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  2. My oldest game would be my original copy of Tetris for the GB, brother gave it to me along with his old game boy, first video game I eve replayed and still have it.
  3. Looking to buy the following ----Atari Jaguar---- Attack of The Mutant Penguins (CIB) ----Nintendo Virtual Boy---- 3-D Tetris (CIB) Nesters Funky Bowling (CIB) Teleroboxer (CIB) Dust caps A/C Adapter
  4. Craig's list find here, periodically I go on and search random consoles I collect. Got a pretty nice hit on virtual boy, the add had been up for 5 days with no takers, saw Jack Bros and Waterworld in the the photo and about near peed my pants, the lot would have been pretty damn pricy @ $250 had those two not been included. Two of the games, vertical force and Mario Clash are still factory sealed, or seem to be, most of the games came from block buster as did these, stickers on them say previous ly viewed, but appear to be factory sealed. Wasn't able to test the games or the VB yet since there is something wrong with my controller so couldn't test them on either of my virtual boys, but man this is the best haul I have had on classic stuff in years!
  5. Hello folks, looking for a clean(preferably) SNES in good working order. My lady friends SNES is toast and she wants a new one so I'm helping her find one, she has controllers and cables so all I'm looking for is the console itself(unless the price is right then with cables is fine too. If you have one please shoot me some photos, or post them here.
  6. Thoroughly jealous Ax! Hehe I'd imagine there is a bit of bias there. For me most of my portables never see portable use, they get almost all their play in my room late at night while I'm half watching TV. The only portable I usually take out is my NGPC since its so small and the games are all pick up and play with no time needed to get into them and you can shut it off without caring most of the time. My Lynx hasn't left the house since the one time I brought it on a plane, never realize how big its carry bag is till you are crammed between two people.
  7. They aren't easy to play I know that, my dad had one when I was a kid and I could never get the thing to make a sound so doubt yours is broken, just have to know what you are doing and have a lot of lung power.
  8. Alright a little more hands on feedback. Spent some time trying out more of the fighters, this time no joystick since I wanted to watch tv while I played. I can safely say I LOVE the control stick on the handheld itself, its night and day comparing games between it and the PSP on the fighters, it feels right it controls right, its everything I love about my Neo Geo pocket in a modern form. My Caanoo nor PSP can't play like this with their more compact sticks. King of Fighters is my person favorite of all of the included games. How ever on Last result the controls don't translate as well, I got damn good at this on my PSP, enough where I could beat the first level dying only once(always on that damn giant machine in the tunnel) but on this I'm dying non stop, I just don't feel like I don't have as good of control, will have to compare them back to back to make sure I'm just not really rusty or something. I've seen complaints about the sound and screen brightness on some, I agree the screens could be brighter, I've only played in my home but outside I think it might be a be hard to see clearly. Sound wise this has to be a hit or miss problem or something as mine is very strong. I can safely say I'd recommend this if you are a Neo Geo fan and like me can't afford/justify the cost of the real deal or heck just want it in a kick ass portable form! I love mine and am glad I got it.
  9. Which I'm very happy about! Older SNK games difficultly borders on the absurd, Samurai Show Down on its lowest difficulty is on par with most fighting games hard difficulty! Which makes it hard to enjoy yourself or even stand a chance at getting better when the enemy counters every attack and kills you in seconds. lol Still lots of fun though. Hopefully hacking the NGX will be pretty easy, I never have much luck with that sort of thing(which is why I got a Caanoo rather then screw with my psp) so my fingers are crossed its pretty simple or someone makes a clear guide for it. I've never played an AES so I have no way of knowing, only neo geo experience is on cabs, but its been a while since I last played one so thats entirely possible that it happens there too. So I gave the docking station and controller a try. Controller will take some getting used to since the sticks throw is so long and unlike with arcade machines I don't want to go crazy slamming it around and risk breaking it, controller feels quite solid but don't want to tempt fate. Feels very nice when playing, can just rest it on my lap and my hands on it and kick some ass! I really wish they included a way to chance the aspect ratio while it is in the dock, it defaults to 16:9 which I don't like at all I much prefer it in 4:3. I've only tried it out on my flat screen so far with the HDMI cable, hopefully when I test it out with the AV cables on my CRT it automatically goes 4:3.
  10. Woot! My NGX arrived about 45min ago. Even on the handheld itself the stick makes a BIG difference. On my PSP, I hate that the tiny nub can be hard to get a feel of where you are moving it making pulling off attacks more challenging then it should be. So far from my limited hands on experience here are my initial likes and dislikes. Likes - Great quality feel to it. The handheld its self while a little light does have a very nice feel to it, excellent material feel, fit and finish is great *** This also applies to the docking station which I've seen many people claim feels flimsy, feels pretty solid to me. Maybe in comparision to a genuine AES its bad but honestly feels no worse then some of my other classic consoles. - Control stick, the control stick on the handheld itself feels pretty good, it feel much much more natural to use for fighting games then the sticks on either my PSP or Caanoo, on those its hard to tell direction from feel at times. Though it would have been nice if - Games that I have tried, that I have played elsewhere play pretty well! Dislikes - Games are not in free play mode, quite irritating seeing as most SNK games are designed ot eat quarters, so with those limited continues I will never likely be able to beat most or maybe even any of these games *** Hoping this can be remedied later when the console is more thoroughly hacked as is this is by far my biggest gripe. - While it hasn't happened much I have witnessed rather disappointing slow down in more intense sections fo games - Not a huge deal but his thing really really should have been packed with some screen protectors, its screen is HUGE and with that much realistate scratches are bound to happen. I'm gonna try to find some big enough to cut to size. I'll give more thoughts on it once I've had more time with it.
  11. Happy Festivus!

    1. Atarian7


      Be carefull with that Festivus pole now. You'll take an eye out with that thing.

  12. I bought a Neo Geo X as a Christmas present for myself. Always have wanted a Neo Geo and figured hey why not, arrives sometime today. :]
  13. Owning an original Neo Geo AES has been a dream of mine for a long time, almost bought one a few times, last being when a local store had one for sale, price seemed very reasonable to me... until I looked behind the counter and saw the price tags on the games. :S I think when I eventually get a Neo Geo I'll likely go for the CD, yeah its not as cool(though still kick ass and I'd rack the more rounded top loader version up amongst the best look consoles) but its just so much more cost effective.
  14. I just read through the 7800XM thread, extremely sad to see Curt so upset, his projects are so cool its sad to see he is leaving the community.
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