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  1. Hello I'm in Toronto and the only option to get this here seems to be online through Bed Bath and Beyond. So I ordered it, and 9 days later it shows up. Was wondering if anyone had the same issues re the packaging, it was just loose in the box so it could totally move around, and when I opened it, the screen was scratched and it had something loose inside when I turned it over. I shook it lightly and yep, something in there bouncing around. The 4 MB SD card that I formatted with SD Card formatter, and with the compatible ROM pack I got from here wasn't showing up, not sure if it's due to the mystery part inside ? Kinda disappointing especially this close to Christmas as now it'll taKe weeks to get this shipped back and a new one returned. Just curious if anyone had this happen. Cheers, Dave
  2. 35 US for the lot + shipping from Toronto Cheers ! Space Cavern [Red] Space Cavern [blue] (missing end label) Infiltrate Wabbit Final Approach (missing end label) Skeet Shoot Lost Luggage Shark Attack Racquetball (missing end label) Spacechase Apollo Catalog Manual for Shark Attack
  3. SOLD...Cheers ! $50 Atari 2600 limited edition Christmas cartridge...released in 2003 by Digital Press. Donkey Kong hack modified to a Christmas theme :-) Comes with original metal tin, game cartridge and bag of goodies. Only 40 originally produced as far as I know Cheers !
  4. SOLD...Cheers ! Haunted Adventure Special Edition Pak for Atari 2600 Released in 2005 Original box, both manuals and both clear cartridges, production #23. $40 Cheers !
  5. SOLD...Cheers ! Wolfenstein VCS for Atari 2600 Released in 2005, this is a hack of Venture, and this is boxed version and #5 in the run. Original box, game, manual and sticker. $50 Cheers !
  6. Hello All Clearing out some of my 2600 carts, here's the first batch, mostly 4s and 5s. All carts tested and working fine, and are in good shape except Pooyan and SubScan have torn labels, and Survival Run has the bottom label missing, and main label has detached. Looking for $75 + shipping for the lot. (I'm in Toronto, and local meet up is cool). Any questions, please feel fee to ask. Cheers ! Sega > Thunderground Tac Scan Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator Congo Bongo Sub Scan Amiga > Mogul Maniac Absolute Entertainment > Skateboarding Tomcat F-14 Tigervision > Jawbreaker Konami > Pooyan Xonox > Artillery Duel / Chuck Norris Super Kicks Froggo > Cruise Missile Mythicon> Firefly Starfox Sorceror
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