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  1. I just went to the Hozer games site, and "just Randy" and the logo look familiar. He is probably the person that burnt my cart for me. He might have asked if he could sell it, I don't remember. That has got to be over a decade ago now. It doesn't matter to me, but it probably needs a manual or something. probably seems broken out of the box. The newer, lost version was a little more polished.
  2. Hello! I came across this post while looking for something else, haven't been on this site for a while. I made synthosaur. The version on the cartridge isn't very good, I didn't know anyone was selling it. I made it quickly using batari basic and hadn't really thought through the design much, I just wanted something to use the TIA sounds quickly and wanted some colourful visuals. I made a custom controller with 16 arcade buttons to trigger the sounds and used all of the atari 2600's function keys to adjust settings. It is atonal, so a little difficult to make anything really 'musical' The COLOR/BLACK & White switch toggles between paddle and joystick mode. In KevKelley's video, it is in paddle mode - which was an after thought. Don't know why I put the default mode to black and white, but I wasn't thinking about other people ever using it. The difficulty switches changed the length of the sounds. I ended up abandoning this version and made one that used 2 star raiders keypads instead. Can't seem to find that version anywhere. I never got that put on a cartridge, I just used a supercharger. I attached the old rom, feel free to use it. I found a test audio track too(with reverb or something added, i dont remember) I've been thinking about remaking a keypad versionit, if I do I'll make it a little more user friendly and share it! synth1.bin 0000.mp3
  3. i'm thinking of making an infrared controller for the atari 2600. i've made simple synth programs in batari basic years ago (so glad to see the same resources and communities still very active!) and havent done much with it. i came across a simple ir theremin schematic that uses this sensor https://acroname.com/sites/default/files/assets/sharp_gp2y0a21yk0f_datasheet.pdf which is pretty cheap, and acts as a voltage regulator based on the ir light reflected back to the sensor. from my research (mostly on the atari age forums) it looks like i should be able to connect the sensor to the atari's +5 and ground pin, and connect the regulated voltage from the sensor back to either pin 5 or 7(or use 2 sensors, one to each) after that i can muck about with the results with batari's paddle reading functionality and adjust pitch and volume etc through the software and make an atari 2600 theremin like instrument. it will take a while for me to actually get the sensors mailed to me, but before i put in an order i was just wondering if anyone else out here has tried anything like this, or if this sounds like it should work. thanks!
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