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  1. That Gamefaqs list is friggin' HUGE. Most of the games are JP only, and it seems to have a pretty expansive definition of strategy. Anyway, as far as strategy games in general, I'll toss out Nectaris: Military Madness. Sure, the original was on the Turbo, but the PS release had additional maps. Or did it just incorporate what was in the "Maps o' Doom" expansion? As for Atlus, they released the following games for the PlayStation: Brigandine Bomberman Fantasy Race Bomberman World Eggs of Steel Guilty Gear Hoshigami Kartia Ogre Battle Persona Persona Rhapsody Thousand Arms Tail Concerto Trap Gunner Tactics Ogre I guess one of those would be the one you're looking for?
  2. For the past two-and-a-half years, the only modern console game I've been playing much at all is Steel Battalion. Sure, I've done some Pinball of the Dead and Advance Wars, but these days my GBA is mostly a frontlit GBC emulator that lets me play games ported from the NES like Dragon Warrior 1-3. Oh, occasionally it's Konami Arcade Advance or GBA Namco Museum. Then there's my Dreamcast that emulates the 5200 and 8-bit and my PS2 that runs the Midway and Atari compilations. I haven't finished a modern PS2 game since Red Faction. However, given my Steel Battalion obsession, I'm still probably 80% modern and 20% classic.
  3. He just wants your avatar! Will you just give it to him already?!? 922239[/snapback] I'd recommend he take yours instead. 922589[/snapback] What is your avatar, anyway, JB? It looks familiar, but I can't place it. Is it from the long-awaited John Madden's Fire Emblem Football Extreme game?
  4. And if you want to go back all the way, you can even get Dragon Warrior I & II on a single cart for GBC as well. I'm playing DWII on that cart right now in my GBA! My personal experience has been that I only finish RPGs if they're on handhelds. When I sit down in front of my consoles, I almost always seem to end up playing something where stuff gets blown up. Lots of it. And not in a turn-based manner, either.
  5. I was curious about the hub you'd use for this. I'm primarily interested in networking three or four PS2s together to play Unreal Tournament. So I'd need a "FireWire" hub of some sort, yes? I've looked briefly online and noticed that some of the hubs talk about "upstream" and "downstream" ports, but I don't know if that matters for the purposes of networking a number of PS2s together. Anybody know anything about this?
  6. So did everybody get their video card upgrades? Hell, I'd have to upgrade my entire damn computer (P3 500) to even think about it. As it happens, though, it's scheduled to release for Xbox next month. No upgrades required!
  7. Another one here with all five of the U.S. released Namco Museum discs for PlayStation. Alas, no "letter" covers for my Vols. 1 or 3, either. Anyway, classic compilations are basically the only reason that I bother replacing my MadCatz Dual Junk controllers when they inevitably break. If you set the controller to "digital" mode, then the left stick replicates the d-pad and the right stick replicates the shape buttons. That makes it handy for games like Assault on Namco Museum Vol. 4 and Robotron 2084 on Arcade's Greatest Hits: Williams (this was more important before Robotron came out with dual shock support on Midway Arcade Treasures). Anyway, I was wondering whether all three of the current-gen Namco Museum console releases (i.e., Xbox, PS2, and GCN) have the "arranged" versions of the games. I believe that someone had said that PS2 and Xbox did, so I guess I'm really just looking for someone to confirm for Gamecube.
  8. My Xbox's original Thompson DVD drive went bad some time after I'd started playing Steel Battalion: Line of Contact over Xbox Live. I bought a replacement Thompson drive and swapped it in. Xbox Live kept working just like it did before the replacement. So, no worries on that score.
  9. Well, the patent office only asks whether the invention is "novel" and "non-obvious". If it hasn't been done before exactly as the claims read, then it will be found to be novel. That's the easy part. As you pointed out, nobody's done the sanity thing just like the claims read (and as implemented in ED) before. The tricky question is in the "non-obvious" part. That is, whether a game programmer of ordinary skill would have found it obvious, in light of all the prior art, to make a sanity system like the one in the claims. Apparently, the patent examiner concluded that the hypothetical programmer wouldn't have found it obvious. Whether the examiner had access to all of the pertinent art, of course, is a separate issue. Anybody interested in seeing what art was considered can make reference to the front page of the patent where that's listed. So to get a patent, an invention doesn't need to be "revolutionary". It just can't be obvious. Hell--most patents are nowhere near revolutionary.
