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  1. In your example you can remove goto; 10 if x=5 then 30 20 goto 100
  2. If you can go DIN->DB9, there is a DB9 -> DB15, and that will go into your GBS http://www.ambery.com/db9todbadca.html
  3. Using the cable from eBay gives you 15 kHz VGA. You need an upscaler after that for most monitors.
  4. I guess you could always install a UAV along with it, then you get all three output with excellent quality,
  5. I still hold out for someone to simulate artifacting. I can't bring myself to play Ultima IV without it.
  6. I thought it looked stretched even though the circle was round. I was almost positive when using my atari on a tv back in the day circles were never round. I don't suppose there will be a core for Sophia that mimics the NTSC aspect ratio and not 1:1 pixels.
  7. Has anyone installed one of these in an 800xl? If I add an additional socket to clear the 74ls158n chip then it hits the keyboard. I'll try removing the socket from the 74ls158n but I don't know if that will give me enough room. Even without using an extra socket on Sophia it seems really close to the keyboard. Frank
  8. If I could just figure out how to attach files. I got it from this post http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254730-vbxe-rgb-tuning/?do=findComment&comment=3550339
  9. So as it turns out, all my other Atari's are actually displaying wrong and I just never noticed. The Sophia board shows a nice circle, my other s-video output Atari's show an egg.
  10. Does anyone else see some corruption when they display this image on the rev-c board. I know something was fixed on the rev-b for it.
  11. Now I'm not sure. This is what is displayed on a 1280x1024 monitor. It's stretched when I would have thought it wouldn't be.
  12. I was using a monitor that's not behaving normally. I tried another and it displayed fine. Thanks,
  13. Can I get the 1280x1024 core. It looks like mine is currently the 1280x960 Frank
  14. http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php/Sophia Google translate for English
  15. Did you have correct color video from the monitor port before you installed Sophia? Most 800XL/1200XL don't have chroma wired to the monitor port. You have to fix that yourself. Frank
  16. There is the Sophia boards. They are plug and play. Not a single wire to solder. The latest has DVI output. I thinks its noticably better then UAV, and they are still being made.
  17. Oh this can't be good. The same SIDE2 cart and loader works in another machine (1200xl), but not in an 800XL. I need to find another 800XL and see what it does.
  18. I have a strange APT partition problem (I think) with the SIDE loader on my SIDE2 cart. It doesn't seem to be able to read the partition table. It shows all messed up. If I take the same CF card and use the U1MB side loader it reads it fine. If I take a SIDE1 card, the SIDE loader reads it fine. If I put it in an Incognito, the SIDE loader reads it fine. Something about the SIDE loader on my SIDE2 cart isn't happy. Is there something I can use to re-write the APT partition table? Frank
  19. The new incognito BIOS doesn't detect my simple stereo board. It displays correctly in 1.25
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