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  1. In the Side3 Loader, when your at the Pie-chart option. It lists the partitions I have. The FAT32 shows the name I gave the card, but the SDX/APT partition show untitled. How do I put a Title there?
  2. I used a different card and re-copied the files and all is working!
  3. I received my Side3 and I notice the loader has some issues. I have a standard collection of games I put on my other Side carts. It's a 68 MB collection of about 3,000 games. The top directory has 61 directories. The side loader only shows about 1/2 of them. Sometimes on a restart it will show them all but as I navigate and return to the top it's back to 1/2. Each directory contains about 50 or so .xex files. Sometimes I only see about 1/2 of those as well. Frank
  4. It's too rich for my blood https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-ATARI-ATR8000-with-Floppy-Disks-Manuals-Schematics-Cables/203045914065
  5. Just curious what the number is up to.
  6. Antonia 4mb memory upgrade? Another daughter?
  7. Is there any reason one of these would not work in an 800 with Incognito?
  8. My two, never going to happen, "features" would be simulated NTSC artifacting so Ultima IV has color through DVI and change the graphics 0 screen to match what it is on a NTSC TV (non-square pixels). I know, a circle won't be round anymore, but I'm not used to it being round. Frank
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