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  1. I was real hopeful for this until I heard about emulation. If the main part of the system was FPGA and all the add ons were for each respective system(s), that'd be pretty cool.
  2. I wonder when the YouTube reviewers got theirs? No reviews up yet that I see.
  3. I'm in - I enjoy supporting these type of projects.
  4. The worst thing about the 5200 was not just the controllers themselves but at that time it became harder and harder to find replacements. I actually had to buy a another new console just to get new controllers.
  5. Video games were new, so the momentum and interest was strong enough to get past any 'crash.'
  6. I backed the project. I cannot say that my experience with Kickstarters and Indiegogo campaigns in retro gaming has been a good one but I hope this will be different. I would say that having a working prototype is a big plus.
  7. I'd much rather see Analogue come up with a reasonably priced Genesis FPGA than shell over money for this.
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