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  1. Artifacting! That's it. Argg! I guess you can't have everything.
  2. I was surprised when I loaded Ultima III today and it was all in B&W. It's been a while since I played but I was positive it was in color. So I plugged the regular coax-video in to the tv on channel 3 (I had bee using the monitor cable out to s-video) There it was, plenty of color. Why would the S-video not show color for this game? It shows color for all the others. I'm using a regular Atari 800. I have an 800xl that I hooked up the missing chroma for, it did the same thing. Color for other games, not for Ultima III. Anyone seen this before? Frank
  3. Have not tried this, but looks promising: http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/Services/PDA/Atari8Viewers.shtml
  4. Yes, R: is completly supported with APE and SIO2PC. You may have to take some commands out, like the AT stuff because they are not needed to set it to autoanswer, etc.. But the XIO and other stuff is the same.
  5. I have an old AMIS BBS setup for my Atari. No passwords, not much content anymore (who needs to download games from a BBS?), but I still like tinkering with it in BASIC. The old bulletins and info are circa 1984. It's not up that often, but I still like giving my co-workers a laugh by telling them to telnet to the address. telnet atari-bbs.com
  6. What you need is a Faraday Cage. The shielding on the 400/800 would have to be grounded for it to help. http://www.unitedstatesaction.com/emp_and_faraday_cages.htm
  7. So was my first 800, PAL machine. There's a pot meter inside (not 100% sure if there's a opening under the machine to access it, but it's adjustable) Can you give me an idea where? That thing is like a tank. I don't know how far I need to dissasemble it. I got about 1/2 way there and didn't see anything. Frank
  8. I don't know if it's something that can be fixed, but I have an Atari 800 and when you start it up, instead of the regular blue background, it's green. Is that something fixable? I have been inside my 800XL, but never in the 800. Anyone have an opinion? Suggestion? Frank p.s. I get the same green color when using the composite out and the monitor out.
  9. XEDIT has built in help, but I can't find the answer. Are there any disk utilities? Can you do a directory? I must be overlooking something obvious. Thanks, Frank
  10. I picked up another 800xl today. It has some mods done to it. One I hadn't heard was replacing the power supply. It came with a modern, light weight, I can't beliieve it replaces that 5 pound thing, plug-in power supply. It was then I realized the Atari only need 5 volts. My question was how many amps does it draw? The new power supply provides only 1 amp max. The old one I have supplied up to 1.5 amps. I didn't know if this would be a problem. Frank
  11. RAM 320XL available again! Aer these still available? I sent a PM but no response. I'm looking for the 320XL full version. Frank
  12. I have my soldering pen and tools out and I have an itch. Where can I get a memory upgrade kit so I can have more fun. Frank
  13. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a layout or image of the chips in the 800xl? I was doing the UltraVideo mods and started wondering which chips were what. I saw that the picture given as an example of the mod had a chip my computer didn't. What is that chip to the left of R53? Thanks, Frank
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