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  1. Can we still put in a order? I would like one gold 800 NTSC. Frank
  2. Are you sure about these settings? My 800 won't even start up correctly when I try it. I'm not piggy backing the 4050 I'm replacing it.
  3. I have a dremel and a cut-off wheel. What would the settings be then?
  4. What would the jumper settings be for an 800?
  5. It was the jumpers... can't believe how many times I looked at them and still didn't see what I did wrong. Once I fix that, I got an amazing picture!
  6. Is there any green led or anything on this board so I know it's alive? This just doesn't seem to be my day. All I get is a black screen. I have an 800xl. My 4050 is socketed so I was able to drop it in. I picked up +5 and ground easy enough. Then I just ran chroma, luma and composite to the 5-din. If I put the 4050 back in I get a picture so I know I have svideo correctly wired on the monitor plug. I double checked the settings for the rev.D 800xl jumpers. They are easy enough to verify. I also tried just using composite.. still no signal.
  7. Will there be an an attachment point for a u-switch to turn on/off stereo like on the U1MB?
  8. It was the 1400XL that had one. Not that I have ever seen one in person.
  9. That's correct, I only adjusted for width, not thickness. A replacement sounds like a great idea!
  10. It appears to only be the thickness. 21.3 mm is a good fit. The width should be ok. I shaved the sides of my cart port to fit wider carts so I don't have an original to check, but the width of your cart and original brown atari cart are the same at 65.5 mm. Frank
  11. It will not fit in my 1200xl. It's too thick. It comes in a just a bit over 22 mm
  12. What kind of allen wrench do I need for those screws? Or are they torx? They are tiny! --ok, They need a T6 torx if anyone else was wondering.
  13. I'm curious if the new board can be swapped in for the old one. Same connectors and everything?
  14. Now if I only didn't have to buy 1000 Hmmmm
  15. Are there any connectors that can be used to relocate one of the 40-pin Atari chips / i.e. pokey? There isn't much room in an 800 tank-case and I want to see if I can put a stereo board in it. The problem is the pokey is facing the wrong way. I don't know what those idc connectors are called so I can google for it. Frank Like one of these connectors but twice as wide. What are they called?
  16. Please add me to the list. I would be interested in two.
  17. I find my self running Roy Dean's analog clock that uses the Z.SYS driver often. Some-what like a screen-saver. I would be willing to pay a small fee if there was an intrepid programmer who could code a VBXE high-res analog clock. Maybe even a grandfather clock... Frank
  18. Is there room for vbxe on that board? Squeeze in a stereo pokey too and I'd pay twice the price.
  19. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/203293-what-does-the-dom-sticker-mean-on-400800s/
  20. I've had decent results with this one http://www.ambery.com/vitoxgacoscs.html
  21. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_DOS
  22. St Augustine, FL - we made it through OK. Three days no power. It passed 47 miles off the coast. Any closer it could have been much worse. Frank
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