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  1. These projects take time, so patience is required, and I just hope that the original pre-order list stays in place and is worked through.
  2. If this was FPGA driven, kinda like a Mister on steroids with the ability to read original carts or disks, it could have been great IMHO, but emulation had turned me off.
  3. Daytona (SS) Sega Rally (SS) Super Metroid (SNES) Demon Attack (VCS) Tempest Original (Arcade) Soul Calibur (DC) Star Fox (SNES) Galaga (Arcade) NHL '94 (Genesis) COD Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox)
  4. I'm actually stunned that I didn't pony up the money for this. I've been burned so many times by this indiegogo box, or that kickstarter box, maybe I learned.
  5. Its so much easier to accumulate than to liquidate.
  6. In, better late than never I suppose, ugh
  7. No, other than you can't judge a book by its advertising.
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