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  1. i do my best! once you have about 1000 carts in your collection, the really rare stuff just gets too hard to find, or too expensive to buy ... so carts like these are a wonderfull addition Primarily if you get it for free from Rudolphy :-)) Should one of my 2 year old twins create you a special Version of Air Raid :-))
  2. Hi Rom, Why didnt you ask me - But the label of my cart is damaged
  3. Happy New Year and be blessed forever.

    Your Friend -Ant

  4. I found my 2 TIGERVISION-Protos at a flea market.
  5. Hi, I have a spare copy of one of the rarest red labeled ATARI carts: BASKETBALL (PAL). I want to trade it for a red labeled PHOENIX. Or you can buy it :-))) If interested, please PM Thanks RUDI
  6. Hi Guys, I want to buy these games: - PAL Pengo - CIB MINES OF MINOS - CIB ROOM OF DOOM If anyone have one of these games left for sale, just drop me a note. I will pay via paypal. Thanks RUDI
  7. Hello Rom Hunter, Two new akquisitions from VIDEO GAME PROGRAM for out PAL-Database/atarimania Bandit - The missing scan Submuriner - which is Atlantis by Imagic See ya RUDI
  8. I asked the seller for some pictures. He replied: HI well this is all new to me , as i`m new to ebay but everyone has to start somewhere right anyway i have no digital camera at the moment and hopefully will get one as i become more used to this, i`ve tried to list them as good as i could as these were collected by a relative and so i`m clearing loads of junk out of the house and thats why i put them on here , as i said sorry to have no pics but it`s my first time. thanks for the intrest anyway! VERY STRANGE!!!
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