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    I am a very devoted fan of the Turbografx and PC Engine, but I also enjoy playing the Neo Geo, SNES and of course, the Jaguar
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  1. A Jaguar system can be had for $50 if you have the patience to wait a few weeks. I got my system with all the hook ups minus the power cord for $20, 3 years ago on ebay.
  2. I was very pleased with the outcome to that auction. I figured Primal Rage was worth at least $50 by itself considering it doesn't pop up much on eBay. I just got my CD attachment last month so I didn't have any CD games. Perfect timing for me, hehe. Sorry I beat you to it Kevin... but they will be played.
  3. The Jaguar port is a good one. It looks and sounds great. If you have never played Primal Rage in the arcades or the various home console ports, the controls might take some time to get used to. The special move combos require you to press and hold a few buttons and then press the D-Pad. Having a Pro Controller greatly enhances the experience. I don't know how much this game usually sells for, as I am still relatively new to the Jaguar scene. However a few weeks ago, I was able to snag a Primal Rage with trifold case and manual along with seven other cased CD games in a lot for $50. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 160690139056
  4. I wouldn't call them homebrews, as they're cancelled commercial games which have been acquired, finished and released commercially by Songbird. Ah OK, I didn't know that. I knew they had done that with Total Carnage.
  5. The homebrew scene is mostly on CD. There are some which you could download, burn, and play on your system without having to do any modding ie: http://reboot.atari.org/rbt/projects.html. But there are a few homebrews on cart such as Hyper Force, Soccer Kid and the Protector games. But those cart releases are few and far in between.
  6. This game really looks neat! I have a Chaos Reins Rotary controller, so I am glad I can get more use out of it. I would love to buy a hard copy of this game, but you guys have none for sale. Maybe I can download a disc image of it for the time being. I have never burnt a disc to play on a Jag CD. Is the Jag CD usually pretty good about reading CD-Rs? I know some systems like the Turbo Duo and Turbo CD don't like them very much.
  7. I don't have any CD games at the moment. Which ones do you recommend I start out with?
  8. Very nice thgill. I love the Raiden port on the Jag. But my fingers are always sore afterwards, hehe.
  9. Thanks for your advice you guys! I am now the proud owner of a (working) jaggy cd!
  10. Haha! I know, right? I've heard that these units can be finicky. I remember the Angry Video Game Nerd saying that he bought 2 or 3 CD attachments and none of them work. At least I know I can get my money back if anything is wrong with it.
  11. Hey gang, I just wanted to know what a good price for a Jag CD system is. There is a store by me that is selling one with the power cable and Myst for $130. Thanks,
  12. I got my system without the original power brick for $20 two years ago on ebay. Honestly, I think it is worthwhile to buy a console bare bones if the seller is willing to accept returns. The wonderful thing about the Jag is that you can use a Sega Genesis 1 AC Adapter as well as a Nintendo RF adapter. All you would need to do is seek out a controller and games of course.
  13. Hi everyone, I wanted to let you guys know about an upcoming retro video game convention happening in Lombard, IL called the Video Game Summit. It takes place July 16th, and runs from 11 AM to 6 PM at the Heron Point Convention Center at the intersection of North Ave and Rohlwing Rd. Lombard is a couple of miles west of Chicago. We are currently looking for indviduals that would like to sell video games, preferably retro video games. The rates we charge are very reasonable. You will get a booth which consists of 3 (2X5) tables for only $25. And you also get a free ad space in the program handed out to the guests at the entrance. The Video Game Summit is a fun event for all ages where people can buy, sell and play video games. There will be dozens of systems available for play and there will be many tournaments throughout, including those for the Turbografx-16, 2600 and the Jaguar. If you have interest in becoming a vendor, please contact me. Make sure you put "Video Game Summit" in the subject header so that I won't mark it as spam. The official website of the Video Game Summit is: http://avc.atari-users.net/VGS.html Thanks,
  14. Thanks for the advice. I bought a $4 M/F Vga cable and it worked beautifully. I wonder if DB15 computer monitor cables could function as extension cords for Neo Geo AES/CD controllers. Perhaps this question is better suited over at the neo geo forums.
  15. Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated!!

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