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  1. 2 new Vince Apps games up on www.fishsta.co.uk They are: Last Stand and Rescue
  2. 2 new games hopefully to be up tonight... both of them by a chap called Vince Apps. This listing typing has also hungered my creative juices (or something)... I've got a program planned in my head that I'm hoping to get typed up over the next few days.
  3. I would hazard a guess at Monty Python's Life of Brian. In a Spartacus kind of situation, the people set to be crucified on the crosses are asked who is Brian of Nazareth for a reprieve. Brian is too busy shouting at his friends who have left him to die, so "Mr Cheeky" quips "I'm Brian of Nazareth". Brian, incensed shouts that he's Brian, to which everyone starts joining in, "I'm Brian!" One man, whose wife is also being crucified says "I'm Brian, and so's my wife!" I'll not completely spoil the rest if you haven't seen it. But you should.
  4. Not sure how you embed a Youtube video, so I'll just copy and paste the link in and see how it goes...
  5. As you can see from the above updated screenshot, the error has been fixed. Wahey!
  6. Yep, that's the one. I guess that's what happens when you type a listing in furiously on Notepad and then paste it into Classic99 without checking it. I do playtest before saving these, honest I do...
  7. Just spotted a glaring graphical error with Forklift Truck. A new version will be uploaded later. Look at the screenshot, it's pretty obvious what it is (and yes, the battery looks odd in the screenshot, that's been sorted since that was taken... it's something else.)
  8. Absolutely. Everything there so far is all standard TI Basic. Partially selfish reasons, I never had Extended Basic as a youngster, so I'm not exactly au fait with the commands and differences. However, I do have some EXBAS listings to type in that I often wondered what the results would be like, so I will eventually try my hand at them. Also, need to do a couple of pages on "How To Get Started" with Classic99, for unfamiliar users.
  9. Thanks for that! Sorted now. Can't believe I never uploaded the file.
  10. They're there now. Hope you enjoy. Right now it's 5 to 2 in the morning, I'm fed up of troubleshooting / HTML editing / image resizing, can hardly keep my eyes open and I'm in work at 8am. I'm off to bed. G'night.
  11. 6 new games will be added tonight. They range from frankly awful to actually not bad.
  12. I'm back. And my website's updated. Hopefully tomorrow will see another game added to the TI99/4A section, but the big news is that I've completely revamped the site to look less like a Geocities homepage from 1998... which is where my website started out. I'd be interested to know what you think. www.fishsta.co.uk is the address.
  13. Ooh, I might join in with this. I'm crap, but hey, it's worth a go.
  14. I just added this programme to www.fishsta.co.uk This is one from the British TI Home Computer Users Club Newsletters, but what got me was the clever way John Stocks has got the TI to convert X/Y Co-ordinates into a CHAR string to compute the graph. Has anyone seen anything like this used anywhere else? To some here, it might seem simple, but to me, it's almost incredible that someone could convert a sequence of X/Y co-ords into Hexadecimal code by means of a formula, and produce these results. He says the first few lines are editable, so in theory we could produce easy SIN/TAN/COS graphs, or even random graphs. Admittedly very slowly. You will probably want to overdrive it. Other well-known computers, such as the Spectrum, had the PLOT command, which is obviously sadly absent in standard TI Basic. Anyway, if anyone can come up with interesting lines to replace lines 100-120 in this programme, I'd be curious to try them myself.
  15. LOL... "Dishsta". Thanks for that, Opry. Enjoyed it! Great choice of music, too. And Cheers for the plug! Here's a program I got from the TI Home Computer Users Club, written by a dutchman. To be added to www.fishsta.co.uk soon. Once it gets going, it's quite entertaining. FASCINAT.zip
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