  10. This collection has all 16 games that were on the Capcom Generation Vols. 1 through 5 (released for Saturn and PlayStation in Europe and Japan). I'm surprised that they decided to include Section Z, Bionic Commando, Forgotten Worlds, Legendary Wings, Trojan, and Final Fight. I guess they wanted to give the European and Japanese market a reason to pick it up even if they'd already purchased the Capcom Generation series. I'd have been even more suprised if they'd decided to include a number of games that are only one generation old (Darkstalkers, SFA) in the release. I'm just glad that I caught wind of this before I sank any money into importing the Capcom Generation titles, seeing as each of them would have probably set me back $20-30. Although I suspect the prices will fall with this compilation coming out.
  11. Just thought I'd add that recently, for whatever reason, 4 vs. 4 play has become much more common in the game. Maybe our ISPs are upgrading service on the sly? (Actually, mine did!) Maybe the code has been subtly patched? (Unlikely.) Whatever--I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I will point out for any that read this who have quit the game, 4 vs. 4 is a qualitatively different experience from 3 vs. 3 play. In other words, it's a hell of a thing. Now I can just wish that 5 vs. 5 worked with any consistency.
  12. I am chuckling now because in the thread Atarifever later started about whether people would consider buying the 360 core dealie, I had posted the same inflation number that IGN ended up using in their article. I don't want to argue about whether an Atari 2600 really cost about 800 of our 2005 dollars, but I do remember that people paid more money for less computer fifteen years ago. I mean, didn't a C64 cost a lot more than an Atari 2600 back then? And as far as parents buying the things for their kids, I'd bet that more than one father imagined that he'd be using the thing as well.
  13. If I were to buy an Xbox 360 system at launch, I'd probably go for the super-deluxe version, because I would be getting an Xbox Live Rhodium (whateva) account in any event. Which would make up the $60 difference between Core + mem card and 360 Cat's Meow. But I don't know what games they're putting out, and I think it would be silly to get the system before I know that there's something that I'd like to play on it. And I haven't heard anything about a Steel Battalion sequel, so until then, with all due respect, 360 and its inevitable Gaylo 3 can get bent.* At any rate, those complaining about 360 TEH AUSUM being $400 instead $300 like the last one should note that inflation calculator told me that "What cost $300 in 2001 would cost $325.35 in 2005" and "What cost $400 in 2005 would cost $368.83 in 2001". So we're not really being shafted as badly as we think we are, unless you believe that all computer-related items should decrease in price while increasing in power with the passage of time. * In fact, I have decided that instead of playing Halo matches online, I will pimp my mother out to socially awkward adolescents--this way at least I'll get a cut.
  14. I use the Cheats 'n' Codes swap disc method. It's just one more of the many swap discs out there. It also allows comes with cheat codes and (I think) allows you to enter additional cheat codes. I don't really use cheats, so I haven't looked into it.
  15. Hey all. I'm still playing Steel Battalion: Line of Contact, just not quite as much as I used to. People still play, though, especially a loose group of regulars that gets together on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons to play "for fun" (i.e., less cut-throat) matches. There's even a trickle of new players coming into the game as the SB sets drop lower and lower in price; so not everybody playing is an uber-vet looking to pwn some n00bs. Anyway, I'm just poking around to ask: do any of you still have controller, game and XBL account to play LOC? If so and you'd like to maybe get into the game again (or for the first time), then post here or drop me a PM. Ditto if you have any questions. I'm happy to help people learn or adjust to the online game, as are most of the regular guys I play with. And having an experienced player available to show you the ropes seems to make a huge difference in how much new players end up enjoying the experience.
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