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  1. Just curious what the number is up to.
  2. Antonia 4mb memory upgrade? Another daughter?
  3. Is there any reason one of these would not work in an 800 with Incognito?
  4. My two, never going to happen, "features" would be simulated NTSC artifacting so Ultima IV has color through DVI and change the graphics 0 screen to match what it is on a NTSC TV (non-square pixels). I know, a circle won't be round anymore, but I'm not used to it being round. Frank
  5. I would go ahead and install it. SDX will startup just fine without a CF card.
  6. eBay. I had a search/alert setup so I got an email when one was listed.
  7. I use my Sdrive with a 1200xl and no external power. Why would it supposedly not work?
  8. Is there a way on windows to un-ARC these files? I have tried some programs that say they can but report the file is bad.
  9. I only got mine about a month ago. I always wanted one. I haven't had much luck getting drives to work yet.
  10. Here is 3.13 ... but no B MYDOS313.atr
  11. Or here, I can’t remember anymore http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=utils&sub=8. DOS-y&tg=Sources
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