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  1. it's too bad were not playing Ghost Manor instead of Spike's Peak. Ghost Manor is very cool game that comes with the horrible Spike's Peak. Crypts of Chaos is very bad too That came as a shock to me since I love most of the Fox games.
  2. Just got my games in the mail today and good god is Spike's Peak not one of the worst games of all time. Why is it such a pain in the ass to get in the doors and barrells? Why does he move so slooooooow? Why is level 2 pure luck? I'm skipping this game because I've never played a game that made me so angry. I get more enjoyment getting kicked in the balls. Yes It's worse than Shark Attack.
  3. I was out all week so I'm getting back into it, Plus I've been obsessing over baseball and football the last week, lol. Now I'm just waiting for my games to come in Wednesday or Thursday.
  4. Hi Pete

    I think the key to Night Driver is to learn to anticipate that one nasty curve (that repeats throughout the game) and slow down immediately before it. After easing thru the curve, go back to full speed.

  5. hahaha, I was playing Sneak and Peak on my Rom instead of Spike's Peak. I was like, this looks a little different than the video on youtube. Also, the down button won't work for the Rom. Not sure if it's that game or what.
  6. I just bought 3 of these games for this week. Spike's Peak, Crypts of Chaos and Submarine Commander. Spike's Peak looks like a terrible game at best but I like to compete.
  7. first day playing. Night Driver 59 Very frustrating. I crash into the same spot everytime because you have to travel so freaking fast to get a good score. And the blue car is in the middle of the road sometimes.
  8. what's up Brian. I was away for a few days from my vacation. I'm going to play the games starting tonight. BTW, I also have a cat who likes to jump on my lap while i'm playing games, lol.

  9. Hey, Frostbite. You gonna join in on the variety pack? Haven't seen you post yet.

    I dig the dog. We have two: a shepherd mix and a beagle mix -- they're both rescue mutts. We also have two rescue cats. My wife and I have been helping out with a local humane society, so our lives are pretty animal-centric.

    Talk to ya later....

  10. wow, great job Gorfy. I've made to level 4 a couple times and it's a pain. They shoot and move so fast.
  11. I guess the way to play this game is to go very slowly. Made it to the end of round 3 score 34,100 I feel like an idiot voting for a game with such a pathetic scoring system. In the future I'll have to test the games to see if the scoring system isn't messed up.
  12. btw, not loving the hit detection in this game. I've must of yelled, "Come on that motherf'r should be dead" about a million times.
  13. Games like this need a timer added. When the timer runs out then a life is lost. This way a player must advance the gameplay inorder to score more points. Agree 100%. UP and Down and Front Line would so much better with a timer. It would make the game a lot more exciting and the scoring fair.
  14. I got passed the cactus on level 3, then got hit. Best way (if not gotten to 4th level) balance shooting tanks and procceeding, I got like 10ks for each level, instead of 3-5ks. Really anything over 17ks by level 3 is taking down "extra" tanks. Which isn't easy in it's own right... The scoring system in this game stinks, like in Up 'n Down. Wish it was more like Jungle Hunt rewarding a large increase at the end of the level... not just some small 1 to 4ks bonus points. Yeah, this is a terrible game for the high score challenge because of the terrible scoring system. I feel like I'm cheating if I take my time, lol.
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