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  2. Yes, sorry I didn't mention it, I forgot I had to do that. One socket was all that was needed. I was going to upload an image -- how do you add to "My Media". I did it in the past but can't remember how. Frank
  3. There is always this - https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=176
  4. Yes, you plug it in to where the CPU chip goes and then a ribbon cable to the MMU.
  5. I have one in my 1200xl. You can remove the OS chips, they will no longer be used. The flashable oss work.
  6. When I read a version that is written at 2.9, I say two point nine, not two and nine tenths. So what comes next is two point ten, two point eleven.
  7. I purchase some Atari items off eBay just because I couldn't afford them when I was younger, but now I can. I don't need an ATR8000.... but I want one.
  8. By the time I got my eBay alert for it, it was already gone.
  9. I had Sophia on a 4:3 monitor, no scaling, 1280x1024. Simius confirmed he chose not to emulate NTSC pixels and to display them as square. I ended up putting the non-DVI Sophia in instead.
  10. Im guessing this Atari is special to you? For a couple hundred you can buy a new in box one off eBay.
  11. I didnt like how the pixels Sophi outputs are square. On NTSC the pixels are not square so the images from the DVI output of Sophia dont match what the analog output looks like.
  12. Lets see a pic of the inside with all the goodies installed!
  13. You tried here https://atari8.co.uk/the-last-word/
  14. I still remember typing in that Video 80 driver. It was never ending.
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