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  1. Any word on a release date?
  2. The PS2 was the first DVD player for a lot of folks and that's something the DC didn't have.
  3. Debatable -- the PS1 graphics engine was more advanced and sure, the Saturn had more chips, but that's like saying the Jag was 64bit. Its the output the counts and the 3D output on the PSX was much better than the Saturn. The Saturn graphics improved over time as programmers learned to use both chips, but it was too little too late. At launch there was no comparison. Still, I preferred the Saturn, because of the Sega first party games.
  4. Nope - it was underpowered when it was launched as compared to the PSX. I preferred the Saturn, but as far as 3D images, the PSX was the winner.
  5. Did you try to get one in 1987? I can tell you that I couldn't find any and had to buy a new console at Toys R Us just to get the controllers.
  6. Yes, they did stock them, but not for long.
  7. I suppose it is -- just asking. It seems to work fine other than not fitting. When Al puts the Hokey up, I'll get one of those.
  8. It looks like I have the PokeyOne and maybe its a bit higher than the regular Pokey.
  9. Hi - how are you guys fitting the Pokey in with the cartridge? If I put the Pokey in, the cartridge won't close.
  10. how tough is it to put in a Pokey chip?
  11. With the 5200, the games looked like they should have looked on the 2600. The graphical upgrade was enormous. The arcade games on the 5200 looked like the arcade games where on the 2600, the games sorta kinda looked like the arcade. The death knell was the controller - it broke rather quickly and replacements became very hard to find. Eventually, I had to buy a whole new system just to get working controllers. Its a shame because it could have been great.
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