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  1. How do you tell how many people are in front of you? My number has remained the same for months now. Thanks!
  2. It was fairly rare to see in someone's home unless they were well off, and fairly expensive. The 2600 wasn't cheap either but less than the Intellivision.
  3. the best thing about old generation consoles is that they handled graphics differently and the images looked different. You could look at a screen and often could guess which console it was.
  4. Yeah yeah, but come on -- am I the only one who thinks the Jag games are typically dark?
  5. I have plenty of Jag games, and some are good. Most are not. But even on some of the good ones, there seems to be a prevalance of dark green, blue, and purple colors. I don't understand why.
  6. I did the same - I couldn't find a place to order the Namco carts in the US at that time.
  7. I always thought it felt on the hard side and cut into my hands. Plus, the face buttons were smallish. Go from this to a 360 controller and it feels like a huge relief.
  8. Accumulating is so much easier than selling.
  9. It was very expensive for its time. So was the 2600 but not as expensive as the Intellivision.
  10. Any update on the Jag cart please?
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