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  1. I do have a question - is there a way to get back to the cart's home screen when you are in a game?
  2. Got mine today - thank you Al and SainT
  3. The front ends on both are much snappier, but the reality is there's just not enough games that are truly next-gen. The Series X is easier to grab than the the PS5 but those scalper prices are falling fast.
  4. 5200Fanatic


    It's terrific - I like it better than the other ODE alternatives. Plus, you can swap it out and use it in the Saturn.
  5. I have mine connected to the Rad2X for the SNES. I had to plug in a power supply to the Rad2X to get it to work.
  6. I didn't mind the functionally of them, but they didn't last long. I actually bought a second new system back in the day because the controllers were so tough to find.
  7. Nice...this decade...hmm...guess that is really soon
  8. I know supply chains are tight, but going all the way back to the Saturn, the PS2 and PS5 are the only consoles I have not been able to get at launch. Sony can do better.
  9. How do you tell how many people are in front of you? My number has remained the same for months now. Thanks!
  10. It was fairly rare to see in someone's home unless they were well off, and fairly expensive. The 2600 wasn't cheap either but less than the Intellivision.
  11. the best thing about old generation consoles is that they handled graphics differently and the images looked different. You could look at a screen and often could guess which console it was.
  12. Yeah yeah, but come on -- am I the only one who thinks the Jag games are typically dark?
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