or anything.
  4. A friend mentioned the GeeekPi (a Raspberry Pi-based game system that plays everything from Atari 2600 to PSP games... the case looks pretty cool: Here is the system: https://thebestofretrogaming.com/product/the-retrogaming-console/ Anyone own this? What do you think? I know you can get the case by itself (saw it on Amazon): https://www.amazon.com/Retroflag-Functional-Shutdown-Heatsinks-Raspberry/dp/B07K8HGF2Y/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Megapi&qid=1600747771&sr=8-1
  5. I think the only other option for E.T. would be to make it a side-scroller game where you guide E.T. through a variety of scenes that resemble the movie. I'm talking something like the Smurfs "Rescue from Gargamel's Castle" game... Otherwise, if you do it like Pac-Man, you simply have E.T. going through eating Reese's pieces (instead of nameless dots) while avoiding the FBI and scientists (instead of ghosts) in endless maze cycles... boring.
  6. In the early 1980's, Canadian pirates sailed the shores of the Atlantic AND the Pacific. Operating out of hidden caves on Prince Edward Island, they would harass local fishermen, club invasive baby seals, set fire to the many tourist traps established for Anne of Green Gables fans, and seize any passing Atari freighters, swapping the labels of cartridges for their own scalawag branding. Ancient maritime law was no concern for these brazen pirates, because many local shops appreciated lower-priced games entering the market.
  7. keithbk

    Moldy games

    I believe the only way to remove surface mold without touching would either be UV light (which would fade the paper pretty quickly) and an Ozone Machine in a smaller enclosed container.
  8. On C64, I should mention: Defender of the Crown Might and Magic Impossible Mission I think I maybe beat Impossible Mission 3 times in my life, lol, but I played it A LOT.
  9. BERZERK: I hated the fact that it wasn't a legitimate maze where you exit one way and don't appear in a logic place in the next room (where you can return to the previous room). Bothered me like crazy as a kid. And I felt there was no point other than to stay alive. You aren't going anywhere, you never escape, pointless. EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: Yes, it looked cool, but there was no reactor to protect depitcted and the ending was just your death. It was repetitive. So repetitive. Repetitive. Repetitive... YAR'S REVENGE: I agree with everything you said. PITFALL: never liked it. Yes, it looked nice, but it was not my type of game.
  10. Mangia from SpectraVision is also incredibly strange, where endless plates of food are being brought to you until your stomach explodes, unless you can shovel them off to the cat at the window or the dog along the floor. Just don't let your mother catch you...
  11. I watched the Zeropage Homebrew and Warlords was BRILLIANT... The simple fact that the guys on the wall change with the number of players is WONDERFUL!!! Great job! Also, I know I own the original Video Olympics, but there are game variations I saw that I KNOW I have never played. I never bought this as a kid, but likely picked it up at a garage sale later in life and chucked it into my collection, only testing it a couple of times. The menus actually make me WANT to try the different games, which I might not have known even existed if I didn't own a manual.
  12. The most important tip to understand the LAYOUT of the world of ET is to imagine a Rubik's cube. On top, the landing field. On the bottom, the House/Buildings Around the four sides: the pits. Like a cube, there are only 6 sides.
  13. S-s-snake is probably one of the worst Atari 2600 games ever. Probably one of the worst video games ever PERIOD.
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