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  1. I have run the DAC demo but it doesn't always show enough to understand the blending of colors. I am using a GBS-8220 upscaler that allows the adjustment of R G B. Three little pots that let me tweak it. Using white is most helpful. Frank
  2. Is there a good program to display a test pattern or something to adjust RGB for the VBXE? Frank
  3. They made the slots so that 35 years later we could plug an Incognito board in there ..
  4. Did you follow this up in another thread? is it in the latest BIOS?
  5. Put me on the list please. Thank you
  6. Mine doesn't do that. 1200 XL, (no rapidus) U1MB+SimpleStereo+VBXE 2.1 VBXE core: FX 1.26a
  7. I have the same board in my 1200xl, with U1MB as well. The problem I have is that the keyclick sounds through the stereo output come and go. After booting up they are fine, then at some point, even in the middle of typing a command, they just stop. Everything else continues working fine. Stereo sounds in Yoomp work correctly. Just no docks. Anyone know how the key clicks are handled?
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/301984659278 This works in XL series as well and it looks great.
  9. If you get a Frameister let me know which one and how it works. I have spent enough on other attempts and monitors that supposedly would work but don't.
  10. Shortly after going off to college in 85 my Atari was left for UNIX.
  11. https://m.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/2rawnz/why_are_honest_and_blunt_people_disliked/
  12. When I used that up scaler I had a huge amount of vertical lines as well. On a commodore 1084s monitor, which needed no upscaler, it was perfect. Unfortunately my monitor is flakey and only works a little while... I got a GBS-8220 board to try. It looks much better but it's not always stable. http://www.amazon.com/KingMas-GBS-8220-Arcade-Video-Converter/dp/B0051SLJAG
  13. I have the same upconverter. Push the little button on it. That should fix it.
  14. There was a setting on my monitor that fixed that. Are you using an upscaler?
  15. I used several risers to get my stereo board in my 1200xl / U1MB / VBXE. At first the keyboard seemed like it was hitting it but it turned out to be the ribbon cable from the keyboard. I just needed to refold it a little neater and everything fit.
  16. I actually didn't have enough right angle headers so the single row ones were just bend 90 degrees with needle nose pliers.
  17. Here is mine - Is has an Svideo board still in it from before VBXE -
  18. Has anyone been able to connect an Atari 800XL with a VBXE board to this? VBXE puts out 15Khz RGB. I have a cable that I'm pretty sure is correct but I still get no-signal on the D-Sub input. Frank
  19. I was thinking if someone was a good icon artist we could get a sheet of small stickers for all the 8-Bit mods. So like the 'Intel Inside' sticker you could have U1MB Inside. If you didn't want to clutter the case with stickers you could put them on the underside. http://pictureimage.whak.com/signs/sign-generator/?allow=016&text=U1MB%0D%0AInside&font=Intel&color=blue&fontsize=60&x=126&y=120&move2=126&move=120&rot=0&pic=Intel-Inside-Logo&height=&width=&offx=5&offy=5&spacing=&gradient=&tag=&bubble=&bubH=&bubW=&watermark=&background=&border=&picURL=&shade=&shadecolor=white
  20. Same one -- different name stamped on it - http://www.ambery.com/cosstautohdd.html
  21. So that sounds like it doesn't come apart without breaking a few tabs...
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