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  1. Plug and play basically. Just need to modify the cage / case. I made it so I could remove the board completly.
  2. This was the jumper settings I received. Notice there is one you can't do with an actually jumper but need to do with a wire. Not sure why that's missing in the pictures of my install.
  3. I had to cut a part of the cage to make things fit. I swapped out the UAV for a Sophia DVI so all I have are the pictures.
  4. Anytime I tried access a drive to copy something I would get a NAK timeout. ... but I read that the original 1.3 firmware had the IO speed set to $0A (51kb/s). I switched it back to that and everything started working normally. No more need to downgrade.
  5. Upgrading I understand. I was trying out 3.1 but found out it doesn't work well with SDX. So I tried downgrading but it just says "firmware update not available". Have I gone down a one-way path? Frank
  6. Fit one in an 800. I removed a little more metal then needed, but this way I could remove the entire board without taking the case apart again.
  7. I didn't have to make any modifications. It plugged right in.
  8. I have a 1200xl with an Antonio upgrade in it. I plugged it in, remove both OS chips because they are not needed since the OS is in the Antonio and it worked. Frank
  9. What do you use to make the cuts so smooth and neat? It doesn't look like a dremel...
  10. I didn’t cut pin 3, I just said it looked like yours was. Hard to see in the picture. What I did do was confuse pin 6 and 7. Little dab of solder fixed that right up and it’s working correctly now.
  11. Yes, me again . ... Does anyone have a picture of this modification - "For this reason RD5 signal output of the Rev.E is connected to the unused pin39 of the PBI and can be connected to the RD5 input of the MMU inside the computer"
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