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  1. When I did it I used open and print, so it was something like this 100 OPEN #1,8,0,"P:" 110 ? #1;CHR$(27);CHR$(83);CHR$(0);CHR$(15)
  2. After I installed my VBXE and hooked it up to a $100 scan doubler that's exactly what it looked like. Nothing I could figure out fixed it. Eventually I bought an XRGB-3 and the picture looks amazing.
  3. Also interested in the fully assembled with case and all the extras (VBXE?)
  4. I use Norton ConnectSafe DNS entries for my local home network. It has recently categorized atariage.com as a Scam Site. I would ask that anyone reading this send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Norton Connect Safe web category dispute" and voice your opinion that AtariAge.com is NOT a scam site. To see for yourself - Frank
  5. I have U1MB, Stereo Pokey, VBXE, SIDE 2 and SIO2SD
  6. Can you help a fella out and let 'em know where to get that "micro match" 10 pin connector and how to make the cable?
  7. I would love for there to be a way to connect a 1200xl keyboard to it. Put the whole thing inside the case. Get the feel of the old with the reliability of the new.
  8. APE Verison 3.0.10 Windows 7 - 64 bit, i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz
  9. I have 3.0.10 and it works. I need to get my upgrade if it's up to .12
  10. When I start APE up and the adapter is connected I see the follow messages: [serial Driver] Configuration forced software-only SIO2PC mode for COM5. [serial Driver] SIO2PC may not work, or may work very poorly with "virtual" RS232 port [serial Driver] Serial port COM5 opened sucessfully. APE is ready. and despite the warnings it has worked perfectly.
  11. I use APE with the exact device he has on Windows 7. No problems at all. It accesses it as a serial port, not a USB connection.
  12. With APE make sure you have the correct COM port set in the settings under RS232 adapter setup.
  13. It put's one of these - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/260267-the-uav-rev-d-video-upgrade-thread/ on the CPU card so you can just plug it in. At least that's my take.
  14. VBXE, stereo music! I have to get me some paddles and order this cart.
  15. This is the order thread for Incognito 2 you want http://atariage.com/forums/topic/259375-please-can-we-have-one-more-incognito-run/?view=getnewpost
  16. I don't have the enhancement to check this out but I was curious anyway. When I mount the ATR and take a look at the disk there is no SUPERIRG.BAS file on it.
  17. In my quest to swap out chips the problem stopped. The thing is everything is back the way it was. So for now it's working. I imagine it will startup again and I will have to hunt down the real-culrip.
  18. It fits so snug there isn't much to see, but here they are -
  19. The new version fits right in my 1200XL. No more height issues!
  20. I tried a PIA swap but that didn't help. .. :-(
  21. I'm getting this error on an 800 with Incognito installed. I'm not sure when it's started as I don't use SIO devices that often. It had been working normally for some time. Now suddenly anything I try and connect to it I get this error. I don't even know where to start looking. It happens on more then one device and those devices work fine on other Atari machines (800XL/1200XL) Can anyone give me some ideas on where to start looking? Frank
  22. That did it. Nice color!! So what does that strange jumper that I had to go diagonal from 2 pins not next to each other do? I can remove it and I don't notice any difference.
  23. So it turns out after I turn it on and I think its doing nothing, if I hit reset it boots normally... almost. I'm getting only grayscale. So that's chroma missing right?
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